Internships & Independent Study

Overview of Independent Study and Internship Options

  • Does not count towards 120 credits needed to graduate. 
  • Appears as "Internship" on transcript.
  • Graded as Pass or No Pass. 
  • No cost to register. 
  • International students may use BADM 4950 for CPT eligibility: 
    • Internship must relate to academic goals. 
    • Letter of verification required from Employer.
  • Registration information can be found on the Academic Forms page.
  • Does count towards 120 credits needed to graduate. 
  • 1 Credit Independent Study may be taken for a Letter Grade or Pass / No Pass. 
  • 3 Credit Independent Study must be taken for a Letter Grade. 
  • Requires GWSB Faculty member to oversee Independent Study. 
  • If taken in Fall or Spring, includeded in full-time tuition. 
  • If taken in Summer, charged per credit hour. 

Special Notes: Internships provide students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge and gain deeper practical understanding of the business world. GWSB does not award academic credit just for completing an internship.
- Only GWSB students can enroll in BADM 4950. 
- Only students studying Sport, Event, and Hospitality Management should register for their required TSTD 4102 Practicum in conjunction with an internship.
- International students pursuing CPT should register for BADM 4950 or TSTD 4102 (if applicable).

Completing an Independent Study

Students have the option to pursue research under the direction of a GWSB faculty member and earn from 1-3 credits. Consent to supervise the Independent Study is at the discretion of the faculty member and is not guaranteed. Students are strongly encouraged to talk with a GWSB advisor before pursuing this option in order to see if the Independent Study can be used to fulfill a degree requirement. In order to supervise the Independent Study, faculty member must be a full-time GWSB faculty member. 

Recommended Independent Study Guidelines

  • May be taken for a letter grade or Pass / No Pass.
  • Complete a minimum of 100-200 pages of relevant reading. 
  • Research paper should be a minimum of 10 pages in length. 
  • These requirements may be modified at the discretion of the faculty member. 
  • Must be taken for a letter grade. 
  • Complete a minimum of 300-600 pages of relevant reading.
  • Research paper must be a minimum of 30 pages. 
  • These requirements may be modified at the discretion of the faculty member.