Bachelor of Science in Finance


Emphasizing a finance-focused education, this degree directly targets the financial industry including commercial banks, investment banks, investment companies, and insurance companies.

This degree requires a second major in a non-business field, not only integrating the University’s emphasis on interdisciplinary study at the undergraduate level, but also positioning GWSB students to become informed global stewards. This degree program also allows non-business students to pursue a second major in finance.

Curriculum Information

Finance Major Requirements

Requirements for GWSB Students

  • GWSB Students must complete the Finance Major Requirements linked above, requirements of their second major (outside of GWSB), and Baccalaureate requirements as determined by the University and School (e.g., a minimum of 120 credits, residency requirements, etc).
  • GWSB students who wish to pursue a second major in SEAS must apply and be admitted to the second major program. These students must follow the same degree requirements (including general education requirements) as those earning a bachelor of science from SEAS.
  • Additionally, students whose first major leads to a B.S. degree must complete the B.S. curriculum for a second major if the second major offers both a B.A. and B.S. curriculum. For example, students whose primary degree and major is a B.S. in finance who want a second major in economics, chemistry, biology, or computer science, must complete the B.S. curriculum for these majors.

Requirements for Non-GWSB Students

Non-GWSB students must complete all general education & first major requirements in their home school, as well as the Finance Major requirements linked to above.

Declaring the BS in Finance or Finance as a Second Major 

The Bachelor of Science in Finance and Finance as a Second Major no longer requires students to apply. Effective Fall 2019, students interested in pursuing this degree option must meet the following requirements to declare:

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.0 or better
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Earn a grade of B or better in any of the four courses below:
    • ACCY 2001, 2002
    • APSC 3115
    • BADM 3501
    • DNSC 1001
    • ECON 1011, 1012, 2101, 2102, 2123
    • FINA 3001, FINA 3101
    • MATH 1231, 1232, 2233
    • STAT 1051, 1053, 1111, 2118, 2123
    • AP/IB and Transfer Credit do not count towards this requirement. However, if a student has brought in 3 (or more) of these requirements, they only need to take two other courses from above and earn a B or better to be eligible to declare. They must still have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and be in good academic standing.

If you meet these declaration requirements:

GWSB Students can declare the BS in Finance in person or by emailing [email protected].

Non-GWSB Students can declare the Finance as a Second Major with their home school’s major declaration form either in person at the Undergraduate Advising Center or by emailing [email protected]. If approved, the student will take their signed major declaration form back to their home school to have the major declared.

Studying Finance in the BS vs. BBA


Finance Major, BS

Finance Concentration, BBA

Type of Study

Specialized: Provides a finance-focused and interdisciplinary education, targeting industries such as commercial banking, investment banking, money management, and insurance.

Broad: Provides analytical tools and conceptual frameworks to evaluate financial transactions and make financial decisions within firms.

Second Major Outside GWSB



Minor Outside GWSB



Option for Dual Concentration in GWSB



Study Abroad Possible?

Yes - speak with an advisor if interested in study abroad. 

Yes - speak with an advisor if interested in study abroad. 

Available to Non-GWSB Student?



# of Business Related Requirements  

5- 6 Signature Courses

11 Business Core Courses

# of Finance Courses

11 Major Courses

5 Field Courses

# of Elective Courses

Variable - speak with an advisor to see if your second major requires elective courses. 

6 Elective Courses