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The GW-CIBER Global Careers podcast presents inspiring stories from seasoned professionals who have embraced a global role and reaped the benefits. We offer practical advice and insider tips for a variety of industries about what it's like to work globally. If you love adventure and thrive on taking risks and operating outside your comfort zone, join us as we explore the ins and outs of pursuing an international career!


Stacie Berdan

Hosted by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, international careers expert and award-winning author on how to succeed in the global marketplace.

Special thanks to Benjamin Tissot, composer of the GW-CIBER podcast series theme song, "Creative Minds."



Our Most Recent Guest

Melissa Schoeb, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Nokia


As the chief corporate affairs officer for Nokia, Melissa Schoeb shares how she oversees a team of 125 people around the world in the areas of communications, government relations, brand and sustainability while advancing Nokia's reputation. Various emerging tech trends play out differently within a technology company like Nokia, which must consider the role of tech in its products but also how they affect regulations and geopolitics. Melissa talks about balancing the professional and personal parts of her life as she explains how she moved to Finland during the pandemic and then to London with her family.

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Melissa Schoeb

Melissa Schoeb is Nokia’s chief corporate affairs officer and oversees communications, government relations, brand and sustainability. Melissa’s priorities are to advance Nokia’s global reputation to drive and support the company’s business strategy as well as help shape relevant debates and ensure a strong voice for Nokia. Prior to joining Nokia in 2021, Melissa worked at Occidental, one of the world’s largest independent oil and gas companies, where she was vice president of corporate affairs. Before Occidental, she held a number of senior leadership positions at FleishmanHillard, one of the world’s leading communications consultancies, and was director of global communications for Nortel Networks, a multinational telecommunications and data networking equipment manufacturer. Melissa also has significant management consulting and business management experience, having held a business director role at The VenCom Group, a venture capital company focused on the telecommunications sector, and consulting roles at Gemini Consulting (now Capgemini). Melissa holds a dual Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Spanish from the University of Mary Washington in the U.S. and has conducted research to define the impact of political initiatives on international economies for the Four Freedoms foundation in Italy. Melissa is based in London, UK, speaks Spanish and Italian fluently, and has lived and worked in several countries in North and South America, Europe and Africa. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, exercising and watching her son play goalie on his youth hockey team.



Previous Episodes

Season Seven - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies

Episode 55 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Anna Berg Åsberg

As the vice president of Research & Development IT for Astra Zeneca, Anna Berg Åsberg says she has the best job ever as she leads a global team of hundreds of people across three continents who work to optimize scientists' daily lives through technology. They use technology to speed up the discovery and delivery of medicines to patients, and you can hear the excitement in Anna's voice as she talks about the importance of having a job that can really make a difference in the world. She shares how her engineering career began in telecommunications, then manufacturing, before landing in healthcare, and how managing her international career living and working in Spain, Germany, France, the U.S. (two times), and her native Sweden has oftentimes been complicated, at times lonely, and yet an extraordinary experience for her and her family.

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Anna Berg Åsberg

Anna Berg Åsberg is the vice president of Research & Development IT for Astra Zeneca, responsible for strategy, build, and run for IT in both Oncology and BioPharmaceuticals R&D. Her global team delivers transactional core IT systems as well as transformational data and insight technologies, including engineering, platform and tools for artificial intelligence and digital health capabilities. Anna holds a Master of Science degree from KTH, Royal Institute of Stockholm. Prior to joining AstraZeneca in 2004, Anna studied and worked in numerous European countries, including Germany, Spain, Switzerland and France. She developed a passion for applying IT to diverse organizations and challenges, and launched an IT consultancy company in Hamburg, Germany. Her AstraZeneca career began in Södertälje working with Finance and Enabling Units, followed by a move to the US to provide IT for the U.S. Commercial unit. Anna moved back to Södertälje in 2014 as VP for Operations IT, where she established and started the journey to make AstraZeneca factories ‘smart’ with digital technologies. She assumed her current role in 2019.

Episode 54 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Gina Ruebensaal

Technology tends to be the enabler of change at most organizations, and Gina Ruebensaal helps people and organizations manage that change. From working on the ground for the Federal government in Afghanistan to helping lead one of the largest tech acquisitions in history, she helps clients understand how to use tech and data to make decisions faster and better. She advises students and job seekers to embrace the fast-paced change technology brings to all of our lives and to learn how to use it, not just understand it. Gina shares stories of growing up as a child of diplomats (she has lived in Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Geneva and Washington, D.C.) and provides thoughtful advice on the types of skills critical to working on a global scale. Tune in to hear more advice and tips on how to adapt to the fast-paced world of change we all live in.

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Gina Ruebensaal

Gina Ruebensaal has more than 20 years of experience advising leaders in the technology and national security arenas. She has focused her career on affecting meaningful transformation in large and complicated organizations, based on a deep understanding of how people and organizations manage change. Most recently, Gina drove VMware's chief operating officer's executive change strategy for VMware's ambitious SaaS transformation. This included advising operations leadership on prioritization, potential friction points, and on leading 4k+ employees through one of the largest tech acquisitions in history. Before pivoting to the technology industry, Gina spent 15+ years consulting for U.S. national security agencies. Her areas of expertise include transformation, strategy development and implementation, futures analysis and leadership. She leveraged those capabilities to advance a variety of initiatives in the Federal government, including countering IED networks, critical infrastructure development, analytic modernization, public-private partnerships, and a major agency transformation. She lives in the Washington, D.C. metro area, where she enjoys spending as much time with her family as possible, travel and yoga.

Episode 53 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Tim Gilday

Despite a broad cross-domain background, Tim Gilday has always had a particular passion for technology and science, which has helped lead him to his current role as a futurist thought leader working with government, industry and academic leaders. He shares how he gets to spend every day doing what he loves: learning, being curious, and figuring out how tech and societal trends can bring positive impact to his clients (U.S. Federal agencies). He encourages listeners to embrace the accelerated pace of change in tech; to not be afraid of it, but to learn and leverage it to help you do your job better, faster and more easily. He sees an intersection between democratizing tech and a global mindset —and as a GW MBA alumnus, he has some specific advice for grad students.

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Tim Gilday

Tim Gilday is a futurist thought leader focused on the ethical and optimal application of emerging technology for the U.S. government and society. He collaborates with government, academic and industry leaders to identify global risks and opportunities, as well as those posed by the increasing pace of technological innovation, and develops policy and practices to guide agency digital transformation and readiness to embrace disruption. Tim has an undergraduate degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland - College Park and an International Business MBA from the George Washington University. Cosmology, physics and emerging technology have been lifelong passions.

Episode 52 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Grace Schroeder

There is so much to learn from Grace Schroeder, a visionary leader who helps businesses get to the heart of the problems quickly by identifying, integrating and harmonizing existing apps and tools into a business's platform through Slingr, the company she founded in 2011. She shares how she began her career in finance (after earning a degree in psychology), but evolved to tech when she realized it was what she was most attracted to in her job at the time. She explains how she listened to what made her happy, which eventually led her to found her own company. Slingr is based in Miami, but the vast majority of its workforce is in Mendoza, Argentina. Tune in as Grace explains that it's never been a better time to look for jobs for people who are truly curious and willing to train themselves to notice what excites them — not just to take a job from one of many resume postings.

