Research Resources

GW-CIBER promotes scholarly research in areas related to its theme of Institutions, Resilient Globalization and Sustainable Competitiveness and to its five focal areas. Advancing knowledge across a range of disciplines, GW-CIBER Scholars investigate the role of institutions in facilitating commerce and fostering economic development, examine the ways in which globalization can be made beneficial for more people, and explore various strategies that firms and countries undertake in order to stay competitive in the global marketplace.

GW-CIBER Funded Projects

GW-CIBER sponsored research takes the form of published articles and books, working papers, research seminars, conference presentations, and the organization of academic workshops on topics related to GW-CIBER’s research streams.

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GW-CIBER Scholars

GW-CIBER Scholars/Fellows come from various departments across GW and engage in cutting-edge research in their individual areas as well as across disciplines, touching on topics related to GW-CIBER’s theme.

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GW-CIBER External Research Resources

Explore external funding opportunities, journal listings and rankings, archival databases relevant for International Business research, and guidelines on how to write successful grant proposals.

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