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past winners of the Pitch George competition

Past winners of the Pitch George competition.


The annual Pitch George competition is one of GW's premier entrepreneurial initiatives organized by the GW Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE). This "elevator pitch" competition takes place each fall semester and allows young entrepreneurs from any GW school to present their business ideas, get valuable feedback on the viability of their business concepts, and win up to $10,000 in startup capital. The competition offers a real-world view into entrepreneurship and hands-on preparation for the GW New Venture Competition (ranked #1 in the USA) through the support of GW's academia and network of business executives from the greater Washington, D.C. area.


The 15th Annual

Pitch George Competition

November 5, 12 and 19, 2022


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In an effort to raise awareness about ethical technology, the Globant Be Kind Tech Fund will be awarded to select team(s) that show a true interest and understanding in ethical technology as part of their venture. The Be Kind Tech Fund is an international corporate venture capital fund administered by Globant Ventures. It supports startups developing apps, products and platforms that mitigate the negative effects of technology.

Hear Globant's VP of Entrepreneur Relations, Joaquin Morixe, explain the mission and details of the Be Kind Tech Fund.
Video passcode: *k7v5^$g

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Past Winners



  • Clebby's
  • POP!
  • Tuebimur
  • Put Me On
  • Empyre Webs

First Tier teams were awarded $1000, an automatic bye in Round 1 of the 2021 GW New Venture Competition, and a certificate of accomplishment


  • Electromaim
  • SideStreets
  • Quick Balance
  • The Accountability Group

Second Tier teams were awarded $500 and a certificate of accomplishment


  • CREW Entertainment
  • AlligatorStonks
  • Sketch
  • Thrive Beyond 5 Box
  • Lope Tree/Desert Date Co. 

Third Tier teams were awarded $150 and a certificate of accomplishment

First Tier

Sabrina ClebnikIsaac GreenLydia Obi


  • Sabrina Clebnik, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Isaac Green, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Kat Grubbs, Undergraduate, School of Business (not pictured)
  • Lydia Obi, Undergraduate, School of Business

Clebby’s is a revolutionary line of cannabis-infused baking mixes designed to give cannabis consumers access to fresh cannabis-infused baked goods. Like ordinary baking mixes, Clebby’s only requires vegetable oil, eggs and water - but the Clebby’s product is nothing ordinary. Clebby’s baking mixes include cannabis infused oil packets in the baking mix. We are the only cannabis infused baking mix in the national cannabis market. We have currently developed a triple chocolate fudge brownie mix, a triple chocolate cookie mix and a lemon pound cake mix. Each of these mixes are designed to almost completely mask the taste of cannabis that the oil might create. We have confirmation from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission that this product would be legal to make and have committed manufacturing and distribution channels.

Stephanie CheungRachel CohenMaya LevineAnna Shah


  • Stephanie Cheung, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Rachel Cohen, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Maya Levine, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Anna Shah, Undergraduate, School of Business

POP! is a monthly student-run pop-up thrift store that operates at the GW Textile Museum. POP! stands for Power of the Purse which empowers our consumers to use the power of their purses to make social and environmental impact. Our goal is to promote a culture of sustainable fashion while reducing textile waste and contributing to the circular economy. Currently, the GW community faces a lack of accessibility to sustainable fashion due to proximity and price. POP! addresses this by selling secondhand clothes at affordable prices to this market. These efforts are facilitated through numerous partnerships on campus including GW Compost, Office of Sustainability, GW Innovation Center, Institute for Corporate Responsibility, and the Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. After the success of their first pop-up shop (attracting 1000+ attendees including President LeBlanc himself), they are excited to host several more pop-ups throughout the year.

James Franco


  • James Franco, Alumni, GW Law

Police officers are required in the US to have responsibilities beyond their expertise. While police can be an important piece of community safety plans, they cannot possibly be the entire plan. Officers are primarily trained to respond to violent situations and to investigate major crimes. Having to deal with all other sorts of incidents has resulted in declining public trust in police and falling morale/retention among officers. To make communities safer and reverse these troubling trends, we propose that all nonviolent public safety incidents be handled by community resource workers provided from and specially trained by a public safety nonprofit. When a municipality partners with Tuebimur to supplement their police, they will improve their community’s safety by 1) allowing their officers to exclusively focus on major crimes and 2) by improving public confidence with the assurance that nonviolent incidents will be addressed by someone equipped with the appropriate training.

