Bachelor of Science in Finance

Emphasizing a finance-focused education, this degree directly targets the financial industry including commercial banks, investment banks, investment companies, and insurance companies.

This degree requires a second major in a non-business field, not only integrating the University’s emphasis on interdisciplinary study at the undergraduate level, but also positioning GW Business students to become informed global stewards.  This new degree program also allows non-business students to pursue a second major in finance.


Curriculum Information

  • GWSB students:
    • GWSB Students must complete the Signature, Prerequisite, and Major Courses, requirements of their second major (outside of GWSB), and Baccalaureate requirements as determined by the University and School (e.g., a minimum of 120 credits, residency requirements, etc). With the exception of GWSB Students pursuing a second major in SEAS, all other GWSB Students will follow the School of Business General Education Curriculum.  The GWSB General Education Requirements includes the following courses (courses that overlap with the signature and prerequisite courses in this program are denoted with an asterisk *).
      • BADM 1001* and BADM 1002 * (First Year Development Program)
        • –or BADM 1003 * (Transfer Student Development Course)

      • BADM 1004 * (Age of Globalization)

      • ECON 1011* (Principles of Economics: Microeconomics) and ECON 1012 *  (Principles of Economics:  Macroeconomics)

      • Two Mathematics Courses: MATH 1231* (Single-Variable Calculus I) & MATH 1232 * (Single-Variable Calculus II)

      • Intro to Statistics* (STAT 1051, 1053, or 1111).

      • Advanced Statistics* (STAT 2118 – Linear Regression or STAT 2123/ECON 2123 – Intro to Econometrics)

      • UW 1020 plus two WID courses, all taken in separate semesters.

      • Humanities

      • Two Science Courses

    • GWSB students who wish to pursue a second major in SEAS must apply and be admitted to the second major program. These students must follow the same degree requirements (including general education requirements) as those earning a bachelor of science from SEAS.

    • Additionally, students whose first major leads to a B.S. degree must complete the B.S. curriculum for a second major if the second major offers both a B.A. and B.S. curriculum. For example, students whose primary degree and major is a B.S. in finance who want a second major in economics, chemistry, biology, or computer science, must complete the B.S. curriculum for these majors.

    • GWSB BSF Sample 4-Year Plan 

    Non-GWSB students: must complete all general education & first major requirements in their home school, as well as the Finance as a Second Major requirements.

*Please note, the Curriculum Guide is intended for a general overview of the courses required and is subject to change.*

Application Components:

  • Students who wish to pursue the BS degree with a major in finance or finance as a second major must apply and be admitted to this competitive program.

Required Materials:

  • Before you begin the application, you should have the following items available for reference and/or upload.
  • Short Essay – In approximately 500 words, please explain why you are interested in pursuing a second major in Finance at the School of Business. Include how you feel this major aligns with your personal and professional goals beyond graduation.  If you are considering or are currently pursuing a major in International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs (ESIA), your essay must be approximately 1,000 words.
  • Academic Plan – You must be able to demonstrate your ability to complete this degree within four years from the start of your undergraduate studies.  Complete the Blank Academic Plan on the GWSB Advising Website.  If you are currently pursuing or are a considering a major offered through the Elliott School of International Affairs (ESIA), you must obtain a signature from advisors at ESIA and the School of Business (GWSB).
  • Resume – You must submit a resume highlighting your background, interests, and relevant experience. Please limit your resume to one page.

Application Review Process:

The application materials will be reviewed by the Finance Department Chair, the Associate Dean For Undergraduate Programs, and the Executive Director Of Undergraduate Advising And Programs. Applicants will be informed of their application status before the Fall registration period (mid-April).

To be considered for admission to the B.S. Degree with a Major in Finance (GWSB students) or Finance as a Second Major (non-GWSB students) program, the ideal candidate should possess the following at the time of application:

  • a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA at GW;
  • at least two prerequisite courses completed at GW with a grade of B or higher. Please review the Curriculum Guide for a full list of prerequisite courses.
  • must be currently enrolled at GW in two additional prerequisites from the above list;
  • a strong essay connecting their two majors with their personal and professional goals beyond graduation (ESIA students and GWSB students considering a second major in International Affairs must have an essay that is approximately 1000 words);
  • a complete academic plan that outlines all requirements for both majors in proper sequence and completion of graduation requirements within four years of admission to GW; and
  • a complete resume.
    Please note: admission to this program is not guaranteed and is up to the discretion of the Finance Department Chair and Faculty.



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