Global Bachelor of Business Administration Program*

The GW Global Bachelor’s Program is an exciting opportunity to make study abroad a central part of your undergraduate degree.

Program Requirements

Participants will leave GW with significant international experience having explored and learned to adapt to diverse social, cultural and academic situations in at least two countries outside of the U.S. More information can be found here on Office for Study Abroad's website.

1. Spring Semester in Shanghai or Fall Semester in Belfast (new Fall 2019)

Spring in Shanghai: The student’s first semester abroad will be during the spring semester of their sophomore year at Fudan University in Shanghai, China with the Global Bachelor’s Program cohort. Global Bachelor’s students will study in English alongside Chinese and international students. Learn more about the Shanghai semester.

Fall in Belfast: The student’s first semester abroad will be during the fall semester of their sophomore year at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland with the Global Bachelor’s Program cohort. Global Bachelor’s students will study in classes with Northern Irish and international students at Queen's University, a top urban research institution, renowned for its programs in field from Irish Studies to film, history, and science. Learn more about the Belfast semester.

2. A Second Semester or Internship Abroad

In their junior or senior year, students will choose a full-time (40 hours a week) summer internship abroad (lasting a minimum of eight weeks ) or a second semester study abroad program from a diverse set of GW approved locations.  Students should use the study abroad resources through the Office for Study Abroad and the GWSB Advising Center to determine the program that best fits their academic goals.

3. A Third Semester or Internship Abroad

By senior year students will choose from a third semester study abroad program from an approved location -or- complete the GBP with the summer internship option. There is no required order to complete these options as long as in addition to the semester in Shanghai, China or Belfast, Northern Ireland students complete either: 2 semesters abroad -or- 1 semester + 1 summer internship abroad. 

GWSB Requirements

Students pursuing the BBA degree will follow the BBA degree requirements (PDF) as outlined.

The required minor for the BBA degree will be waived upon completion of the Global Bachelor’s Program. Please note that students must earn a minimum of 120 credits and successfully complete all requirements of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. 

Application Requirements

*Students in all GWSB undergraduate degree programs will be eligible to apply for the Global Bachelor’s Program. However, the program is designed specifically for BBA students.