The Accelerated MBA program at the GW School of Business


The new Accelerated MBA at the GW School of Business is designed to allow students to complete an MBA degree in two years. The program is structured specifically for students that are employed.

The AMBA program is offered in a cohort format during the first year, which covers the majority of the core MBA curriculum. Those cohort courses are offered at a full-time credit load over the first year, allowing students to complete more credits in that first year than would normally be the case for a part-time student. This is accomplished by running those cohort courses in a condensed, five-week format. The courses run back-to-back, and they are held on Wednesday evenings (usually after 5:00 p.m.) and Saturdays (usually from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).

Starting their second year, students will shift their focus toward their selective and elective requirements while completing their final required core. Because the electives will be offered in the normal, 14-week format, we shift the recommended course load down to a part-time course load; however, the second year can be completed at a full-time pace for students requiring or able to handle that credit load.


The following requirements must be fulfilled: 46.5 credits, including 34.5 credits in required courses and 12 credits in elective courses.

MBAD 6205Business Essentials for Dynamic Markets
MBAD 6211Financial Accounting
MBAD 6213Accounting for Internal Decision Making
MBAD 6223Operations Management
MBAD 6224Decision Making and Data Analysis
MBAD 6235Finance
MBAD 6240Competition in the Global Economy
MBAD 6242Microeconomics for the World Economy
MBAD 6250Technology for Business in DC
MBAD 6263Organizations and Human Capital
MBAD 6274Marketing
MBAD 6288Strategic Management
MBAD 6289Business Ethics and Public Policy
Analytics/technology selectives
3 credits selected from the following. These courses may be repeated for credit provided the topics differ.
DNSC 6500Analytic Skills for Managers
ISTM 6500Technology Skills for Managers
12 credits in graduate-level elective courses numbered 6000 and above. Up to 6 of these credits may be taken in departments outside GWSB. Students focusing their studies in the healthcare field must take all elective credits in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

NOTE: MBAD 6298 may not be applied toward MBA degree requirements.

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