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Grace Schroeder

Grace Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Slingr, a low-code platform company. She is a notable tech leader recognized for driving the company towards innovation in the low-code/no-code sectors. With a rich software development and business background, she has positioned Slingr as a key player in low-code solutions, bringing both the platform and professional services that make custom application development accessible to businesses of all sizes. Her approach combines technical vision with strategic business insights, emphasizing efficiency, innovation, and empowerment in the digital landscape.

Episode 51 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Greer Meisels

Being a subject matter expert on U.S.-China and U.S.-Taiwan relations has been the main constant of Greer Meisels’ career as she worked for the U.S. Treasury, a financial services trade association, and now Intel, one of the world’s largest companies. She admits she’s no technologist but is required to think through and apply her global knowledge to advise on policy, geography and geopolitics as business and technology intersect — and she advises listeners that there will most likely be a tech component to almost any field they choose. She shares stories of her global experiences and offers candid perspective on a few of her greatest career challenges thus far, including moving to China for a year and leaving her partner, friends and family back in the U.S.

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Greer Meisels

Greer Meisels is the inaugural director of external affairs at Intel Corporation, where she is responsible for building relationships and strategic partnerships that strengthen Intel's position as an industry leader. She came to Intel from the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the global association of the financial services industry, where she served as chief of staff to the president and CEO for more than four years. Prior to joining the IIF, she held several positions in the International Affairs division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, including as senior advisor to the under secretary of international affairs. She graduated from Harvard University with her A.M. from the Regional Studies East Asia Program in 2012 and received her B.A. from Hunter College, City University of New York in Political Science with a dual concentration in East Asian studies and Art History in 2007. In her spare time, Greer sits on the Board of Watershed Collaborative, a non-profit organization that offers PreK-12 teachers affordable and engaging web-based courses, coaching, and instructional resources. She is also an enthusiastic novice fly fisherman and a wannabe cheesemonger.

Episode 50 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Maureen Murat

Fintech is a global industry that has enabled entrepreneurs to raise money through crowdsourcing all over the word. Yet it’s not as easy as it sounds without the help of an expert like Maureen Murat, who explains the complications that can arise with the combination of AI and machine learning, legal and cross-border regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and cross-cultural communication and negotiations. Tune in as she shares stories of her adventures working in the Middle East and how she always does her research to prepare for cross-cultural engagement. She shares many of the lessons she’s learned, including the importance of clarifying situations in the moment to get through challenging situations, prioritizing what matters in both personal and professional life, and recognizing that it’s OK to change your mind!

Read a transcript of this episode with Maureen Murat

Maureen Murat

Maureen L. Murat is an attorney and principal at Crowdie Advisors, LLC*, a business consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with strategy, planning and problem-solving services when considering equity crowdfunding to raise capital. Maureen has worked internationally advising fintech companies, consulting and presenting on various topics such as crowdfunding, blockchain, and business strategy. Maureen has also taught Intro to Blockchain and the Law, Tokenomics and Cryptocurrency Regulations, and Smart Cities, Smart Government at the University of New Hampshire - Franklin Pierce School of Law. She is a member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association, a non-profit organization that focuses on growing the crowdfunding community globally and follows the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. Maureen received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, her graduate degree in Homeland Security with a focus on disaster management from American Military University, and her doctoral degree from the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law. She has worked throughout the Middle East and speaks Haitian Creole and French.

*Maureen is a senior attorney in the policy unit of the legal division at FDIC, where she works primarily on consumer protection-related issues, but the content of this interview represents Maureen’s point of view as principal of Crowdie Advisors.

Episode 49 - Navigating a Global Career Amidst Emerging Technologies with Andrea Gooz

What does a degree in international peace and conflict resolution have to do with a career in the private sector? A whole lot, according to Andrea Gooz, who explains how her cross-cultural communication and negotiation skills have been applied to overcome and minimize obstacles for effective business across borders. She shares tips for working across cultures, noting that even after working in more than 75 countries with teams all over the world over the course of 20+ years, she still prepares to be surprised by the people she encounters and the experiences she has on the ground. Andrea admits that she’s no technologist but recognizes that she must understand the role technology plays in her field to do her job – and encourages everyone to do the same.

Read a transcript of this episode with Andrea Gooz

Andrea Gooz

Andrea Gooz is vice president for Global Citizen Services at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT). GDIT is a global technology and professional services company delivering consulting, technology and mission services across the United States government, defense and intelligence community. GDIT’s Global Citizen Services business provides governments with leading-edge technology and services that ensure secure and efficient cross-border travel and trade. Ms. Gooz has more than 20 years’ experience leading international teams spanning 75 countries, providing services to U.S. and international government clients in the management of international migration. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and French from Messiah University, an M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University, and a certificate in International Migration Studies from Georgetown University.

Season Six - International Marketing and Brand Management

Episode 48 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Megan Yarmuth

One of the best perks of a global job is the travel — and this is definitely true for Megan Yarmuth, who says Doha Hamad Airport is the best in the world! Megan is head of PR for Ogilvy Doha, having finally gotten her chance to go global after working in the public relations industry in Washington, D.C. for years. She explains how she landed the position, including the important role networking has played throughout her career. Have a listen as Megan explains the skills PR professionals must have: great writing, relationship building, and the ability to think on their feet both creatively and strategically since the industry is both proactive and reactive. Add the global component and it gets even more complicated. Megan shares some of the lessons she has learned working in the Middle East with a global team and offers tips to listeners interested in pursuing a global career: network, have fun, and consider the Middle East and Asia, which need the skills and education American students can offer.

Read a transcript of this episode with Megan Yarmuth

Megan Yarmuth

Megan Yarmuth is an award-winning communications professional with more than 18 years of experience working for some of the biggest global PR agencies. Currently she is head of PR at Ogilvy Doha, where she leads the public relations team on accounts including Qatar Foundation and Qatar Tourism. She recently moved to Doha from Washington, D.C. with her husband and two school-age sons. In D.C., she worked for Weber Shandwick on public health and awareness campaigns for the CDC. Megan is also an entrepreneur who co-founded and managed a video production and digital media company, Rockhouse, as well as a GW alumna, having earned her MBA with a focus on marketing in 2009.

Episode 47 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Tracy Haffner

A career in brand management means that almost every day is a multi-tasking, fast-paced day filled with variety. This is exactly what enticed Tracy Haffner from the get-go, and she has tremendous experience in marketing and general management for some of the world's most prestigious brands: Saks Fifth Avenue, Reckitt, Kraft Foods and Avon. She is currently the chief operating officer for Woosh Beauty, and shares in this episode how she's growing this DTC beauty brand, emphasizing the need for excellent customer service — an element of marketing that seems to be getting lost in the digital space. Tracy shares both challenges and opportunities involved in running a global brand, including global supplier issues, multi-cultural consumer preferences, and the unique challenges in delivering beauty products direct to consumer (ask her about shading!).

Read a transcript of this episode with Tracy Haffner

Tracy Haffner

Tracy Roe Haffner has more than 30 years of marketing and general management experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. She started her career in 1992 after graduating with an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and then spent two years at Reckitt, 12 years at Kraft Foods, six years at Avon, and two years at Saks Fifth Avenue. For the past seven years, she has been running a small DTC beauty brand, Woosh Beauty, in New York City and enjoying the brand’s triple digit growth. Tracy’s experience in global marketing started at Kraft but was strengthened by her time at Avon as she headed up global marketing across three key categories: fragrance, skincare, and fashion and home. Now she is laying the groundwork to take Woosh Beauty to select international markets.

