Sport Management

Sport management deals with the booming business of sports and recreation and how opportunities within this sector can be leveraged to generate revenue. In this eight-week online short course offered by the GW School of Business and 2U, sport management faculty director Dr. Lisa Delpy Neirotti will introduce you to the fundamentals of modern sport management and equip you with the skills needed to establish a successful business or career in this arena. Discover how to create a targeted marketing strategy incorporating ticket sales and merchandising, learn to navigate sponsorship or endorsement deals, and study ways of determining licensing and concessions. You’ll also gain an in-depth overview of data in sport, examine media and community relations, explore the place of eSports in the industry, and develop a knowledge of what it takes to host a winning sporting event.   

Course objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business aspects of the sports industry to advance your career or venture
  • Learn how targeting and customized campaigns can be used to generate revenue from merchandising, sales and events 
  • Discover an approach to sponsorships and endorsement deals that benefits all parties involved 
  • Explore methods of harnessing sports data analytics to foster success both on the field and in the boardroom
  • Investigate the fundamental principles of good governance and sport law