Bachelor of Science in Business - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Concentration



The concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides students with a broad spectrum of skill sets enabling them to both start, manage and grow a new and/or existing business as well as work in major organizations’ developing new products, procedures and services.  By focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation students get an opportunity to explore new organizational types – profit and non-profit, new and unique solutions to problems and develop necessary skill sets to become an effective consultant.  This concentration emphasizes action-oriented learning and encourages students to not only excel in the classroom but participate in a number of field related activities.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation are skill sets necessary for all organizations to grow and flourish.

Career Options in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Students who complete the concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation should be particularly strong candidates in the job market because of the need for innovative and creative professionals capable of scanning the existing environment and providing decision with viable and alternative solutions to key issues confronting the organization both small and large.  Students are trained to examine current situations and offer out-of-the-box solutions by employing creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurship focus.  In an age of uncertainty, fast paced decision making, students in this concentration will be exposed to scenarios designed to sharpen their skill in operating in a turbulent environment.  Finally, with the rise of social enterprises, students will be able to apply their skills to assisting socially focused organizations.


Degree Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled for the concentration in entrepreneurship and innovation: 15 credits in required and selected courses; at least 9 of these credits must be taken in residence. All concentration courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

Concentrations are only available to GWSB students. See Concentrations under GW School of Business Undergraduate Regulations in this Bulletin for additional information.

MGT 3300Entrepreneurship
or MGT 3300W Entrepreneurship
MGT 4003Management of the Growing Entrepreneurial Venture 1
or MGT 4082 New Venture Initiation
Three courses selected from the following:
MGT 3201Leadership in Action
MGT 3301Small Business Management
MGT 3302e-Entrepreneurship
MGT 3303Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership
MGT 3305Human Capital Sustainability
MGT 4003Management of the Growing Entrepreneurial Venture 1
or MGT 4082 New Venture Initiation
MGT 4084Family Business
or MGT 6284 Family Business Management
MGT 4085Social Entrepreneurship
or MGT 6285 Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 4086Creativity and Innovation
or MGT 6286 Creativity and Innovation
MGT 4900Special Topics
or MGT 4900W Special Topics
DNSC 4404Essentials of Project Management

1 MGT 4003 and MGT 4082 are options for both the required and additional concentration course categories. If only one is taken, it will apply to the required concentration course category. If both are taken, one will apply to the required concentration course and the other will apply to the additional concentration course category. These courses may not be repeated for credit.