Episode 46 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Elizabeth Drori

If you're interested in breaking into the fashion marketing industry, Elizabeth Drori advises starting as soon as possible — even taking a retail job in college. In this episode, she explains that her passion for marketing stems from connecting with consumers through multiple touch points, learning what they want to buy, and then figuring out how to get them to buy in order to grow the business. The fashion industry adds a fun and exciting element to a marketing career — while embracing AI, digital marketing and eCommerce has completely changed marketing for most every industry around the world. But the heart of every great brand marketing campaign is clarity: the sharper and more focused you are, the better the results.

Read a transcript of this episode with Elizabeth Drori

Elizabeth Drori

Elizabeth Drori is the chief marketing officer at Sperry and is responsible for developing and executing Sperry's global brand strategy, delivering integrated marketing campaigns across all consumer touchpoints, and leading the brand's global communications, digital advertising, creative services and social media efforts. She brings more than a decade of experience guiding fashion organizations and driving revenue growth as head of marketing for Walmart's fashion business, leading an omnichannel marketing team focused on driving perception change and new customer acquisition, and serving in global brand management and strategy at Converse.

Episode 45 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Jennifer Baaklini

Study abroad experiences can transform your life, which is what happened to Forte Fellow Jennifer Baaklini after her first trip to Italy as an undergrad. She then went on to South Africa and spent a summer in India, eventually landing a job at the Institute of International Education (IIE) to promote the prestigious Fulbright program. In this episode, Jennifer shares how she continues to learn and apply her cross-cultural aptitude in concert with her digital marketing skills to deliver successful social media campaigns for her international clients. It's not an easy task because communicating on a global scale can be overwhelming, so she recommends clearly defining your audience and paying especially close attention to details to avoid mistakes, which can wreck a campaign. Giving a shout out to the GW MBA program, Jennifer highlights the skills gained through the program's group projects, specifically adaptability and versatility, which she values because they have helped her become a better consultant.

Read a transcript of this episode with Jennifer Baaklini

Jennifer Baaklini

Jennifer Baaklini is currently the director of digital strategy at FGS Global, a communications and public affairs consultancy with offices in 27 cities around the world. Jennifer specializes in advising clients on digital strategy to advance public diplomacy and foreign policy objectives, particularly related to the Middle East. Prior to FGS Global, Jennifer worked at the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs as well as the Institute of International Education (IIE) in social media management. She began her career as a journalist in the Philadelphia suburbs before living in New York City and Washington, DC. Jennifer holds an MBA from the George Washington University (’20) where, as a Forté Fellow, she focused on leadership management and marketing. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Journalism from the Schreyer Honors College at Pennsylvania State University (’11).

Episode 44 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Claudia Gioia

Interested in the public relations and communications aspect of a global marketing career? Have a listen as Claudia Gioia, a powerhouse in the mar-comms field across Latin America, shares how advanced tech and data-driven insights and analytics have revolutionized the industry. Artificial intelligence, location-based targeting, and augmented reality — together with a thorough understanding of analytics — help practitioners better understand consumer behaviors and hit their KPIs so much faster than even a few years ago. In addition to data analytics, solid strategic thinking and impeccable communications skills are critical to international business success. Is it coincidence that these skills are also key to rising to the C-suite? Perhaps not.

Read a transcript of this episode with Claudia Gioia

Claudia Gioia

Claudia Gioia is multiple award-winning communications professional. She is the co-founder and managing partner of Perceptual Advisors, a full stack marketing and communications firm focused on founders, funders, entrepreneurs and disruptors. Throughout her career, she has held positions as president and CEO at Hill+ Knowlton LATAM and Caribbean; SVP of Americas at LLYC; and country manager of Latin America Technology Practices at Burson-Marsteller (currently BCW). Claudia has led international client work for Nestle, Ford Motors, Intel, Walgreens Boots Alliance, AT&T, Facebook, Allergan, Pfizer, Medtronic, HP, Unilever, Qualcomm, Sony, Accenture and FedEx, among others. She also advised on country branding, reporting directly to several regional and national mandataries. Among Claudia’s accolades, she was recognized among the global top 100 most influential people by PR Week and won the iconic Gold Stevie Award for best executive of the year in Latin America. She holds a BA in Education and Psychology and is certified by the Yale University Management School and the Chinese School of Business (CKGSB) in global digital branding, by the University of Virginia in digital transformation, and by the Wharton School in entrepreneurship.

Episode 43 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Jessica Deckinger

Wondering how to build a stellar marketing career? Have a listen to Jessica Deckinger, founder and president at Mint Marketing Group, as she shares how to tap into the many opportunities the marketing field offers by dabbling in many functions and learning new skills, applying knowledge across industries, and being at the center of disruption and creative thinking for a business by adding value in any field. She talks about the new normal of non-linear careers and shares tips on how to create and articulate your professional brand story throughout your journey. Jessica reflects on how globalization has created opportunities for businesses to scale much more rapidly in many parts of the world, which requires today's marketers to have a global mindset and an ability to take a “glocal” approach by always listening to your customers (customer first!).

Read a transcript of this episode with Jessica Deckinger

Jessica Deckinger

Jessica Deckinger is an outstanding international marketing professional who has held leadership positions with many global brands including: Vention, Everbridge, Humana, Wolverine Worldwide, Promotion In Motion, and Avon Products. She was a member of the executive team of two startups with successful exits - MCX (Retail/Fintech) and Adeo (Biotech/CPG). In the earlier years of her career, she also held finance and operations roles at JPMorgan and the National Football League. In addition to her full-time roles, Jessica has been an active partner in her husband’s entrepreneurial businesses for over two decades, as well as a mentor for over ten years to U.S. Veterans through American Corporate Partners. Jessica currently serves on boards of several leading not-for-profit organizations including Boston Medical Center’s Catwalk for Cancer, the Trustee’s Council of Penn Women, and Tufts University Gordon School.

Episode 42 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Michele Chapuis

Global marketing roles can often be found in the U.S., which is how Michele Lamm Chapuis built her 20-year career in international marketing. In this episode, she takes listeners on her journey working for such leading companies as Newell-Rubbermaid, American Greetings, Mattel/Fisher-Price and now SharkNinja — and discusses the challenges today’s digital landscape presents in consumer branding and communication. She emphasizes that diplomacy is critical to success, and how difficult it can be to land a job overseas. Michele shares how her three years working for UNICEF in Geneva led her to pursue dual citizenship in Italy with the goal of opening up work opportunities in the EU for her and her family.

Read a transcript of this episode with Michele Chapius

Michele Chapius

Michele Lamm Chapuis is a multi-lingual global marketing professional with more than 20 years of international team leadership experience. Her global roles have spanned a variety of industries, including food and beverage, commercial goods, non-profit organizations, travel and tourism, and consumer products across many categories. Currently Michele is the senior international marketing manager on the Global Beauty Team at SharkNinja, and is responsible for marketing the company’s haircare line everywhere outside the U.S. Michele has worked at leading companies such as Newell-Rubbermaid, American Greetings, Rich Products, Mattel/Fisher-Price and UNICEF, for which she worked in Geneva, Switzerland, for three years. She has traveled all over the world and runs her own travel company, Europe Your Own Way.

