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"The business enterprise has two — and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation."

Peter Drucker, 1954
Management consultant, educator, author

The greatest of innovations die if not supported by excellent marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of business. It is the only function that generates revenues; all others generate costs. As a field of study, it spans the disciplines of psychology, sociology, economics, art, statistics and digital technology. As a field of practice, it has been defined for some 70 years as delivering a standard of living to society. Today it is a step beyond — it is about fashioning the consumption experience. Marketing will expand your intellectual and professional horizons.

Marketers don’t sell things, they bring to life people’s wants, desires and aspirations. Marketing is a creative science. It encompasses the traditional fields of product development and brand management, advertising and sales promotion, sales management and distribution, and pricing and competitive strategy. These have been greatly enhanced with the digital revolution, online marketing and social media. With all these touch points in the lives of consumers and society comes great social responsibility. Protect the consumer and the environment — you will feel you are making a difference every day.

Marketing faculty at GWSB have expertise in marketing and competitive strategy, international marketing, strategic brand management, strategic alliances, new product management, services marketing, channels of distribution, integrated marketing communications, digital and social media marketing, marketing for social causes, and marketing and public policy.

We leverage this expertise in order to:

  • Provide an outstanding education to enable our graduates to excel in their careers;
  • Produce research and thought-leadership to advance marketing knowledge; and
  • Build global relationships with business, educational, and alumni communities.


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