Ph.D. in Management & Strategy: Research and Faculty

Management & Strategy Doctoral Faculty

Our faculty have earned their Ph.Ds from top programs and publish in top-tier journals and university presses. They are active in the discipline, serving on the editorial boards of several top-tier journals and as chairs of major conferences. Our faculty members also have an established record of securing external research grants. These faculty members work closely with doctoral students to help them develop strong research agendas.

Core Doctoral Faculty

Herman Aguinis, Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York
Areas of Expertise: Human capital acquisition, development, and deployment, and research methods and analysis

James Bailey, Ph.D., Washington University
Areas of Expertise: Leadership, change management, executive development, motivation, competencies, performance management, and education & pedagogy

Ernie Englander, Ph.D., University of Washington
Areas of Expertise: History and politics of corporate governance, U.S. business and public policy, U.S. business history, institutional theory, history of economic thought

Denise Falchetti, Ph.D., University of Bologna
Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation, with a focus on social evaluation processes and entrepreneur resource acquisition

Joel Gehman, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Areas of Expertise: Organization Theory, Sustainability, Grand Challenges, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Values

Sharon Hill, Ph.D., University of Maryland
Areas of Expertise: Virtual teams, distributed and technology-enabled work arrangements, organizational change

Christopher Kayes, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
Areas of Expertise: Learning, teams and groups, leadership, organizational change

Jennifer Merluzzi, PhD., University of Chicago
Areas of Expertise: Professional careers, inequality, gender, social networks and social capital, economic sociology, identity

Lynn Offermann, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Areas of Expertise: leadership and followership, diversity, and teams

Margaret Ormiston, Ph.D ., University of California, Los Angeles
Areas of Expertise: Leadership within both top management teams, small groups in organizations and factors that make them successful

Vontrese Pamphile, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Areas of Expertise: Organizational theory, CSR and non-market strategy, social networks, and inequality

Vanessa Perry, Ph.D., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Areas of Expertise: Business and public policy, consumer behavior, behavioral economics, housing, consumer finance, social impact

Jorge Rivera, Ph.D., Duke University
Areas of Expertise: Environmental management and policy, business and public policy, business non-market strategies

Cevat Tosun, Ph.D., University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Areas of Expertise: Sustainable tourism development, community participation in the development process, tourism policy and planning, destination management and marketing, impacts of tourism development

Jim Wade, PhD., University of California, Berkeley
Areas of Expertise: Strategic Management, corporate governance, industry evolution

Jorge Walter, D.B.A., University of St. Gallen
Areas of Expertise: Strategy processes, strategic decision making, knowledge/technology transfer, social networks, and social capital

Liang (Larry) Yu, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Areas of Expertise: Knowledge management, management innovation and hospitality management

Research Workshops & Conferences

The Management and Strategy Doctoral Program (MSDP) provides a strong research climate for doctoral students as evidenced by our research seminar series that attracts speakers from institutions such as Columbia University, Notre Dame University, Stanford University, The University of Pennsylvania, and University of Maryland.

The goals of the research seminars are to expose students to a broader range of research ideas and provide access to top management and strategy researchers. Doctoral students are expected to attend all research seminars from both the Strategy and Management departments.

Current Doctoral Students

For details on all doctoral students in the GW School of Business, visit the Doctoral Student Association page.

Past Doctoral Students

The goal of the Management and Strategy Doctoral Program (MSDP) is to develop students with strong academic research capabilities who can obtain research-oriented faculty positions. The MSDP departments have a history of placing doctoral candidates in academic institutions (81% in tenure-track faculty positions), and aims to place doctoral candidates in Top 100 schools of business.

Past placements for management students include:

  • Aalto University
  • California State University – Fullerton
  • California State University – Los Angeles
  • IESE Business School
  • Kuwait University
  • Morgan State University
  • Oakland University
  • Penn State University – Harrisburg
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH – Zurich)
  • Towson University
  • University of Bath, UK
  • US. Military Academy, West Point
  • West Virginia State University

Past placements for strategy students include:

  • American University
  • Loyola University (Chicago)
  • Loyola University (Maryland)
  • Portland State University
  • University of California – San Francisco
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Washington – Takoma
  • Villanova University