Episode 41 - International Marketing and Brand Mgmt. with Philippe Harousseau

Interested in a marketing career focused on consumer packaged goods? Chief Outsider’s Fractional CMO Philippe Harousseau says it offers the opportunity to work in an exciting, ever-changing environment that allows you to discover new ways of interacting with an audience on a global scale. In this first episode of Season 6, he reflects on his career working on some of the biggest brands in the world, including Dove, Shiseido, GoGo squeeZ and YuMove, and emphasizes the need to recognize that a brand's purpose and core insight are universal — but the way you express it must be adapted locally. Tune in to hear his advice on the critical role of disruptive innovation, brand purpose, unconventional marketing approaches, and global engagement for today's marketers.

Read a transcript of this episode with Philippe Harousseau

Philippe Harousseau

Philippe Harousseau, fractional CMO at Chief Outsiders, is a pioneering marketing executive and purpose-driven leader who delivers share gains and profitable growth with both large and fast-growing businesses. He has worked at leading and progressive organizations, like Unilever, Shiseido, GoGo squeeZ and YuMove while delivering results through unconventional marketing approaches, disruptive innovation, brand expansion, and brand purpose, including the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. A global citizen with dual French and American citizenship, Philippe has held multiple regional and global roles while working and living in Paris, Istanbul, London, New York and now Atlanta. Philippe speaks French and English.

Season Five - Women in Global Careers

Episode 40 - Women in Global Careers with Sarah Campbell Donia

In this episode, Sarah Campbell Donia emphasizes the importance of moving to make you happy (not necessarily for work), which helps explain why she left the U.S. decades ago for Australia and hasn’t returned — but, rather, has continued to work her way around the world, throughout Asia and the Pacific, then the Middle East, and now the Netherlands, where she works across the continent. She shares that being a woman does impact one’s experience in-country and with colleagues, and that it pays to be aware of the nuances of a culture and to be careful with stereotypes as the reality can be quite different. To be successful in international business? She says for her it’s the combination of communication skills, curiosity, emotional intelligence and initiative.

Read a transcript of this episode with Sarah Campbell Donia

Sarah Campbell Donia

Sarah Campbell Donia is the global corporate affairs leader at Randstad, responsible for leading the integrated communications and public affairs function. She began her career in communications consulting at H&K Strategies before joining Philips, and has over 20 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary marketing, communications, and public affairs teams in APAC, the Middle East, and Europe. Sarah holds dual American and Australian citizenship and lives in Haarlem, the Netherlands, with her Dutch husband and two children. She is a member of Page — the world's leading professional association for senior corporate affairs executives — and serves on the board of the UNFOLD movement, a collective of corporate affairs professionals committed to positively shaping the role of business in the world.

Episode 39 - Women in Global Careers with Margarita Fernandez

Margarita Fernandez began her career with the desire to help improve people’s lives around the world, which led her on a 25-year journey working in international development on both long-term and short-term assignments in 30 countries around the world before switching to global operations. In this episode, she shares stories from her years abroad, including the differences between short-term and long-term assignments. Margarita reflects that getting to know people, learning from them, and being inspired by them as they find their own solutions are some of the highlights of her career — all better enabled by skills she considers essential in the industry: listening, languages (she speaks Spanish, French, English and some Romanian) and writing/communications. She shares how balancing a family and a global career requires focus, good communication, and constant reevaluation and readjustment.

Read a transcript of this episode with Margarita Fernandez

Margarita Fernandez

Margarita Fernandez is vice president of global operations and management at IREX, a global development and education organization. Margarita brings more than 25 years of experience in international development, leading programs and practices on a global scale — focusing on public health, economic growth, public-private partnerships, governance and education. She has truly worked all over the world, serving in both long-term and short-term assignments in nearly 30 countries.

Episode 38 - Women in Global Careers with Cherie Weible

Based in Washington, DC, GW alumna and Wolcott Fellow Cherie Weible has extensive international business experience in trade policy, international market access, and commercial diplomacy. In this episode, she shares how important it is in a global career to be open to all opportunities and to take calculated risks as she did, moving from a geographic comfort zone of Europe for Southeast Asia and leaving the public sector for the private sector (she's now at the American Chemistry Council). Cherie shares tips on how she navigates the challenges of working in a complicated industry with 63 counterparts around the world and the necessity of being able to collaborate and build teams across cultures and often virtually.

Read a transcript of this episode with Cherie Weible

Cherie Weible

Cherie Weible is the senior director of Strategy and Global Affairs, Responsible Care®, Sustainability and Market Outreach for the American Chemistry Council. Although she’s based in Washington, DC, Cherie has extensive international business experience in trade policy, international market access, global government affairs and commercial diplomacy, which she uses to advance the commercial interests of U.S. companies around the world. A natural communicator, Cherie builds relationships with stakeholders and has worked across Asia, Europe and Latin America, including 15 years at the U.S. Commerce Department. She is also a GW alumna!

Episode 37 - Women in Global Careers with Elisabeth Chasia

After starting out in philanthropy, Elisabeth Chasia knew that she wanted to find a way to combine profitable financial investments with doing good. In this episode, she describes how impact investing — which measures and captures data around the outcomes of companies trying to improve environmental and social causes — has inspired her work in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia while strengthening her skills in adaptability, problem-solving and communications.

Read a transcript of this episode with Elisabeth Chasia

Elisabeth Chasia

Elisabeth Chasia is the investment director at Momentus Capital, a community-focused financial institution based in Washington, DC. Prior to Momentus Capital, Elisabeth worked in emerging markets, managing a portfolio of investments across Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cambodia and Myanmar. She also worked in management consulting in the United Arab Emirates and for an edtech startup in Kenya.

Episode 36 - Women in Global Careers with Casey Carlson

Casey Carlson started her career at Deloitte as an intern in accounting, moved to HR and immigration policy, and now heads up the Real Estate Strategy and Workplace Design. In this episode, she emphasizes that the topic of “how humans work” is one of the most important questions employers are now asking themselves around the world, and shares how holistic approaches to creating a workplace that supports the workforce of tomorrow includes the experiential component of sustainability and well-being — no matter where in the world a team is working. She also shares lessons she’s learned from working in India and how to find a mentor in a large organization like Deloitte.

Read a transcript of this episode with Casey Carlson

Casey Carlson

Casey Carlson is a managing director at Deloitte, where she leads real estate strategy and workplace design. Although she launched her career in accounting in Deloitte, she shifted to HR to focus on talent, immigration policy and global mobility. Based in Boston, Casey spends a great deal of her time in India.

Episode 35 - Women in Global Careers with Jenny Buccos

Jenny Buccos works around the world creating engaging global entertainment for kids. In this episode, she shares how she taps into local storytellers on the ground to enable them to star as the heroes of their own stories, making the productions so much richer. She shares her tips for understanding what it’s like to work in a particular country, including the importance of connecting with artists, chefs and musicians who tend to be in tune with what’s going on socially, politically, and historically. Jenny candidly shares the challenges of being a woman who travels 150 days of the year — maintaining relationships with family and friends can be tough — and the need to speak up as a woman if being treated in a way that is not cool.

Read a transcript of this episode with Jenny Bucos

Jenny Buccos

Jenny Buccos is a multi-award-winning director and producer, and the founder and CEO of EXPLR Media. Having explored at least 50 countries in-depth, Jenny is a global citizen who brings the world up close and personal into classrooms (and living rooms) for teachers, families, and students to explore together. She has been creating entertaining and educational content for educators to enhance and expand their curriculum over the past two decades — after leaving her job in the corporate world of finance oh-so-many years ago.

