Designing a Program

Faculty will develop and design the Short-Term Study Program. It usually takes between 8-12 months to develop and implement these unique courses, so faculty are encouraged to start early. Considerations include the following:

  • Choose a topic: This is perhaps the most important step. What will peak student interest? How many students might be interested? Consider asking students for their suggestions, and consider if the course will appeal to students outside your own home department.
  • Choose a location: Selecting a familiar location will make it easier to   on-site logistics and advise students on safe and culturally-appropriate behavior. If you do not have expertise in the destination, is there someone who can assist? Does the location enhance the course material? Is it a place students would be interested in visiting?
  • Choose the timing and duration: Is the course more appropriate embedded in a fall or spring semester or offered over the summer?  Consider weather, academic calendar, holidays, and travel time to your destination. It is possible to design a course around a festival, conference, or other major event, if desired.  How much time on-site is enough to achieve the course learning objectives?
  • Consider the cost:  What will it cost to run the program?  Will the cost be particularly high and perhaps prohibitive for students? Consult knowledgeable sources and seek price quotes on expected costs, such as airfare, lodging, meals, local transportation classroom costs, honoraria, and cultural activities.
  • Consider the logistics: How many students do you expect? Where will the group stay, and how will you travel around the city? Can you organize all course arrangements or do you need to hire a company to assist? Do you need to hire a teaching assistant to support the course?

Program Proposal


Led by rotating GWSB faculty, the Business & Society course brings together distance and local students together in a single class on the Foggy Bottom campus, providing them the opportunity to learn about how business is embedded in DC through one week of site visits and hands-on learning experiences.