Tutoring & Academic Resources

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous resources available to them on campus.  If you’re not sure which office on campus would be best able to assist with a specific situation, simply contact your GWSB advisor and they will be glad to connect you with the right office.

Student Success Workshops

Each semester the Office of Student Support and Family Engagement (SSFE) offers a series of Student Success Workshops that help students improve skills, learn about support resources on campus, and get to know tips and tricks for making each semester successful.  

The GW Tutoring Initiative

If you’re in need of tutoring, you can access 10 hours of free tutoring each academic year for courses offered. Online tutoring is also available.

Departmental Tutoring

Tutoring available to students is also organized and offered by specific departments.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is available to writers/students of all abilities who want to receive dedicated attention to their writing and research projects.

Language Center

This resource promotes foreign language study and provides academic support related to languages for faculty and students.

Disability Support Services

This is a resource for students who may have challenges beyond their control that impact their learning.

University Counseling Center

Students may reach out to the University Counseling Center to overcome difficulties and challenges that may interfere with their academic, emotional, and personal success.

GPA Calculator

Students may use this tool to help them calculate their GPA at any time during the semester. If you are still uncertain of your GPA after using this tool, we encourage you to reach out to your professor.

Center for Student Engagement

Students can visit the Center for Student Engagement if they are looking for learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

The Multicultural Student Service Center

The Multicultural Student Service Center (MSSC) is GW’s center for multicultural communication, community building, and leadership. The MSSC works to develop co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities for GW Students.

GWSB F. David Fowler Career Center

Students can access the F. David Fowler Career Center (FDFCC) for guidance and training in finding the best fit for your skills, values, and interests.

Office of Student Financial Assistance

The Office of Student Financial Assistance is designed to assist you and your family with financing the total cost of attending our institution providing resources on grants, scholarships, loans, college work-study, and outside resources such as veteran’s benefits and tuition benefits.