Teaching Resources in International Business

GW-CIBER promotes innovation in International Business education through the launch of new courses and the development and dissemination of course materials such as case studies and videos.

GW-CIBER Funded Courses

GW-CIBER focuses its efforts on adding global context to business courses and introducing business concepts to courses on international affairs and area studies. We support GW faculty to create innovative courses and materials and invite proposals for course development through our annual Request-for-Proposals competition.

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GW-CIBER Funded Modules

Modules are shorter units that can function independently as “chapters” within an existing IB course or in any intermediate level course on international affairs, international trade, area studies, sociology, political science, economics, public affairs, or management.

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GW-CIBER Funded Business Cases

The GW-CIBER Business Case series consists of long-style teaching cases related to GW-CIBER’s theme and focal areas. The cases are targeted for use in undergraduate and graduate courses such as Introduction to International Business, International Strategy, International Marketing, and International Finance, among others.

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External Teaching Resources

Various professional academies and societies provide course development and teaching resources such as syllabi, course content and teaching notes, audio and video.

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