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In the heart of one of the most dynamic and influential cities in the world, the GW School of Business puts you in touch with the power to challenge ideas, asks you to look ahead, and prepares you to lead the way. Our graduate programs not only ground students in theory and research, but also connect them to the realities of their profession.

Through theoretical and applied learning, our programs combine curriculum from accounting, finance, project management, and other traditional business concentrations with industry-specific knowledge. You will gain experience on and off campus, through laboratory work, classroom-based courses, and online classes, and be given access to a large number of networking opportunities through GWSB’s alumni and student organizations. Because these days, the last thing any of us should do is conduct business as usual.

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Our students gain an understanding and appreciation of how business can lead to smarter solutions. With this mindset, they are driven to be socially conscious and to develop the skills to conduct both influential and important work throughout their careers.

The future of business education is rooted in global, societal, and political needs, and is measured by its global impact. At the GW School of Business, we’re preparing our students to confront challenges, while making organizations more competitive and responsible.

GWSB students are educated in the liberal arts alongside concentrated study in business concepts and practice. They work collaboratively, conduct independent and team research, volunteer throughout Washington, D.C. and at campus events, and learn to manage their future careers.

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Students at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) are at the forefront of smarter business — business that considers its impact on the world as well as the bottom line. In addition to rigorous training in traditional business competencies, every one of our programs is infused with ethical leadership, sustainability, social responsibility and corporate citizenship, all taught from a global perspective.