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The Department of Finance focuses on preparing students to become informed global stewards in any career path or industry sector they choose.

Offering an AACSB-accredited curriculum at the undergraduate, master’s, and PhD levels, we give students a strong background in the quantitative and qualitative aspects of finance, as well as the ability to understand the complexities of international and domestic financial markets, policies, and strategies. Our programs also build a solid foundation for further graduate study in business, economics, public policy, law, and more.

Our faculty’s observations and real-world experience are incorporated into every aspect of the curriculum. Ethics and corporate social responsibility is woven into every class, and we place a high value on experiential learning and quality research. The topics and issues discussed in class every day are exactly the ones being debated in and around this city — and the world.

Front and Center on the World Financial Stage

With a location front and center on the world financial stage, the undergraduate and graduate degree programs equip students to anticipate and react to the new challenges and changes the future holds.

As our next-door neighbors, we have institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United States Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Board, Securities and Exchange Commission, Congress, and the White House. Our faculty members are consultants and advisors to these very institutions, and are also widely published in the most prestigious academic and professional journals.


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