Jayden BourneKhari CroomsBryce LawsonSam Linder

Put Me On

  • Jayden Bourne, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Khari Crooms, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Bryce Lawson, Undergraduate, School of Media and Public Affairs
  • Sam Linder, Undergraduate, CCAS

Put Me On is a social media music streaming platform built upon the goal of bringing exposure to independent artists. After finishing in the finals of the 2021 GW New Venture Competition, we were able to gain incredible knowledge on customer discovery, marketing, and idea refinement. As entrepreneurs, our team is always looking for great ways to receive feedback, continue doing market research, and meet great entrepreneurs.

Maria AtitieEmmanuel BabalolaMegan ChadhaPerry FederMaximilian Stein

empyre webs

  • Maria Atitie, Undergraduate, Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Emmanuel Babalola, Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Megan Chadha, Undergraduate, School of Business
  • Perry Feder, Undergraduate, CCAS
  • Maximilian Stein, Undergraduate, School of Business

empyre webs is a web development company looking to solve the problem of streamlining communication amongst developers and businesses. Currently, companies communicate their vision for their website over slack or email where it can be lost in translation. There is no vehicle to streamline the communication between businesses and developers. We’re working to make the entire pipeline of creating a website more efficient by eliminating the middleman and consolidating communication onto one platform. Unlike other CMS systems out there, empyre webs plan to use notification automations to alert both developers and business to complete action items in real time and allowing commenting. We target small to medium size businesses (SMB) ranging from nonprofits, startups, e-commerce, and those who are in a need of creating an online presence. Our idea would help our target customer through transparency, communication, saving time, money and creating their vision of their website to reality.

Second Tier

Dylan KassinYoelle Gulko


  • Dylan Kassin, Undergraduate, Elliott School of International Affairs
  • Yoelle Gulko, Undergraduate, Washington University Olin Business School

Electromaim saves building managers energy costs and assists them in adhering to energy efficiency regulation. We do this through utilizing the otherwise wasted energy in water distribution systems of urban buildings. The constant influx of energy regulations has already created a scramble among building managers to identify solutions to increase their buildings’ energy efficiency. Specifically in D.C., new BEPS regulations have mandated commercial buildings meet certain energy efficiency standards. This is compounded with the major incentive for building managers to decrease energy costs, as it is a sole function of their profession. This has only intensified with COVID-19 losses in the commercial and residential sectors. This results in a considerable need for limiting operating costs and increasing net operating income. Electromaim fills this need through providing micro-hydro generators to be installed in place of pressure reduction valves that waste energy.

Ad Watts Lane


  • Ad Watts Lane, Graduate, School of Business

For the world of tourism, cultural consumers - those seeking interaction with authentic ‘otherness’ - represent a rapidly growing market share. In seeking out such opportunities, guidebooks and best-of lists only go so far, limited largely to pre-ordained and state-sponsored venues. More obscure destinations that become highlights of trips often emerge through sheer serendipity, stumbled across during exploration that is too frequently limited to the most assured and knowledgeable. SideStreets, an app for local discovery, represents a redefining of how we identify our next meaningful destinations while visiting unfamiliar places. The app combines four areas of technology in one, working together to offer travelers the ultimate platform for planning on the go: AI, crowdsourcing, recommender systems, and gamified mapping. The result: an immersive exploration experience, bringing the traveler to the true ground level and pushing them to see the world their way, made more possible.

Sarah Malinowski

Quick Balance

  • Sarah Malinowski, Graduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science

A fast, responsive prosthetic joint that will change resistivity or balance based on the user's asynchronous input. In the use of a knee joint, this product will help maintain the user's balance when quickly changing speed, jumping and other quick movements. This product could also be used in an arm prosthetic, helping to maintain adduction if more weight is quickly added or released. Overall, this will adduct/abduct and stabilize joints very similar to our natural joints.

The Accountability Group

  • Joshua Bostick, Graduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science

A fast, responsive prosthetic joint that will change resistivity or balance based on the user's asynchronous input. In the use of a knee joint, this product will help maintain the user's balance when quickly changing speed, jumping and other quick movements. This product could also be used in an arm prosthetic, helping to maintain adduction if more weight is quickly added or released. Overall, this will adduct/abduct and stabilize joints very similar to our natural joints.

