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The Global & Experiential Education (G&EE) program at the GW School of Business supports four primary areas:

  • international student services
  • overseas study
  • experiential education programs (domestic and international)
  • advocacy and collaboration related to global and experiential initiatives


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Important Deadlines

September 15 | Spring 2020 long-term study abroad applications due

September 26 | Spring 2020 short-term study away applications due



Latest News

Cross-Border Coffee Break: Fulbright in Cambodia

G&EE Director Bryan Andriano recently represented GWSB on a Cross-Border Coffee Break webinar in which he discussed his recent Fulbright work developing a new Master’s program in Innovation & Management at the University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia.





Program Highlights

View a slideshow from the Consulting Abroad Program (CAP) Panel Presentations Day on April 22, 2019

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Explore the global impact the Consulting Abroad Program (CAP) at the GW School of Business has made over the past decade.

View a slideshow from the Consulting Abroad Program (CAP) 10-year anniversary celebration on January 28, 2019


From the Blog

G&EE publishes a number of blog series covering buisness and society, our Consulting Abroad program, and our short- and long-term study abroad programs. Explore recent articles below, or visit the blog to view each series in its entirety.

Highlights From Our Students

photo - The 2019 GW ISAB graduates

The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) enables student members to serve as advisors to the Global & Experiential Education (G&EE) office at the GW School of Business (GWSB) regarding orientation, programming, and issues of significance to the graduate international student experience. Board members also provide feedback to other School of Business and university offices upon request. The board is comprised of one student representing each of GWSB’s graduate programs that have significant international student communities.

Three ISAB members are graduating in May: Lisa Antwi Adjei, Mina Panahi and Preethy Janarthanan. Lisa was the ISAB representative from the MSIST Program, Mina represented the MSPM program, and Preethy represented the MTA program. Their efforts over the past year have led to many events supporting the international student community at GWSB, such as local sightseeing tours, cross-cultural training sessions, and guest speakers. Their presence on the board will be missed. Congratulations graduates!

photo - G&EE international student workshop

“My name is Dr. Holly Emert — but since we're in the U.S., what do you think I’ll say you can call me?” This was just one of the many questions that Dr. Emert posed to a group of GWSB international students during an interactive workshop on April 4 called Thriving in the U.S. - Skills to Work Effectively with Americans. The goal of the workshop was to provide an opportunity for GWSB’s international graduate students to reflect upon their own personal experiences in the U.S. and explore how to optimize their interactions at work and school. During introductions, participating students from China, Iran, and Portugal shared that they attended the session because they hoped that it would help them navigate future interactions with Americans in professional settings, specifically in school, upcoming internships and jobs.

Over the course of the two-hour session, Dr. Emert incorporated engaging activities and honest discussion to help the students identify and understand the best communication practices to build trust and credibility with Americans. The participants reflected on their own experiences in dealing with American communication practices ranging from introductions and expectations to acknowledging mistakes and discussing accomplishments. Takeaways from the workshop were skills for the students to include in their “cultural toolbox” as well as a guide to developing an action plan for professional success.

photo - GWSB exchange students visit the Supreme Court

GWSB exchange students recently ventured off campus with the G&EE team on a brisk March day to explore the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. We kicked the day off with a tour of the Library of Congress — the home of more than 34 million books! We also learned that anyone in the world with an ID and an address can get a library card to access the amazing onsite study room. Some of our exchange students will definitely be taking advantage of the great study space! The original Gutenberg bible was a hit, as well as Thomas Jefferson’s collection of books that he donated to Congress after the capital burned in the 1800s.

After the Library visit, we headed to the Supreme Court. Approaching from the outside, it’s easy to feel the power housed in the building — it’s an imposing structure. Inside the courtroom, we noticed a few international law figures carved into the frieze. The Chinese students in the group were excited to see Confucius among them! Overall it was a great day spent exploring some iconic sites around D.C. and learning more about American history and tradition.