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About the Department

The MS in Information Systems Technology program provides a high quality technical education directed towards those who develop information systems in the private or public sectors and those who require specialized management education designed to enhance skills in the management of information systems and development projects. The specialization and blend of a technical or managerial approach is accomplished by choosing electives within the Information Systems Technology program.

Our Focus

Our focus provides the appropriate blend of hands-on exposure to technology, problem solving skills, and conceptual frameworks for understanding technology so that students can be effective in business or government settings using current information technologies as well as new and emerging technologies. This blend of technology and management, introduced through experience and concepts varies from one group to another in the diverse offerings within the information systems program.

Our Programs

The Program on Management of Science, Technology, and Innovation is designed for individuals who are or will become managers in organizations active in scientific or technical environments. The MSIST program has dual objectives of:

  1. Promoting more effective management by technologists and scientists in organizations; and
  2. Increasing the non-technical manager’s understanding of the role of science and technology in the successful growth and operation of organizations.

The MSIST program promotes study of the innovation environment — problems in setting strategy for development of technical products, processes, and services, managing creative professionals, introduction and adoption of new technology, and mastery of the resultant organizational change, international business matters related to technology, technology entrepreneurship and venture capital, emerging technologies and related topics.


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