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Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Promoting the Understanding of Institutions, Policies, and Development in International Business.

The George Washington University CIBER promotes the nation’s capacity for international understanding and economic enterprise related to the theme of Institutions, Policies, and Development in International Business (IB). This theme draws on strong faculty capabilities across a range of disciplines, as well as university-wide interests in promoting economic development through scholarship, education, and outreach to the business, academic, and policy communities. GW-CIBER also serves as a national and regional resource supporting business language instruction, with a focus on less-commonly taught languages, in order to increase future professionals’ abilities to communicate in the language of commerce.

Focal Areas

The GW-CIBER theme is addressed through five overlapping focal areas that feature specific faculty expertise. Each one of these focal areas is important for international business and has critical implications for U.S. competitiveness. Select faculty members from various departments across GW champion these areas by building them out through collaboration with numerous other faculty members with significant expertise.

Leveraging GW’s Unique Strengths

GW-CIBER leverages its strategic location in Washington, D.C., as well as its university-wide strengths in business, international studies, and languages. These strengths are reflected in:

  • A top-5 ranking in International Business by the Financial Times (2010).

  • One of the largest freestanding International Business departments in the United States.

  • Top-tier programs in International Affairs, Law, Education and Human Development, and other related disciplines.

  • Title VI Federal Resource Centers in Language and Area Studies.

  • Partnership with key agencies of the federal government, foreign embassies, multilaterals, and other leading global organizations concerned with development.