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Choose from more than 20 for-credit graduate certificate programs or enroll in one of six professional development certificate programs offered by a research center or institute at the GW School of Business (GWSB). Many graduate certificates can be completed entirely online.


Graduate Certificates


Build Your Own Degree

Former GWSB Dean Anuj Mehrotra and Professor Liesl Riddle discuss GWSB's new approach to graduate business education: modular, stackable credentials that utilize several graduate certificate programs as the building blocks of education.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Graduate Certificate FAQ


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Who can apply to the GWSB Graduate Certificate Program?

Any professional who would like to enroll in a part-time GW School of Business graduate certificate program. The graduate certificate program is not a degree-granting program; therefore, international applicants are not eligible to apply, because they cannot be granted a student visa.

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Who benefits from earning a graduate certificate?

This program is designed to give working professionals the opportunity to learn while they earn. Certificate students take twelve credits in a dedicated subject at the GW School of Business (GWSB). GWSB professors teach all graduate students, including students in Graduate Certificate programs.

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What documents need to be included with the online application?

Transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate academic institution, a professional resume, one letter of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. GMAT or GRE scores are optional.

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What background do students need to qualify for admission to the Graduate Certificate Program?

Students must have an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Current GWU graduate students must be in good standing to apply to and be admitted into the Graduate Certificate Program. First semester GW graduate students must have grades posted for the first term to be admitted into a certificate.

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Can credits earned in a graduate certificate program be applied to a specialized master’s or MBA program?

Yes, if these credits and courses are within the elective courses of the master’s or MBA program. Graduate certificate students apply separately to the master’s or MBA program after they have completed the entire 12 credit hours and earned the certificate. Credit hours expire after five years.

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How long does it take before I get an admission’s decision?

Once the application file has been marked complete, it is sent to the admissions committee for review. The review process takes several weeks. An applicant will then be notified and will receive an admissions decision by email.

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What is the cost of a graduate certificate?

Each class is either 1.5 or three credit hours. Tuition rates per credit hour may be found here. Information about any additional fees can be found on the Student Accounts Office, Finance Division website. The phone number is (202) 994-7350.

There are no scholarships awarded for the tuition of a graduate certificate. However, if after completing a graduate certificate, a student wants to earn a master’s degree, the tuition paid during the certificate program may be applied to the cost of the master’s degree. Merit-based scholarships are awarded for master’s programs.

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Are graduate certificates eligible for federal financial aid?

Please visit the website of the Office of Student Financial Assistance for information on obtaining federal financial aid for graduate certificate programs.

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Where do I send official transcripts and other application documents?

Applicants attach them their online application. If they do not have official documents at the time of application submission, they can email official documents to [email protected]. Email is the preferred method of receiving official documents, transcripts and test scores.

OR official documents may be mailed to:

The GW School of Business, Graduate Admissions
Duquès Hall, Suite 550
2201 G St NW Washington, D.C. 20052

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When can students begin a graduate certificate program?

Semesters begin in August (fall) or January (spring). The application is online. The application deadline is posted on the GWSB website. Admission decisions are released several weeks after the receipt of a complete application.

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When and where do classes meet?

GWSB classes are offered on the Foggy Bottom campus in downtown Washington, D.C. Classes are held once or twice a week, often starting in the late afternoon or early evening, to accommodate a working professional’s schedule. All classes are taught by GWSB professors. Your classmates are MBA and specialized master’s students.

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How many classes are needed to complete a graduate certificate?

Twelve credits are required to complete a graduate certificate. Each certificate offers a combination of required and elective courses. Semester-long classes are three credit hours. Half-semester classes are 1.5 credit hours. To earn the certificate, all 12 credits must be completed at GWSB. No transfer credits are accepted and no merit-based scholarship aid is awarded.

Please note: Course offerings are dependent on a number of factors, and course availability may change. Students will be notified of any changes by their academic advisor before the start of the semester.

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Can graduate certificates be completed online?

In addition to our online degree programs, the graduate certificates on this page can be completed entirely online.

In the upcoming academic years, GWSB plans to offer even more online graduate certificates.

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Do any graduate certificates have prerequisites?

Yes, for Business Analytics, applicants must have completed statistics, calculus, higher level math (such as linear algebra), and computer programming.

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How long does it take to complete a graduate certificate?

This is a part-time program. Students attend one or two classes per semester. These classes are held once or twice a week, often in the late afternoon or early evening. In accordance with GW School of Business policy, course work must be completed within five years of admission. The shortest time-frame a student can complete a certificate is within two to three semesters, depending on when courses are offered.

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If I have more questions about the Graduate Certificate Program, who can I contact?

For answers to questions about the application process or admission requirements, contact the GW School of Business Graduate Admissions Office at (202) 994-1212 or [email protected].

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