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past winners of the Pitch George competition

Past winners of the Pitch George competition.



"Mini" Pitch George

The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE) kicked off the Spring 2021 semester by hosting a smaller version of the annual Pitch George competition (normally held in the fall). The 2021 "Mini" Pitch George competition was exclusive to spring semester students enrolled in an entrepreneurial course at the George Washington University. We partnered with several professors to help integrate Mini Pitch George into their course curriculum as an educational experience that prepared students for the upcoming GW New Venture Competition.



  • Tesfa Medical Center
  • W!PE

First Tier teams are awarded $300 and a certificate of accomplishment


  • Nanas
  • MELA
  • A Culture of Purpose

Second Tier teams are awarded $200 and a certificate of accomplishment


  • Poplight
  • Fun Finance
  • Devly
  • Digital Life Services
  • Buy from BIPOC

Third Tier teams are awarded $100 and a certificate of accomplishment

Meet the 2021 Winners

First Tier

Leelie SelassieJaime Sarmiento-MonroyBrendan Jones

Tesfa Medical Center

  • Leelie Selassie, Graduate, School of Business
  • Jaime Sarmiento-Monroy, Graduate, School of Business
  • Brendan Jones, Graduate, School of Business

Tesfa Medical Center (TMC) is building the first-of-its-kind cancer center in Addis Abeba Ethiopia integrating mobile diagnostics, telehealth, and wrap-around outpatient oncology treatment services focused on breast and colon cancer aiming to improve outcomes for these two diseases in Ethiopia, where no such center exists.

Mariam ZaraEmma DanzigerIsabel Meizoso


  • Mariam Zara, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Emma Danziger, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Isabel Meizoso, Undergraduate, School of Business

W!PE is a smart reproductive wipe that offers an environmentally friendly, reliable and discrete alternative to current pregnancy tests.

Second Tier

Rahma Al-NaamaniTirzah BudimanMaddie Loder


  • Rahma Al-Naamani, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Tirzah Budiman, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
  • Maddie Loder, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Nanas is a sustainable venture that takes the leaves of pineapples, which would normally be thrown out post-harvest, and uses it to produce textile such as woven and knit fabric and/or vegan denim for players in the fashion industry looking for more sustainable materials to produce clothes.

Sophia Hardesty-MeteyerZestiny SimmonsRoslyn Davis


  • Sophia Hardesty-Meteyer, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
  • Zestiny Simmons, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Roslyn Davis, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Our venture is called MELA, a natural, odor-resistant and hyperpigmentation-relieving deodorant. Unlike other natural deodorants on the market, MELA serves the dual purpose of working as both a natural deodorant, and a hyperpigmentation-relieving product. We intend to break into the natural-deodorant market with an original approach that specifically appeals to women with black or brown melanated skin, hence our name, MELA. During the customer discovery phase of our research, our target audience expressed their need for a natural deodorant that, unlike the current deodorants on the market, does not have a noticeable visibility on dark skin. When asked about their specific skin concerns, we found that hyperpigmentation was consistently the number one issue among these women. Taking all of that into account, MELA serves as the direct innovation to our target audience’s specific, distinctive needs, making it a necessary and novel product.

Nicholas MalloyRoss HatleyPoorvi Sahai

A Culture of Purpose

  • Nicholas Malloy, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Ross Hatley, Graduate, Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Poorvi Sahai, Graduate, School of Business

We are A Culture of Purpose, and we're fighting clothing waste by connecting thrift stores to ecommerce. We will develop Thrift stores’ online presence with our platform which will advertise and organize inventory for Thrift stores. Stores may directly upload their inventory to our online platform via a picture and QR code produced for each item which would directly link the website showing availability and orders. While traditional resale merchants and platforms are aimed at selling luxury goods for rip off prices, we are quite the opposite. We would rather target used dress clothes at a very low price for students or people bouncing around jobs who are going to interviews which require dress clothes. Revenue is obtained through service and transaction fees to the store and consumer for using our platform. Based on the constant increase in the thrifting market, this will create a reliable stream of profit. A Culture of Purpose has a cost advantage to competitors that will connect local consumers and traditional resale merchants. Using available outlets in a sustainable manner we are slowly working towards saving the planet and reducing waste while helping local businesses and providing clothes to those in need.

