Ph.D. in Business with a Management and Strategy Area of Focus

Please note: This degree program is designed as a joint program between Management and Strategic Management & Public Policy, so the coursework consists of core courses as well as courses that are specific to one of those two fields. Both portions of this program — Management, and Strategic Management & Public Policy — are not accepting doctoral candidate applications for Fall 2023.


Admission and Financial Aid

Learn about admissions and the costs of pursuing a Ph.D. in accountancy, and explore a variety of resources available to help finance your degree.

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The objective of the Management and Strategic Management & Public Policy doctoral program is to prepare students for research-oriented academic positions. The program is built on a strong foundation that consists of a critical mass of research-oriented faculty and a strong research climate. The program is cross-disciplinary by building on the faculty and research in both management and strategy. Students receive a foundation in both management and strategic management and public policy with the ability to focus on developing a research competence in a chosen field of study.

Students must meet all the general requirements of the doctoral program of the School of Business (see the Ph.D. Handbook), and meet any additional requirements of the student’s field of study.

Learn more about the Management/Strategic Management & Public Policy doctoral program at the GW School of Business from this open house on December 9, 2021.