Episode 34 - Women in Global Careers with U.S. Ambassador Susan Stevenson

Ambassador Susan Stevenson has had a rich career working around the world as a U.S. diplomat, yet she began her career as a product marketing manager for Kellogg's in Paris. Listen to her describe how her marketing skills have helped her in her diplomatic roles as she has facilitated communication and understanding between the U.S. and the rest of the world, and what motivated her to pivot from private to public sector. She shares how being a woman is oftentimes a “superpower” in many countries, as people often underestimate women and there are many ways to use this to one’s advantage. As a woman who brought up her children around the world, Susan recognizes there are challenges, but says the benefits outweigh the risks for her and her family.

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Susan Stevenson

U.S. Ambassador Susan Stevenson joins us to talk about her career as a diplomat. Susan served as ambassador to Equatorial Guinea for almost three years and is now back in Washington, DC, serving as principal deputy assistant secretary for intelligence and research at the U.S. Department of State. Over the course of her career she has lived and worked in Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Mexico City, as well as Paris, where she began her global career working as a product manager for Kellogg's. Susan speaks Chinese, French, Spanish and Thai.

Episode 33 - Women in Global Careers with Alison Lands

In this first episode of Season 5, our guest Alison Lands shares her professional journey of determining the relevant skills needed to shift her career from a large global consultancy to a tech start-up using free online learning tools available to job seekers around the world. Skills such as data analytics, cybersecurity and AI are trending, while the uniquely human and durable skills of communications, relationship-building and leadership continue to be critical and transferable. The combination of skills is crucially important to leading cross-cultural global teams, which Alison believes has been opened to more women, noting technology playing a big role as women can lead global teams from anywhere. Ironically, the tech industry has limited women by its inability to level the playing field in executive positions.

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Alison Lands

Alison Lands is a self-described “skills evangelist” who has dedicated her career to helping others tackle the challenges of the Future of Work. She is the head of strategy at SkyHive Technologies, a skills intelligence platform focused on analyzing the world’s labor market data and using it to unleash human potential at scale. For more than 20 years, Alison has operated at the intersection of economic and workforce development, arming companies, jobseekers, students and governments with the skills they need to prosper in a globalized digital economy — an economy that is evolving ever more rapidly and unpredictably.

Season Four - Working Abroad In...

Episode 32 - Working Abroad in Ghana with Tamar di Franco

Tamar di Franco had been living and working in Ghana for more than six years when she was offered a position in London. She and her family considered it, but declined to stay in Ghana so that her daughter could finish high school there. That's just one of the many “swerves” described in this insightful interview with a seasoned energy professional who has lived and worked on almost every continent. In this podcast, Tamar offers helpful tips and suggestions for living in Ghana, as well as how she has built a global career as a woman working in a male-dominated field: with grace, resilience and humility combined with the project management and problem-solving skills that have served her well for decades.

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Tamar di Franco

Tamar di Franco is a seasoned energy professional and project manager who has extensive international experience managing projects ranging from a $4 billion oil and gas asset disposition in Kazakhstan to the construction of a solar-powered health clinic in rural Ghana. Tamar worked as a transaction advisor to the Ministry of Energy in Ghana, providing energy economics support and advice to the government, and she lived in Ghana for more than eight years. Much of her career has been focused in the energy sector, with commercial project work in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Currently, she is at Deloitte Consulting managing international mining advisory work in Greenland and the Philippines.

Episode 31 - Working Abroad in Israel with Robyn Kessler

What is it like to live and work in ten countries across a career? In this episode, Robyn Kessler shares her extensive experience, including the need to embrace the highs and lows of living and working in a new country as well as the challenges of missing family and having to learn a new culture and language every few years. She notes that the typical expat experience is on the decline, with organizations hiring local and global talent, so building one’s brand is critical to international success. Now living in Israel, known as start-up nation, she emphasizes that tech underlies everything in the country and in every industry, respecting the Sabbath is critical, and the need to avoid subtleties by engaging in direct conversation and negotiation with business partners or co-workers.

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Robyn Kessler

Robyn Kessler is the commercial counselor and senior commercial officer at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. A career diplomat, Robyn most recently served as executive director for the Department of Commerce’s Middle East and Africa region, where she oversaw a team of more than 200 people in 27 offices across that region. Robyn previously served in India, Afghanistan, Russia, Mexico and Belgium. Prior to her commercial service, she worked in the private sector for almost 15 years for Manugistics and Sara Lee in the U.S., Belgium, Philippines, France and the Dominican Republic. All told, Robyn has lived and worked in 10 countries.

Episode 30 - Working Abroad in Sweden with Goran Koprivnjak

Is the famous work-life balance in Sweden myth or reality? According to our guest, Goran Koprivnjak, it is one of the best aspects of living and working in Sweden – besides the expansive natural beauty, of course! A GW alumnus and student athlete, Goran’s international experience began with studying abroad in the US, which eventually led to his working in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been living for five years. He switched from IB to IT, an industry he says allows for tremendous opportunities for working globally because the jobs are, literally, all over the world.

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Goran Koprivnjak

Goran Koprivnjak is Scrum Master and Digital Business Integration Specialist at Accenture Song. Goran grew up in Croatia and speaks English and German in addition to his native Croatian. He is also a GW alumnus, having studied international business while also serving as captain of the swimming team. He has lived in Stockholm now for five years and works on projects across Europe. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle and exploring the magnificent natural environment across all of Sweden.

Episode 29 - Working Abroad in Argentina and Colombia with Guido Gaona

Guido Gaona left his native Mexico for 10 years to work in Argentina, Colombia and Miami, Florida. In this episode, he shares his thoughtful perspective on the great diversity of the Latin American region including language, cultural nuances, business norms and food, yet is quick to note the common bond of fútbol (soccer). Filled with personal stories and practical tips, Guido emphasizes that learning from people with different perspectives is an invaluable professional and personal gift.

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Guido Gaona

Guido Gaona is the CEO of BCW Mexico and a corporate communications director with more than 25 years of experience working for some of the largest multinationals including SAP, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Guido left his native to Mexico for 10 years to work as an expat and CEO in the BCW offices of Buenos Aires and Bogota, as well as Miami, where he served in a regional coordination role. Guido has robust experience in the corporate communications field on both the agency and the client side. In addition to his native Spanish, he speaks English and a little Italian.

Episode 28 - Working Abroad in the UK with Jessica Forman

In this episode, our guest Jessica Forman shares how moving to London during the pandemic was filled with challenges, but also had the silver lining of being able to adjust to a greatly slowed-down version of a global metropolis, a city that can easily overwhelm. She appreciates the emphasis placed on work-life balance in the UK, the opportunity to engage not only with Brits but with a thriving international community (including enjoying a diverse food scene), and the chance to explore destinations across Europe for quick long-weekend jaunts.

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Jess Forman

Jessica Forman works at Amazon in HR as the UK People Priorities Lead: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Future of Work. She moved to London from Seattle during the pandemic, but she made, arguably, an equally big move by pivoting her career from education to HR after receiving her master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Performance at Vanderbilt. She began her career with Teach for America and now works in HR for one of the largest companies in the world. She speaks Spanish, loves to travel, and has lived in many cities across the US.