Third Tier

Jacob Dmitrovsky


  • Jacob Dmitrovsky, Undergraduate, Corcoran School of the Arts and Design

Poplight is the world's first customizable, wall-mounted light available in timeless designs. Users can effortlessly “pop” and swap different fixtures to the Poplight base to create beautiful lighting for any space. Poplight is a tool and hardware free fixture that’s easy to install without damaging your walls.

Annia WardArjun VijayIsis LoaizaAhmad Lozi

Fun Finance

  • Annia Ward, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
  • Arjun Vijay, Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Isis Loaiza, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Ahmad Lozi, Undergraduate, Elliott School of International Affairs

We often hear that private finance is rarely taught in schools. As a result, many students graduate high school without being completely financially literate. A study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics found that roughly 1 in 5 15 year-old students do not understand basic finance concepts. Furthermore, at schools in which at least 75 percent of students were eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, just 3.9 percent of students were required to take a personal finance semester course to graduate, indicating the prevalence of this problem within low-income communities. Our venture, Fun Finance is a web/mobile app that aims to empower high school and college students by providing them with an easy-to-use and personalized financial education platform. Through Fun Finance, students not only gain the skills needed to make sound financial decisions, they will have the opportunity to practice the application of those skills. Our venture compensates for the lack of financial education in public school curricula, where the burden of financial stress will be significantly reduced among students.

Danny NsouliPaola Beltran MadridSanam MasroorJialiang Liang


  • Danny Nsouli, Graduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Paola Beltran Madrid, Graduate, Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Sanam Masroor, Graduate, School of Business
  • Jialiang Liang, Graduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Devly, by Devly Corp, is a user-friendly software created for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its industry partners to facilitate and improve project planning, share knowledge and information for best practices, and streamline monitoring and evaluation of project activities at an industry level. The database will be a powerful research and learning tool that will provide users access to technical and programmatic documents for nearly all USAID projects over the past 50 years. This tool will improve communication amongst partners and competitors within the international development industry by allowing users to search for information using keyword identification and relevant filters, such as target country and technical areas. Devly will allow continuous learning and feedback necessary to work in challenging environments and optimize U.S. taxpayers’ money ensuring that USAID and its implementers learn from one another and aspire for innovative solutions.

Mitali ThepadeJayden BourneAnthony Lange

Digital Life Services (DLS)

  • Mitali Thepade, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Jayden Bourne, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
  • Anthony Lange, Undergraduate, Elliott School of International Affairs

Digital Life Services is centered around the needs of senior citizens. This platform will serve as a resource for promoting competency as related to health, technology, and the well being of senior citizens. Senior citizens have been outpaced by technological advancements. The gap in technical knowledge and familiarity between older and younger generations has resulted in the elderly being left behind. The COVID-19 pandemic has distanced them even further through isolation and not being able to connect with the world. This is a struggle that includes everything from workplaces, to shopping, to medical services. Equipping the older generation with technical skills is more important now than ever. We hope to create a platform built to address the unique challenges that senior citizens are facing during this unprecedented time. Through this platform we intend to enhance the lives of the elderly and those who are not familiar with the capabilities of technology. Our purpose is to educate and provide guidance/information to elderly populations who are not tech-savvy.

Jessa DavidsonNissrine BenhidaHannah Popper

Buy from BIPOC (BFB)

  • Jessa Davidson, Undergraduate, Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Nissrine Benhida, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Hannah Popper, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Buy from BIPOC (BFB) is a free app available for download to users' mobile devices. The app is a platform that lists small businesses owned by black, indigenous, and people of color (also known as BIPOC). The app enables individuals to connect with, and shop from, solely BIPOC owned businesses. The app will act as the intermediary between customers and BIPOC business owners. BFB will be user-friendly and organized by industry through a sleek and simple interface. Features such as a search bar, filters, and sub-categorized lists will make users' shopping experience more convenient. Our service also offers an extension feature to be added to users' browsers in tandem with the app. This extension automatically filters google and other web searches to display BIPOC owned businesses first. The extension will give BFB a comparative advantage and further amplify BIPOC voices and products. BFB is a social venture to change the way you shop.



