The 4+1 Program
The 4+1 Program

The 4+1 Program


In a competitive business environment, having a master’s degree can lead to higher-level positions, more responsibility and greater earning potential. The 4+1 Program is a dual degree program that offers undergraduate students at five GW schools and colleges the opportunity to earn an accelerated master's degree from the GW School of Business. Typically, students in the 4+1 Program complete both a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years. Most programs allow students to share credit hours between their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The following schools and colleges offer 4+1 Program options with GWSB master's degrees:

  • The Columbian College of Arts & Sciences (CCAS)
  • The Elliott School of International Affairs (ESIA)
  • The School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS)
  • The Milken Institute School of Public Health (SPH)
  • The School of Business (GWSB)


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Earn a bachelor's and a master's degree in five years

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Increase your value in a competitive marketplace and begin your career a year earlier

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Earn up to nine credits toward your master's degree

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Enjoy a 10% tuition reduction through the Grad2Grad Program


Why Choose a 4+1 Program?

  • The 4+1 Program provides students an opportunity to take advantage of financial benefits like reducing the number of graduate credits needed to complete a degree and taking advantage of the Grad2Grad 10% tuition discount.
  • The shared credits (6-9 credits, depending on program) taken during your undergraduate degree are included in your undergraduate tuition cost.
  • Finish your master's degree quickly: completing the shared credits during your undergraduate study will reduce the time needed to complete your master's.
  • GWSB graduate programs are skill-based, multidisciplinary, and responsive to industry requirements, making you better prepared to enter the job market.

Join Us for an Info Session

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We invite undergraduate students and their families to join us virtually for an online Info Session to learn more about the 4+1 Program. You'll have a chance to speak directly with our faculty and staff and get answers to questions about our programs, explore funding opportunities, and get application advice from our admissions officers.

View our event calendar to RSVP for an upcoming session!

Program Structure

Students are encouraged to apply to the 4+1 Program in their junior year. Upon acceptance, students may register for courses at the graduate level with permission of the program manager. The bachelor’s degree is awarded after successful completion of all undergraduate requirements. The master’s degree is awarded upon successful completion of the graduate requirements.

Available Programs and Eligibility

All BS and BA students' majors, minors and concentrations across CCAS, ESIA, SEAS, SPH and GWSB are eligible with a few exceptions. Click on the dropdowns below each program in this section to see the eligibility exceptions and learn more about each program. You can also download PDF summaries of this information for GW School of Business students and for GW students outside the School of Business.











Curriculum Requirements

Please view the GW Bulletin for curriculum requirements, eligible and ineligible program combinations, and more information.

View the 4+1 Program page in the GW Bulletin

Admissions and Application Information

Current undergraduate students at the George Washington University may submit an application to the 4+1 Program online through the GW Student Portal. You can sign up for an account if you don't have one. Any student from an eligible school and degree program may apply.

Graduation Information

For all 4+1 Programs, the degrees are awarded separately after each program’s degree requirements are satisfied (the BA or BS degree is typically awarded at the end of the 4th year; the graduate degree is typically awarded at the end of the fifth year). To apply for the undergraduate degree, the student must submit a graduation application on GWeb.

Financial Assistance

After you have completed 120 credit hours, you are no longer eligible for undergraduate financial aid, including merit and/or need-based scholarships. However, you may be eligible for graduate financial assistance; you may apply for funding through the Office of Student Financial Assistance and/or the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships.

In addition to the Grad2Grad discount outlined below, students are also eligible for consideration for merit scholarships of up to 40% from the School of Business. No additional application is required. You will be considered for additional scholarships and informed of the outcome during the regular application process.

Global & Experiential Education

GWSB students are encouraged to participate in study abroad experiences while in their undergraduate and graduate programs. For admission to the 4+1 Program, eligibility is dependent upon course enrollment and sequencing. While Global Bachelor’s Program students are eligible, they should closely review the course sequence required for admission into each particular 4+1 degree program and consult with their academic advisor. Students participating in the ACE Program are not eligible to participate in the 4+1 Program, but are encouraged to apply for regular admission to a graduate degree program at the School of Business. 

Grad2Grad Program

The Grad2Grad Program encourages talented graduating GW seniors to continue their graduate studies at GW by providing a 10% reduction in tuition. Students in dual bachelor’s-master’s programs are eligible for Grad2Grad once they fully matriculate as a graduate student. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships at [email protected] or 202-994-6822.

Contact Us

For more information about the 4+1 Program, please contact Liz Woodward, 4+1 Program manager, at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to formally apply to the 4+1 Program?

Yes. You need to formally apply to the program and be accepted into it in order to participate.

When do I apply?

Apply early; the latest you should apply is summer after your junior year. In rare cases, we may accept applications for some programs in your senior year. The preferred deadline to submit the application is in mid-May; the admissions committee highly recommends that applicants submit their materials by this deadline. However, applications will be accepted until mid-June. Candidates with completed applications will receive their admissions decision by mid-July. Please note that admission to some 4+1 master's degree programs is offered for the fall semester only.

How do I apply?

You may apply to the program through GW's online application system.

Are there any program requirements I should be aware of?

Yes. Before enrolling in the 4+1 Program, students must 1) be in good academic standing in their undergraduate degree program, and 2) complete all prerequisites (if any) for their proposed GWSB master's degree.

What is credit sharing?

Credit sharing is something that makes the 4+1 Program attractive. It allows you to take graduate-level courses while you are still pursuing your undergraduate degree. These courses count not only toward your undergraduate degree requirement but also toward your graduate degree, allowing you to finish the graduate program faster and at a much lower cost.