Episode 27 - Working Abroad in the UAE with Brian Lott
Brian Lott

Brian Lott is the chief communications officer of Mubadala Investment Company, responsible for stewardship of the Mubadala brand and management of the group’s corporate communications requirements. Brian has worked in the communications industry for over 30 years, beginning his career in Washington, D.C., where he served as chief of staff, spokesman and campaign manager for two members of Congress. Before joining Mubadala in 2009, Brian worked at global public relations firm Burson-Marsteller for ten years, where he provided strategic guidance to the firm’s public affairs, corporate and technology clients. He

Episode 26 - Working Abroad in Switzerland with Michelle Pawlow

Living and working in Switzerland offers the ideal balanced lifestyle to Michelle Pawlow, who recently relocated to Zurich after kickstarting her career at ABInBev’s headquarters in St. Louis. She shares the benefits of living in a country where organization, efficiency and formality are the norm, and a love of the outdoors can be enjoyed with co-workers and new friends alike.

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Michelle Pawlow

Michelle Pawlow is global sourcing manager for ABInBev, a global beer company that prides itself on having a 600-year heritage of brewing with current operations in more than 50 countries and global brands such as Corona, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Beck’s, Leffe and hundreds more. In her role, Michelle helps ensure procurement of goods or services at optimum overall cost and cash flow to the business, secure continuous material and service supply as well as coordination of changing materials or suppliers, and reinforce company’s guidelines for quality and service level. Although based in Zurich, Switzerland, Michelle leads projects around the world – in Africa, Europe and the U.S. – across categories and commodities.

Episode 25 - Working Abroad in Southeast Asia with Curtis S. Chin

With more than 600 million people, Southeast Asia boasts tremendous diversity in cultures, languages and food — and this is why Curtis S. Chin enjoys living and working there so much. In the first episode of our fourth season, Curtis shares with us his experience working across the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, all of which are ranked among the top 10 fastest-growing economies in the world.

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Curtis Chin

U.S. Ambassador Curtis S. Chin is a business leader, board member, strategist, and public affairs and policy specialist, having worked in leadership and operational positions in the private, nonprofit and public sectors in Asia and the United States. Curtis served as the 15th U.S. ambassador to the Asian Development Bank — becoming only the fourth U.S. ambassador of Chinese heritage — and is now chair of the Milken Institute Asia Center. He also serves on the boards of several companies based in Southeast Asia.

Season Three - The Impact of the ESG Movement on Global Careers

Episode 24 - Life as a Digital Nomad with Lauren Gumport

The allure of being a digital nomad entices many, including Lauren Gumport, who moved to Israel seven years ago, works remotely, and is a part-time digital nomad. In this episode, we chat with Lauren about the pros and cons of the nomadic lifestyle, and she explains how the travel insurance industry is evolving, shares some of her favorite trips as of late, and talks about why sustainability and travel go hand in hand.

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Lauren Gumport

Lauren Gumport is the director of Communications & Brand at travel disruptor Faye. Passionate about the mix of travel and tech and how the combination of the two transforms experiences, Lauren has more than 10 years of experience in launching high-growth startups to global audiences. With a data-driven approach to storytelling, Lauren has reached international markets and driven startup growth exponentially. An award-winning media relations executive with a love for all things travel and travel tech, Lauren can oftentimes be found working as a digital nomad defining and shaping the next trends in travel. Lauren’s commentary has been published in outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Episode 23 - The Intersection of Ethics, Finance, and Tech with Lizette Robinson, Senior Director of Global Ethics & Compliance, Walmart

Developing a global perspective and language skills began at an early age for our guest, Lizette Robinson, who has combined her financial services and emerging tech background with her regulatory compliance and cross-border market experiences to work on a global scale for most of her career. In this episode, she delves into the topic of ethics and how it goes beyond just compliance and into respect, service and integrity – or a code of conduct – and the important role that technology plays. She also emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion as a natural means for everyone to incorporate ESG into their careers, and advises workers not to underestimate the value of in-person networking.

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Lizette Robinson

Lizette Robinson is a senior director for Walmart’s Global Ethics and Compliance team. As such, she heads up the global Transaction Monitoring, Financial Intelligence Unit and Advanced Analytics for Financial Compliance. Lizette is a multilingual international business executive (she speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish) who has worked for some of the world's biggest corporations, including EY, PWC and Citibank, and throughout Latin America and Asia. She is also an angel investor and advises venture capital funds on emerging technology.

Episode 22 - Living a Global Life with Shirah Foy, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation, Toulouse Business School

Dr. Shirah Foy has traveled to more than sixty countries and studied twelve languages (attaining proficiency in five). In this episode, she shares her observations on sustainability and how one’s perception evolves depending on circumstances and society — an insight which she incorporates into her courses and research in the area of entrepreneurship. Shirah's main advice to students and graduates contemplating internships and jobs related to sustainability is to look at businesses to determine how they have evolved in their approach to this area.

Read a transcript of this episode with Dr. Shirah Foy

Dr. Shirah Foy

Dr. Shirah Foy is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation at Toulouse Business School (TBS) in Toulouse, France. Shirah describes herself as an interdisciplinary social scientist, an entrepreneur, a start-up mentor, and most of all, an encourager of the human spirit and individual potential. She has traveled the world, studying and working in more than 60 countries across five continents and learning 12 different languages, with the primary goal of discovering how people see themselves and the world.

Episode 21 - Entrepreneurship & Sustainability with Levent Erkan, Chairperson, WEglobal

Starting a business can be daunting. Taking it global requires an increased level of risk and reward, but one that our guest says will pay off with a good idea documented by a plan and carried out with persistence, resilience and discipline. In this episode, Levent Erkan shares insights on how he uses his love of technology and project management skills to make a positive difference in the world and encourages people to look no further than themselves when defining if they have achieved success.

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Levent Erkan

Levent Erkan is the founder of WEglobal, a consultancy that offers project management, technology and sustainability across four continents. Prior to this role, he founded and sold another UK-based consultancy, which was eventually bought by Tetra Tech. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he has had a stint at Microsoft and is a registered Angel Investor. Levent is an inspiring and motivating speaker and has had more than 25 business articles published. A native to Turkey, he has lived in many cities across the U.S., worked around the world, and is now based in London.

Episode 20 - Harnessing the Positive Power of Business with Perry Yeatman, Head of Corporate, Save the Children U.S.

In this episode, our guest Perry Yeatman shares how she has lived her life with integrity and authenticity and has combined the international career that she wanted with a meaningful life while working for some of the biggest and most well-known organizations around the world. She has worked through the evolution of ESG and believes that business is the single greatest lever to pull for positive social value in the broadest sense.

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Perry Yeatman

Perry Yeatman is a seasoned executive whose career has spanned sectors (business, government, academia and philanthropy), geographies (from Asia to Russia to Europe), functions (from marketing to HR to general management), and organizations (from Kraft Foods and Unilever to WPP and Shandwick plc, as well as her own consulting firm and social enterprise). Today, Perry is the head of corporate for Save the Children. In this role, Perry is leading a committed and capable team of professionals focused on developing and delivering innovative, holistic, sustainable, scalable partnerships with leading corporations — partnerships that simultaneously deliver business benefits while furthering Save the Children’s mission focused on survival, education and protection of the world’s most marginalized kids.