Yahya AliyuOscar SouthwellAnton Yanovich


  • Yahya Aliyu, Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Oscar Southwell, Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Anton Yanovich, Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science

SECUFOAM is a technological innovation pioneered with the aim of reducing hospital borne infections, with a potential extended application to other public buildings. We came up with the idea for our product during the 2020 Georgehacks medical solutions event, where our team earned first place for our prototype model. The technology is simple: by combining a hand sanitization machine with the speed-gates commonly used in subway stations and airports, we can effectively and significantly limit the spread of bacteria through hands into hospitals and other public buildings. When entering into a building or entrance with SECUFOAM installed, a person will be prompted to use the hand sanitization machine, at which point, the speed-gate will open. Hospital borne illnesses alone have a direct cost of 28.4 billion annually in the US, thus the need for new preventative solutions is glaringly apparent. Our group is looking to further develop and research our product with some preliminary funding.

Third Tier

Dayla Durandisse

CREW Entertainment

  • Dayla Durandisse, Undergraduate, School of Business

CREW Entertainment is a creative agency for artists that is exclusive to college and university students across America. CREW has a for-profit side that is an online, low-cost monthly subscription service that will have exclusive artist development resources and opportunities, consultations from our team of industry professionals, and more. Our non-profit side will bring equipment and creative resources to U.S. college campuses; including networking events, informative panels, songwriting workshops, professional development, financial literacy, and more. The organization’s purpose will be to provide these creators with the resources necessary to succeed at academia, entrepreneurship, and their creative endeavors. CREW aims to assist in all the problems young creatives in college face, from distributing their art to branding themselves.

Liam Johnston


  • Liam Johnston, Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Early stage college companies lack necessary funding and technical know-how to start companies but have significant teams that understand their customer. The goal of AlligatorStonks is to take a percentage equity in exchange for one year of technical work with future years being a paid/equity model.

Dasia Bandy


  • Dasia Bandy, Undergraduate, Elliott School of International Affairs

Sketch is a non-toxic social media app that allows people from all over the world to connect with each other, while utilizing mental health techniques in one place. The social media app grabs the attention of young people by providing a safe place to be themselves and a space to journal within the app. Users can have collaborative journals or one dedicated just for themselves. The platform not only attracts users because they can instantly connect with friends millions of miles away and digitally track their life experiences and emotions, but because they can win prizes through daily “pops” that test users' awareness about mental health. Based on a user’s score, which is determined by the amount of “pops” a user answers correctly, users can win prizes. Sketch is an innovative and exciting social app that will bridge social media platforms and self-care/mental health platforms into one universally recognized space to end mental health stigmas across the globe, while making new friends.

Sophie-Anne Baril

Thrive Beyond 5 Box

  • Sophie-Anne Baril, Alumni, Elliott School of International Affairs

Thrive Beyond 5 Box (TB5 Box) uses the “9 to 5” workday as a metaphor to symbolize just that - our lives do not stop when we log out, they go beyond 5. TB5 Box is a quarterly subscription box company for working women. This new venture is on a mission to provide practical and feel-good products and services to help women beat burnout and gain back control to thrive at work and beyond.

Lope Tree/Desert Date Co.

  • Lauren Servin, Graduate, School of Business

Lōpe Tree is a new purpose driven skincare company, which is trying to flip the script on supply chains. We believe that fair-trade was a good start, but that it is not enough. We wild harvest a new luxurious cosmetic oil called Desert Date oil in Northern Uganda to create high-value products for both local and international markets. We are a fully integrated nut-to-formula-to-bottle value chain. Our formulas are 100% wild and they are so clean can be eaten, while they still support the improvement of skin texture and appearance by aiding the healing of skin damage. Skincare companies often do not know how the people who harvest their products are paid and treated. Rather than being a source of poverty and pollution, we aim to create a chain that is a source of wealth for our women driven workforce, while also protecting the forest by harvesting non-timber forest resources. Simply by wild harvesting the seeds, communities have made it illegal to cut down these medicinal trees.


Meet the 2020 Pitch George Winners


  • ArmOn
  • Terrae Packaging
  • Charity Donation
  • HappyPlate
  • (TH)EM


  • Justice Reform for America
  • Sa'akom Farms
  • Hygge Home
  • Slip On
  • Each&Every


  • Kingdom
  • Sidekick
  • HelioDerm
  • FixPat
  • Jericho

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For more information, please contact Kathy Korman Frey, director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE), at [email protected]. Questions and comments can also be directed to the project manager, Jessica Vodilka, at [email protected].