Student Code of Conduct

The FDFCC Career Center Management Team is dedicated to promoting a beneficial relationship between employers and students. The reputation of the GW School of Business (GWSB) community is in large part based upon the interactions between our students and recruiters. A key element of the success of GWSB is the determination of our students to improve their collective career opportunities and to promote the reputation of the school by actively pursuing the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

We commit to the community to oversee the professional conduct of our students and recruiters, advancing and protecting the brand reputation of GWSB and George Washington University. We pledge to partner with all students in helping them reach their career goals in accordance with the following Student Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures:

I. Integrity and Honesty in All Actions

A. Use of Handshake

Students are expected to:

  • Represent themselves to company representatives with factual data regarding academic, employment, citizenship/visa, or any other information requested. Falsification of any data on a Handshake profile and/or resume may result in revoking a student’s access to Handshake and to all Career Center services as well as bringing an ethics case to the appropriate authorities.
  • Assume full responsibility for checking Handshake daily; for following Handshake procedures; for meeting On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) deadlines and for reporting any technical difficulties with the system.
  • Develop a resume that is well-written and up-to-date. Failure to keep information current and accurate could result in an employer being unable to contact a student for a potential internship or job opportunity.

B. On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR)

Contact Information:
F. David Fowler Career Center | Duquès Hall | 202-994-6704
University Career Center | 1922 F Street NW | 202-994-8633

  • Resume Submission: Candidates will apply only for positions in which they have a genuine interest. Candidates who must withdraw their resume after the application deadline must contact OCR immediately.
  • Cancellations: Candidates are strongly discouraged from canceling scheduled interviews for any reason. If a candidate must cancel an interview due to illness, emergency, or acceptance of another job offer, he/she must notify OCR staff at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled interview. Failure to do so will result in the candidate’s Handshake account being “blocked,” prohibiting the candidate from further participation in the OCR program. Students are permitted two (2) cancellations per interview season before being “blocked.” Again, candidates are strongly discouraged from canceling interviews for any reason. Chronic offenders risk the chance of being “blocked” completely from the program.
  • No Show Policy: Candidates who do not appear for/keep a scheduled interview (“no-show”) and do not inform the OCR staff of such will have their Handshake account blocked, thereby prohibiting further participation in the OCR program. To appeal a “block” in Handshake, the candidate must call the FDFCC to schedule an appointment to discuss the situation.
  • Attire: Business professional attire (business suit) is required for all on-campus interviews.
  • Withdrawal from OCR: Candidates will notify the OCR staff of an acceptance of an offer from an employer so they can be withdrawn from the program.

C. Verbal or Written Acceptance of a Job Offer is Considered a Commitment

Accepting an internship or job offer is considered a contractual agreement. It is never permissible to accept an offer and later decline. It is very important to be certain that this is the job or internship that you want and we encourage you to meet with your Career Center coach if you have any questions about an offer, or if you are evaluating multiple offers.

Students should wait until an offer is received in writing and have reviewed all the conditions of the contract. If it is anticipated that other offers may be received, it is acceptable to ask the employer for an extension. Whether a student decides to accept or reject an offer, the student should reply to the employer in writing.

If a student reneges on an offer after accepting it, the FDFCC Career Center reserves the right to take appropriate action. These actions may include, but are not limited to: the FDFCC Career Center notifying both employers involved of the behavior, revoking a student’s ability to apply for future jobs through the FDFCC Career Center, and bringing an ethics case to the appropriate authorities.

D. Upon Acceptance of an Offer, Interviewing Should Cease and Job Offers Should Be Reported to the FDFCC Career Center.

Upon acceptance of a job offer:

A student must immediately discontinue the job search and advise other employers that he/she is no longer available. Notify the Career Center of the job offer and of any other pending offers and their status.

II. Professional Respect and Courtesy in all Stages of the Process

A. Career Center and Corporate Events

Students are expected to:

Sign-up in advance of the event using the Handshake system.

Arrive on-time (late arrivals will not be admitted into the session) and remain until the session is completed. Students who are unable to stay through the entire presentation need to arrive early, explain their circumstance to the presenter, and sit near an exit so as to minimize disturbance.Turn-off cell phones and keep laptops closed and turned off.

Be appropriately attired. Generally, business professional attire (dark suit) is required for all interviews, corporate presentations and job fairs. Business casual attire (men: sport shirt & pressed trousers; women: blouse or sweater & skirt or pants – no tennis shoes or flip-flops!) is recommended for all presentations involving an outside speaker (including alumni and corporate representatives). Students who are not dressed appropriately will not be permitted to attend the event. Students who do not conduct themselves in a professional manner at Career Center events or corporate events may be asked to leave and should do so quickly and gracefully. Withdraw RSVP via Handshake 48 hours in advance of the event if circumstances prevent attendance.

B. On-campus, Off-campus, Phone and Informational interviews

Students who participate in any form of interview are expected to be well-prepared for each interview by attending the employer information session, when offered, conducting extensive company research, talking to alumni, using the on-line interview practice software “Interview Stream” and by participating in mock-interviews.

Students should submit resumes only for those positions that are truly of interest and for which they are qualified. Students who use an on-campus interview primarily for practice purposes may not only deprive an interested classmate of a potential employment opportunity, but also negatively impact GWSB’s reputation with that employer. Students are expected to respond promptly, preferably within 24-hours, to all interview invitations even if you decline the invitation. Students are expected to dress in business professional attire when meeting with employers unless specifically directed otherwise in the job announcement, always be on time, and send a thank-you note within 24 hours.

C. Advising and Coaching Services

Students are expected to schedule all appointments with Career Center management staff at least 24 hours in advance. Students are expected to cancel an appointment, if needed, at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.

A student who misses a second appointment with a Career Center management staff member, or makes a second late cancellation, must meet with the Career Center Associate Director. Access to further advising and coaching services may be delayed or denied.