Pitch George

The annual Pitch George competition is one of GW's premier entrepreneurial initiatives organized by the GW Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE). This "elevator pitch" competition takes place each fall semester and allows young entrepreneurs from any GW school to present their business ideas, get valuable feedback on the viability of their business concepts, and win startup capital. The competition offers networking opportunities with entrepreneurs from the greater D.C. area as well as hands-on preparation for the GW New Venture Competition.


Learn About the Competition


  • The 2020 Pitch George competition (November 5-21, 2020) consists of three rounds, spread across three weeks, that lead to 15 finalists.
  • The average scores of Round 1 and Round 2 determine which teams continue into the Final Round 3.
  • Teams are encouraged to use the feedback provided by the judges in Round 1 to improve their scores for Round 2, increasing their chances for placement in Round 3.
  • Each team has a chance to pitch to a different panel of judges for each round.
  • All 15 finalists compete against each other in the Final Round 3 to be placed in one of three tiers, with each tier having a corresponding monetary prize.


Finalists & Awards

Fifteen finalists compete in Round 3 to be placed among one of three tiers. Each tier has five spots that are filled based on the ranking of Round 3 scores.

  • First Tier includes the teams with the top five highest scores (teams who place 1st to 5th)
  • Second Tier includes teams who place 6th to 10th
  • Third Tier includes teams who place 11th to 15th

Each tier has a corresponding monetary prize that is awarded to the team.


  • ArmOn
  • Terrae Packaging
  • Charity Donation
  • HappyPlate
  • (TH)EM

First Tier teams are awarded $1000, a certificate of accomplishment, and an automatic bye from Round 1 of the 2021 GW New Venture Competition


  • Justice Reform for America
  • Sa'akom Farms
  • Hygge Home
  • Slip On
  • Each&Every

Second Tier teams are awarded $500 and a certificate of accomplishment


  • Kingdom
  • Sidekick
  • HelioDerm
  • FixPat
  • Jericho

Third Tier teams are awarded $150 and a certificate of accomplishment

Meet the 2020 Winners

First Tier

Vibhu PillaiVipul Saini


Vibhu Pillai, Graduate, School of Business and Vipul Saini

Track: New Venture

Description: I would like to introduce you to ArmOn, an innovative product, mechanically designed keeping the needs of the medical fraternity in cognizance. The device does not need a battery or circuits to operate, it is ergonomically designed to cause minimum hindrance in the wearer’s day-to-day activities. It includes an option for sanitizer usage up to 350 ml in a refillable pouch pack. It is lightweight and durable and is compliant with FDA, WHO, CDC & NCBI. It is eco-friendly as it is made from recyclable material. It has a patented design with three provisional patents and is patent protected across 173 countries under the Patent Corporation Treaty of Paris. It is very easy to use, Armon comes with a refill capacity of up to 350 ml and once the sanitizer runs out you can just refill by opening the cap on the pouch and adding extra sanitizer. ArmOn releases 1ml of the sanitizer with each press, you will need four presses to release the amount recommended by WHO. It is completely leak-proof and will only dispense the gel when pressed. It's sweat absorbing fabric accelerates evaporation to minimize sweat retention. ArmOn ensures that the gel is dispensed only on the hand and susceptible areas with zero sanitizer wastage.

Simone Vaillancourt

Terrae Packaging

Simone Vaillancourt, Undergraduate, School of Business

Track: Social Venture

Description: Terrae Packaging is a design firm that creates fully customized, sustainably-sourced beauty packaging. We guide beauty companies through a personalized brand recognition and design process, helping them establish a cohesive packaging strategy that is reflected in our design. We then utilize our global network of sustainable manufacturing partners to source materials and manufacture the design, leading to a final deliverable.

