Institute for Corporate Responsibility

The Institute for Corporate Responsibility (ICR) officially received its charter from the George Washington University in October, 2006.

The ICR is devoted to the development and dissemination of scholarship, including research and teaching pertaining to corporate responsibility. It serves as a vehicle for continuing education, curriculum development, conferences and seminars each of which will address needs of the GWSB, GW and the wider Washington, D.C., community.

The ICR leverages our location to become a leading resource to the business community through business associations and the policy community through federal agencies, Congress, local and regional governments, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations.

By fostering such a business-university-government partnership—U.S. and global—the ICR presents a unique knowledge creation and dissemination asset on our campus, building scholarly capacity for our faculty and students, and enhancing GW’s prestige worldwide.

The aim of the ICR is to be the world’s leading intellectual center for scholarship in the field of corporate responsibility and to be recognized as such.

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