Online MS in Information Systems Technology

*Please note: this program is not currently accepting applications. However, our on-campus MSIST program is accepting applications and may include some online coursework.

The Online Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (OMSIST) program teaches technology for today and management skills for tomorrow. Established in 1980, our MSIST degree is one of the longest-running programs in Information Systems. Since it was first offered, the program has earned a reputation for producing graduates with a thorough understanding of information systems and the relevant management, communication, and decision-making skills. The Online MSIST degree was introduced in 2013, continuing this tradition of academic excellence and reaching students across the U.S.

Through our suite of dynamic, hands-on, laboratory online classes, students learn how to integrate information systems technology expertise and management skills to effectively implement business solutions. This combination of advanced technical knowledge and management skills with proven business strategy put OMSIST graduates in a position to succeed.

Flexibility That Works

Proven Online Program: Students who complete the degree via our distance learning program experience the same quality of material as our on-campus students. In fact, the majority of OMSIST coursework has been offered and available to our students online for over a decade, giving busy professionals the freedom to choose the right mix of on-campus and online coursework for their schedules.

Campus Visits: Students may attend an optional orientation on campus at the beginning of the program. All students are required to attend the Capstone residency at the end of the program.

Full-Time and Part-Time Options: Students may complete the degree through full-time or part-time study. Typically, students complete degree requirements in the following time frames:

  • Part-Time: 24-30 months
  • Full-Time: 18-24 months


Our Mission & Learning Goals

The mission of the OMSIST program is to prepare future leaders in the area of information systems and technology management. Graduates of our program will help companies manage their information systems and technology resources efficiently to attain organizational goals and objectives.

Learning Goals

  • Oral & Written Communication:
    Communicate clearly and effectively in both writing and oral presentations. This involves clarity of purpose and an understanding of the audience.

  • Ethics & Social Responsibility:
    Weigh the ethics and the impact on society as a whole when making a decision.

  • Critical & Analytical Thinking:
    Think critically, analyze the facts, and make intelligent choices regarding the efficient use of information technology and decision models.

  • Body of Knowledge:
    Use knowledge of information systems to support a successful analysis, design, and implementation project.

  • Team Management & Effectiveness:
    Work effectively as a team leader as well as a member, by actively participating in the team, completing assigned tasks on schedule, and working toward a common goal to successfully complete the project.

  • Project Management:
    Use knowledge of project management to support a successful analysis, design, and implementation of an IT project.