DegreeMAP is GW’s online advising tool for use by students and their advisors to track progress toward degree completion. DegreeMAP provides more information about degree requirements earlier in students’ academic careers and gives students a tool to monitor and track progress toward their degrees.

How to Log into DegreeMAP

  1. Log into the GWeb info system
  2. Click on the Student Records and Registration Link
  3. Select the Student Records Information Menu
  4. Click on the DegreeMAP link
  5. Click the “Launch DegreeMAP” button

Using the Planner Tool

The Planner is where your GWSB advisor will record documentation and recommendations for your future semesters at GW. The Planner is a great resource for students to refer to after advising appointments. To use the Planner as you map out your course registration, see the following instructions:

  • Once you have reviewed the Worksheet (the first page when you login), click on the Planner tab.
  • In the Planner tool, you will see a split screen with your worksheet on the left-hand side and the Planner on the right-hand side.
  • During your advising appointment, your advisor will update your Planner with suggested courses for the upcoming semester.
  • After appointments, refer back to the Planner for a refresher on course suggestions and any recommendations your advisor has noted.

Using the What-If Feature

The What-If feature of DegreeMAP allows you to see what different degree/concentrations might look like. IMPORTANT NOTE: this feature does generate combinations that aren’t possible in reality. For further information on this feature, visit the DegreeMAP website and/or talk to advisors.