Undergraduate International Student Resources

Welcome to Washington, D.C. & the School of Business!

At The George Washington University approximately 23% of undergraduate students in the School of Business are international students from around the world. We are excited to welcome you to our campus and to the city of Washington, DC. 

As you make the transfer from your home country to our campus you may find these various offices and resources useful as you adjust to life at GW:

Check out the International Students Community Facebook Page for upcoming events!

Obtaining an Internship/Job

Please note: any international student studying in the US on a visa must get approval for Curricular or Optional Practical Training (CPT & OPT) in order to work in the US; this applies to internships as well as actual jobs.

Resources for International Students

International Students should visit the Dreambridge Partners website to learn about resources and strategies that can assist with academics, job searching, socializing and their transition to the U.S.