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The Department of Decision Sciences focuses on developing and understanding analytic and behavioral models to improve decision-making. We help to improve the data analytics area in this age of computational revolution and artificial intelligence through research, teaching, and service. The courses we offer and the research we do concentrate on four related topics: Data Analytics, Optimization, Operations Management, and Project Management. Our research is interdisciplinary and has applications in a wide range of areas. We offer a Bachelor of Business Analytics (BsBA), Masters in Business Analytics (MsBA), Masters in Project Management (MsPM), and a Doctorate in Decision Sciences.


The Department of Decision Sciences comprises the disciplines of decision analysis, operations and project management. Consistent with the mission of quality education and research in the George Washington University’s School of Business, the department advances the scientific principles and best practices of management decision-making in both the private and public sectors, and is committed to elevating its international stature to the highest level.


The overarching objective of the Department of Decision Sciences is to foster critical, systematic thinking about operational and project performance and improvement, and to equip students, managers and management analysts with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to maximize the effectiveness of their associated decision-making processes. The department’s goal is to build on its distinctive strengths to be one of the most influential academic entities of its kind.

Through M.S. in Project Management program, the department also seeks to establish itself as the respected research center and education institution for managing projects.


Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarship that leads to productive research is department’s key priority. The primary department goal is to become a preeminent center for research in the decision sciences. The department is committed to allocating resources so that faculty and doctoral students may engage in a broad range of basic and applied research and disseminate their findings by publishing in quality outlets.

Teaching excellence

The department is committed to the position that teaching excellence goes hand-in-hand with academic scholarship. Faculty enrich the learning experience with a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in project management, operations and supply chain management, and higher-level management strategy. Faculty are dedicated to achieving ongoing improvements both on-campus instruction and distance education by means of interactive learning environments, technology integration, and collaborative learning strategies.

The Department of Decision Sciences also offers education and research opportunities:

  • In making decisions and formulating policies;
  • In development of knowledge, tools and methodologies necessary to manage the projects and processes to create value for the organization; and
  • In solving problems associated with the complex world of technology based global economy.

The faculty of Department of Decision Sciences is a diverse group with expertise in decision sciences, project management, operations and supply chain management and statistics. To achieve outstanding education and significant research, Department of Decision Sciences faculty study and teach conceptual and analytical foundations and their applications on all areas of their interest. Advanced analytical and empirical methods are employed in solving problems and making decisions covering many functional areas such as finance, strategic management, information systems, marketing, supply chain and operations.

The department of Decision Sciences offers a Master's of Science degree in Project Management and a Master's of Science in Business Analytics.


Ranked #33 for Business Analytics

In 2021, the undergraduate Business Analytics program was ranked #33 among U.S. institutions by U.S. News & World Report.


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