Undergraduate Faculty Resources

COVID-19 Resource for Faculty 

Visit the Resources for the COVID-19 Virtual Learning Period website for more resources and support for faculty members. 

Resources for Assisting Students


The CARE Team is a cross-departmental support system which recognizes that student concerns are often multi-faceted. Students are connected to resources through inter-departmental collaborations to provide them with appropriate and personalized outreach. Students, parents, faculty, and staff can identify students that may need additional support through an online form. Based on the type of support needed, a student is connected to a trained staff member who works with them one-on-one for as long as they may need help.

Do you know a student who could use extra support? Please use the CARE Team referral form

Disability Support Services

DSS at GW recognizes disability in the context of diversity. They work collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff across the campus to foster a climate of universal academic excellence, while also promoting disability culture and GW’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives.

If a student has supported you with a letter regarding their accommodations with DSS for a given semester, then you are welcome to work out how the accommodations will work with the required coursework for your class.

If a student asks you for specific accommodations related to that of the DSS office (extra time, notes, etc.) you are not required to provide accommodations for that particular student and in fact are encouraged not to accommodate the student unless a letter is provided.

Contact Disability Support Services with questions on how to register with DSS.

Academic Support Services

For information on GW’s Tutoring Initiative, health & wellness programs and other resources, see our page on academic support services.

Academic Success Coaching

GWSB Advising offers in-house academic success coaching for our students. Any student experiencing academic or other challenges is encouraged to make an appointment to speak with a GWSB Academic Success Coach.

The Academic Success Coaches are GW Graduate Students who are earning Master’s Degrees in Education and studying higher education and student success. They have been trained in assisting and empowering students, and are specific resources for students who are experiencing academic difficulty.

Students should schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Coach. When mental health needs are impacting academics, students should first seek counsel from GW’s Mental Health Services.

Accommodations for Religious Holidays 

The Division of Student Affairs has provided information on how professors can work with students to accommodate for religious holidays