Episode 19 - Gender Equality & Purchasing Power with Elizabeth Vazquez, CEO and Co-Founder, WEConnect International

Gender equality is a United Nations sustainability goal, and today’s guest explains why inclusivity in the workplace goes beyond HR hiring practices and into global supply chain purchases by buying from women-owned businesses anywhere in the world. Elizabeth shares how starting a business takes a combination of passion, curiosity and fearlessness — and encourages everyone to be an agent of change.

Read a transcript of this episode with Elizabeth Vazquez

Elizabeth Vazquez

Elizabeth A. Vazquez is the CEO and co-founder of WEConnect International, a global nonprofit that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers in country and around the world. As CEO, Elizabeth is responsible for mission delivery and measurable impact, working with some of the largest organizations in 130 countries. Elizabeth is a sought-after speaker and thought leader on women’s economic empowerment and global supplier diversity and inclusion, and co-author of the book, “Buying for Impact: How to Buy from Women and Change Our World.”

Episode 18 - International Consulting with Ramiro Prudencio, Partner and Global Director of Communications, McKinsey & Company

Working around the world as an international consultant sounds like a dream job for many, and in this episode Ramiro Prudencio discusses his good fortune and work ethic while sharing his experiences and encouraging listeners to pursue a global track early on in their careers. He describes how environmental, social, and (corporate) governance, or ESG, has evolved and the important role that ethical communication plays in helping organizations become a force for good. He also shares why job seekers should take a close look into a prospective employer’s commitment to ESG and sustainability.

Read a transcript of this episode with Ramiro Prudencio

Ramiro Prudencio

Ramiro Prudencio leads McKinsey & Company’s global communications team to build McKinsey’s reputation and engagement with clients, the business community, media, civil society and other stakeholders, as well as a broader understanding of the firm’s values, services, and activities. Prior to joining McKinsey, Ramiro held senior leadership positions across the US, Latin America, and Europe (EMEA) at BCW (formerly Burson-Marsteller), a global public relations and public affairs consultancy. He is fluent in Portuguese in addition to his native Spanish and English.

Episode 17 - Environmental & Corporate Law with Rosalind Kainyah, Managing Director, Kina Advisory Limited

What exactly is environmental, social, and (corporate) governance, or ESG? Today we hear from a leader who has been working in the sustainability space for the past 30 years and has witnessed its evolution around the world. Two of the biggest changes she discusses are the proactive steps organizations are taking in promoting and upholding ESG values and the role Millennials and Generation Z are playing in driving change.

Read a transcript of this episode with Rosalind Kainyah

Rosalind Kainyah

Rosalind Kainyah, MBE is a leading thinker, speaker and pragmatic advocate for sustainability — specifically, the business case for sustainability. Rosalind’s experience is based on 30 years of combined international legal, senior management, executive and board level experience, and on projects across Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Asia and the South Pacific. She is also a mentor — especially to younger women — and a connector of people to people and to opportunities.

Season Two - Crafting Your Place in the New Global Work Space

Episode 16 - International Affairs & Diplomacy with M.J. Crawford, Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

Diplomacy presents a clear example of a global career. Our next guest, M.J. Crawford, offers a glimpse into the life of a Foreign Service officer. She describes her career path (including the value of study abroad experiences), talks about the importance of foreign language and culture learning in her line of work, and shares her view on what opportunities and challenges new entrants into the field might face.

Read a transcript of this episode with M.J. Crawford

M.J. Crawford

With over a decade of combined experience in international affairs and diplomacy, M.J. Crawford's career has taken her from her hometown of Flint, Michigan to the front lines of major global events. She is currently a political officer serving at U.S. Mission Pakistan. Outside of diplomacy, M.J. is an investor focused on generational wealth creation, a fiction author, and a world traveler who aspires to visit every UN-recognized country in the world. She speaks Turkish, Russian and Urdu.

Episode 15 - Healthcare & Wellness Packaging with Christine Jones Harris, Co-owner and Principal, Jones Healthcare Group/Jones Packaging

In this episode, our guest is Christine Jones Harris, a senior executive in the healthcare and wellness packaging industry. She reflects on her perspective leading her family's 100-year-old company and clearly articulates how the global supply chain issues will continue to affect most every business. She shares her belief in the importance of being curious, present for your organization, skilled in cultivating business relationships, and being able to "stand in the wind" when it comes to change.

Read a transcript of this episode with Christine Jones Harris

Christine Jones Harris

Christine Jones Harris is co-owner and principal of corporate development at Jones Healthcare Group/Jones Packaging, headquartered in Canada. Chris leads innovation development and commercialization, external partner relationships, digital commerce, marketing and communications, and organizational talent strategy for this company with 400 employees across facilities in Canada, UK and Spain. Chris is an entrepreneur with a global perspective and just recently celebrated the company’s 100th anniversary of the Jones enterprise.

Episode 14 - International Tax Management with Nazia Manji, International Tax Manager, Assurant

Being a global worker does not always involve traveling, but it does involve cross-cultural communication and understanding, patience and tolerance. Working in the area of international taxation requires adaptability to change, flexibility and critical thinking. And what our next podcast guest, Nazia Manji from Assurant, sees as most important in both situations is the willingness to keep learning.

Read a transcript of this episode with Nazia Manji

Nazia Manji

Nazia Manji is a certified public accountant in both the U.S. and Canada and is an international tax manager at Assurant, an insurance company that provides lifestyle and housing solutions that support, protect, and connect major consumer purchases. Working for a Fortune 500 company with a presence in 21 countries, Nazia appreciates the opportunity to be able to connect and build relationships with people from different walks of life from her office in Atlanta. She speaks seven languages and has visited more than fifty countries.

Episode 13 - Human Resources and Consulting with Gretchen Moxcey, Partner & Chief Human Resources Officer, KPMG Lower Gulf

In this episode, we chat with a seasoned global HR professional whose newest role involves creating strategies and policies for a global workforce representing more than 78 countries. Gretchen describes what opportunities and challenges currently exist in her industry, and emphasizes the importance of humility and good technical, data-analysis and presentation skills for new hires.

Read a transcript of this episode with Gretchen Moxcey

Gretchen Moxcey

Gretchen Moxcey is a partner and the chief human resources officer at KPMG Lower Gulf, where she leads the People, Performance and Culture function in support of over 1700 Partners and employees in the UAE and Oman. She moved to Dubai earlier this year with her husband. Gretchen has three decades of human resources experience, including more than twenty years in "big four" professional services, most recently serving as managing director for Deloitte delivering talent strategy and programs between the U.S. and India.

Episode 12 - The Study Abroad Path to a Global Career with Claire Meyer, Consultant, Business Performance Institute

It's never too early to go global! Our guest this week started her global career at the age of nineteen through a study abroad program and has kept pursuing this path ever since. Today she shares with us what motivates her to keep going and discusses her current role in consulting, pinpoints the main skills and knowledge needed to work internationally, and identifies a number of emerging workplace trends that excite her.

Read a transcript of this episode with Claire Meyer

Claire Meyer

Claire Meyer is a consultant at the Business Performance Institute in Milan, Italy. She is relatively new to the position but has spent many years studying and working in Europe. Although Claire grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, she opted to study abroad in Spain for her undergraduate degree in international business and then went on to complete her MBA at SDA Bocconi in Milan (with a semester abroad in China). Claire speaks Italian, Spanish and English, and has been passionate about having a global career for as long as she can remember.