Terry Bitar

Charity Donation

Terry Bitar, Global MBA/Graduate, School of Business

Track: Social Venture

Description: Charity Donation is a non-profit that works on poverty eradication; started as a personal initiative in 2014, and has expanded ever since. In 2018, Charity Donation launched a healthy snack concept called the Love Bites having elderly women do homemade treats to secure a basic income. Months afterwards the project reached an unprecedented success having more than 40 persons on board and 5 different pop-up stores at malls all over Lebanon. It was recognized as a national success constantly talked about in the news. After the Lebanese revolution of 2019, the foundation is expanding abroad and currently being legalized in the United States of America, while launching its projects from Washington DC.

Michael TadesseVinuri Dissanayke


Michael Tadesse, Graduate, School of Business, and Vinuri Dissanayke, Global
MBA/Undergraduate, School of Business

Track: Social Venture

Description: A marketplace app that enables people with chronic kidney disease find ready to eat plant-based meals according to their dietary restriction.

J. Robinson

(TH)EM (Teaching Harmony) Expanding Minds

J. Robinson, Graduate, School of Business

Track: Social Venture

Description: (TH)EM is a Diversity and Inclusion Learning Management System.

Second Tier

Caroline Carlton

Justice Reform for America

Caroline Carlton, Alumni, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Track: Social Venture

Description: Justice Reform for America is a non-profit organization aimed at restricting the legal profession to make it more accessible to Americans.  This organization works off the Teach for America model, however trade education for the law.  Not only will Justice Reform for America act as a liaison between recent graduates wanting experience and the legal profession, but it also will help overworked public defenders offices better dedicate their time to each case.  By equipping recent college graduates with through training, these recruits will volunteer at one of three pilot locations around the country, as case researchers, investigators, and assistants to public defenders. 

Carter PewAllison MillerCalista Amrell

Sa'akom Farms

Carter Pew, Undergraduate, School of Business, Allison Miller, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, and Calista Amrell, Undergraduate, School of Business

Track: Social Venture

Description: Sa’akom Farms is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in Cambodia through the implementation of modern vertical hydroponic farming technologies. Poverty in Cambodia, a long standing issue in Cambodia affecting millions of people, is concentrated in rural areas where people are primarily employed in subsistence farming. One major cause, which perpetuates the cycle of poverty, is an extreme historical lack of innovation in agriculture there. Because vertical hydroponic farming technologies have significantly higher productivities per farmer, we will be able to pay farmers significantly higher wages than they would make in traditional farming. Under this business model, Sa’akom would own the farm, employ local farmers to operate it, and sell the crops to retailers and wholesalers. We are currently in the process of finalizing a partnership agreement with a local farmer to build and operate our pilot farm in Cambodia, for which we are seeing $15,000.

Caroline PryorJesse HorowitzEmma Dobrzynski

Hygge Home

Caroline Pryor, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Jesse Horowitz, Undergraduate, School of Business, and Emma Dobrzynski, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Track: New Venture

Description: Hygge (Hue-ga) Home is a digital service designed to make professional-grade interior decorating both accessible and affordable. Through our online quiz, customers are given options for furniture and décor that uniquely matches their taste. In addition, our advanced machine-learning based algorithm and AR capabilities will pass on significant savings to customers without compromising on quality. Our target market is young adults. Whether that be college students getting a first apartment, a recent graduate moving for a new job, or a young couple ready to start a family, Hygge Home is there to make home, happy.

Ese EboigbeSofia HandalBader Aljarbou


Ese Eboigbe, Undergraduate, School of Business, Sofia Handal, Undergraduate, School of Business, and Bader Aljarbou, Undergraduate, School of Business

Track: New Venture

Description: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses, particularly restaurants have been affected by lack of customers. Many restaurants have even closed their doors. But now that things are getting back to “normal” restaurants must adapt to the new reality and take all the precautions necessary to ensure their own safety but also its customers' safety. Our Start-Up concept idea is called Slip-On which is a self-changing table cover. This self-changing table covers would be placed underneath the table and every time a new customer arrives to the table, it would be automatically changed. This would insure 100% germ free seating. It would be a product that can be easily installed on the table. It would reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses. It would also be giving customers a positive impression of the restaurants since they will feel that they are truly trying to take care of them. It would also reduce costs associated with cleaning and sanitizing tables.

