GWSB Undergraduate Programs Staff

Senior Leadership

Rodney Lake

  • Vice Dean for Undergraduate Programs
  • Teaching Instructor of Finance
  • Director of the GW Investment Institute



Academic Advising Team

The GWSB Undergraduate Programs Academic Advising Team operates under an open team advising model, where students can schedule appointments either at a time that best fits their schedule or with a specific advisor.

Unsure who to email? For general questions and declaring GWSB majors/concentrations you can email [email protected]. Please do not email multiple advisors the same request, as it creates a delay in response for you and other students.

Cait Shannon Headshot

Cait Shannon

  • Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising Curriculum
  • BLD Program Instructor
Steve Girson Headshot

Steve Girson

  • Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising Operations
  • BLD Program Instructor

Co-Curricular Learning Team

Ryan LLoyd Headshot

Ryan Lloyd

  • Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Learning
  • BLD Program Instructor
Emma Custis Headshot

Emma Custis

  • Program Associate, Leadership and Engagement 
  • BLD Program Instructor
Sara Cohn

Sara Cohn

  • Graduate Assistant
  • BLD Program Instructor






External BLD Program Instructors