Bachelor of Science in Business

Real Estate Concentration


The concentration in Real Estate provides undergraduate students with the knowledge base in finance, real estate investment, development, valuation and strategic planning, which will prepare them for an entry-level position in the real estate industry.

Since most of the field courses in this concentration are at the graduate level, this concentration may put students who complete it at a competitive advantage vis-à-vis students from other universities’ programs.

After Completing this Concentration Students Should:

  • Have a strong understanding of finance in order to assess the risks and returns of investment decisions and financing.
  • Understand the principles of real estate investment (including valuation, appraisal, financing and
  • development).
  • Be prepared to immediately contribute at firms that are on the cutting edge of real estate – those that are focused on mixed-use, walkable, and sustainable projects that are in most demand throughout the country.

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Real Estate Concentration Requirements

Students who choose the real estate concentration are to fulfill the bachelor of science with a major in business concentration requirement take five courses (15 credits), as follows:

Required for the concentration
FINA 4201Real Estate Investment
FINA 6240Real Estate Development
FINA 6242Real Estate Valuation and Investment
And two additional courses selected from the following:
AH 2154American Architecture I
or AMST 2520 American Architecture I
ECON 2157Urban and Regional Economics
FINA 4900Special Topics (Applied Financial Securities Analysis: Real Estate)
FINA 6243Strategic Planning for Walkable Urban Real Estate Companies
FINA 6248Real Estate Development Cases
FINA 6290Special Topics (Walkable Urban Place Development and Management)
GEOG 2140Cities and Societies
SUST 2002The Sustainable City