Sidney LeeLauren DurniakLauren OfmanEach&Every

Sidney Lee, Undergraduate, School of Media and Public Affairs, Lauren Durniak, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, and Lauren Ofman, Undergraduate, School of Media and Public Affairs

Track: New Venture

Description: Each&Every is a unisex clothing brand that will be marketed and sold to customers through its website. Inclusivity and sustainability are at the core of the brand’s mission. We aim to create trendy clothing pieces for each and every body no matter your size, gender, or any other identity.

Third Tier


Owen Manning, Undergraduate, School of Business, and Alpha Balde, Undergraduate, School of Business

Track: Social Venture

Description: Kingdom is a web-based business directory for Black-owned businesses operating throughout Atlanta and its surrounding areas. The site serves as a way for consumers to connect and build relationships with Black-owned businesses in an effort to foster community and increase economic cohesion between businesses and consumers. Consumers will be able to see what Black-owned business fits their needs and services.. Businesses will also have an opportunity to enroll in the Kingdom Rewards Program through which consumers would be rewarded for shopping at registered businesses through a point system. Points could then be redeemed for deals and discounts at any of the businesses enrolled in the program. This practice would lead to increased demand, sales, and brand identity for those businesses. Our goal is to create additional economic opportunities  for Black owned businesses in Atlanta, whilst giving consumers an opportunity to have a powerful relationship with the businesses they shop with.


Sabrina Giampaoli, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Maher Aboughaly, Undergraduate, School of Business, and Ricardo E Paredes, Undergraduate, School of Business

Track: Tech Venture

Description: Roadside Assistance: Offers a wide range of services to motorists as fast as possible in COLOMBIA. Supplying rapid, safe and efficient roadside assistance to motorists in need. We act as a third party intermediary - we connect the people with the professionals in a simple and effective way. Nearest services to the wreck/issue will provide the quickest help. An application that provides numerous solutions to different types of breakdown issues. Services include: Location based services to ensure proper delivery assistance, Tow Trucks, Motor failure or accident situation, Tire change, Battery Jump Start, Fuel Delivery, 24/7 customer care


Roslyn Davis, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, Sophia Meteyer, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, and Zestiny Simmons, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Track: New Venture

Description: Our brand, although we are currently nameless, plans to revolutionize the beauty industry through the creation of a company by women of color, made for black women. While mainstream media and beauty has made strides toward representation of all women and product variety, many brands still come up short in creating products that explicitly target the problem areas of melanated skin. Many brands lack the scientific education that is needed to produce a product that is tailored to black women. Our brand plans to expand what it means to represent black women in beauty, and be one of the first black female owned personal care brand  to intertwine skincare and science for black women.

Chioma Oruh

FixPat, Inc.

Chioma Oruh, Alumni, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Track: Social Venture

Description: FixPat, Inc. is a start-up nonprofit aims to provide care packages to families when their child birth to 8 years old receive a diagnosis for a developmental delay or disability.


Nati Knobler, Undergraduate, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Track: Social Venture

Description: A stable home is the cornerstone to a dignified and happy life. We at Jericho believe it's fundamentally wrong to deprive any person of that need. At the moment, housing insecurity is rampant in large metropolitan areas internationally. The problem is that traditional housing suppliers utilize expensive and unscalable construction methods. We at Jericho believe the industry is primed for technological disruption and have scalable solutions to provide affordable housing. Through the consolidation of design, construction, and management we will to create a truly integrated affordable housing company. Our use of urban rooftops will allow us to acquire land to develop housing at a fraction of typical prices in premium urban locations, our offsite manufacturing techniques will industrialize the building process enabling us to take advantage of the economies of scale, and a  centralized digital platform will allow customers to seamlessly pay their rents and control their homes.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact George T. Solomon, D.B.A., Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE), at (202) 994-3760 or [email protected]. Questions and comments can also be directed to the event manager, Jessica Vodilka, at [email protected].