Episode 11 - Compliance and Sustainability with Gail Lehman, Executive Vice President, Hexcel Corporation

What skills are needed to work for a growing global firm, in any industry? Today we hear from someone who often has to wear several corporate hats in order to ensure regulatory compliance, sustainable development, employee and customer satisfaction, and smooth manufacturing operations within a company that is looking for long-term advancement and global competitiveness.

Read a transcript of this episode with Gail Lehman

Gail Lehman

Gail Lehman is executive vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary at Hexcel Corporation, a global leader in advanced composites technology used in aerospace, defense and industrial applications. Gail oversees the legal and trade compliance departments for this $1.6 billion company with global operations, including 19 manufacturing locations on six continents. Gail has also held positions in human resources in a number of public and private equity companies.

Episode 10 - Global Mobility and Human Resources with Steve McGarry, Director of Global Mobility, WPP

Working globally often (but not always) entails companies moving employees overseas for a certain period of time, and there are experts who help employers handle the logistics of those moves. Listen as Steve describes what working in the field of global mobility is like, how the practice has changed over the years, and what new trends, opportunities and challenges have emerged.

Read a transcript of this episode with Stephen McGarry

Stephen McGarry

Steve McGarry is the director of Global Mobility at WPP, a world leader in communications, experience, commerce and technology. Headquartered in the UK, WPP has a global network of 100,000 people across 110 countries. WPP owns some of the biggest and most prestigious brands in advertising, PR and data analytics, including Landor & Fitch, Ogilvy, Mindshare, Wavemaker, Grey and BCW.

Episode 9 - Public Policy and Government Affairs with Christine Davies, CEO & Founder, Poligage

In the first episode of season two, which focuses on crafting your place in the new global work space, Christine introduces us to the field of public policy and government affairs services. She describes her work with small business and startups where she and her colleagues help them navigate business and trade regulations and access expert policy advice. Top tips for students today, including those pursuing a global career: be proactive in your learning early on in your career, become familiar with data collection and interpretation (and factor data into your decision-making process), and look at change as an opportunity, not a threat.

Read a transcript of this episode with Christine Davies

Christine Davies

Christine Davies is the CEO and founder of Poligage, an online marketplace for companies seeking policy insights and government affairs services. Christine started the company in May of 2020 after two decades of working at the intersection of public and private sectors, including the Asia Society, Microsoft, U.S. Department of State and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, as well as a stint in Thailand for the American Chamber of Commerce.

Season One - Working Globally Through the Pandemic

Episode 8 - Procurement in the Healthcare Industry with Michael McKenna, Head of Procurement, GenesisCare

Procurement — specifically in healthcare — was one of the fields that felt the pandemic impact most acutely. In this episode, Michael talks about the supply chain disruptions in the markets for critical goods and the importance of supply chain diversification and risk management. Leveraging his vast global experience, he also advises young professionals to learn to "disagree agreeably," understand who they are, avoid fixating on the end point, and be open to chance.

Read a transcript of this episode with Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna is head of procurement for GenesisCare, a premier provider for cancer and urology care. He has a career of more than 25 years spanning academia, international development, pharmaceuticals and banking on a global scale.

Episode 7 - Global Trade with Lisa Schroeter, Global Director, Trade and Investment Policy at Dow Chemical Company
Lisa Schroeter

Lisa Schroeter is the global director of trade and investment policy for Dow, the material science company. She is a GW alumna, the president of Women in International Trade (WIIT) Trust, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Episode 6 - Sales and Marketing with Rebecca Pearson, President and Chief Marketing Officer, WEConnect International
Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson, a GW alumna, is president and chief marketing officer of WEConnect International, a new position she recently took up after a long career at ExxonMobil Corporation. It is no surprise that in this new position she is leading a global organization designed to empower women entrepreneurs around the world.

Episode 5 - Enterprise Technology with with Dana Abu-Nasrah, Managing Consultant, Global Government at IBM
Dana Abu-Nasrah

Dana Abu-Nasrah is the managing consultant on IBM’s Global Public Sector team based in Dubai. She is an IBM Design Thinking coach and co-creator whose enthusiasm for her job is evident and inspiring. Dana graduated from the George Washington University.

Episode 4 - International Affairs with Julie Chung, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the U.S. Dept. of State
Julie Chung

Julie Chung is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service. As principal deputy assistant secretary of the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the U.S. State Department, she is responsible for the management and oversight of the bureau’s 52 overseas U.S. diplomatic missions, 18,000 overseas and domestic staff, and a $300 million budget.

Episode 3 - The Insurance Industry with Tracey Gibbons, Senior Vice President, Third Point Reinsurance

Imagine being in the business of insuring AGAINST a pandemic. From cancelled sporting events and global conferences to shuttered businesses due to lockdown, the devil is certainly in the details of the various policies to protect against financial loss. Tracey emphasizes the speed at which the global business world is moving and the need for flexibility and diversity of thought to be able to embrace the changes ahead.

Read a transcript of this episode with Tracey Gibbons

Tracey Gibbons

Tracey Gibbons is senior vice president at Third Point Reinsurance, headquartered in Bermuda. She has more than 40 years of experience in insurance, reinsurance, and captive insurance management — including insuring pandemics — and was recently named a global “Woman to Watch” by Business Insurance magazine.

Episode 2 - The Aerospace Industry with Colleen Pritchett, President, Hexcel Corporation
Colleen Pritchett

Colleen Pritchett is president of Hexcel Corporation, "America's aerospace and global fibers business." She leads a $1.5B global business and is renowned for spearheading turnarounds, improving profitability, championing the customer’s needs, and motivating teams to deliver significant results.

Episode 1 - Global Human Resources with Steve Miranda, Senior Advisor, The Federal Reserve Board

The coronavirus pandemic has made adaptability the new normal as we all figure out new ways of working. But one industry in particular has had the spotlight on it from the very beginning: Human Resources. As organizations turned to a remote workforce model almost overnight, the need to keep employees engaged, committed, and inspired elevated the importance of HR professionals within their organizations as never before.

Read a transcript of this episode with Steve Miranda

Steve Miranda

Steve Miranda is a global HR executive with almost forty years of experience in the corporate, non-profit, education, and public sectors. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong with responsibility throughout the region, and most recently has witnessed firsthand the effects of the pandemic on the workplace at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Introductory Episode with GW-CIBER Director Anna Helm & Stacie Berdan, International Careers Expert

In this episode, GW-CIBER’s faculty director, Professor Anna Helm, introduces the podcast series and interviews its host, Stacie Berdan, an experienced global executive, an international careers expert, and a best-selling and award-winning author on how to succeed in the global marketplace. Have a listen as Stacie shares how the pandemic has impacted her work and what she is hearing from global leaders about changes to globalization and emerging trends in the international business workplace. She also shares tips students can turn to if they are interested in pursuing a global career in a post-COVID-19 world and offers a glimpse into the industries, organizations, and business leaders that listeners will ‘meet’ through this exciting global careers podcast series.

Read a transcript of this episode with Anna Helm and Stacie Berdan

Stacie Berdan
Anna Helm

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan is an international careers expert and the award-winning author on how to succeed in the global marketplace.

Anna Helm is an associate teaching professor of international business at the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) as well as the faculty director of GW’s Center for International Business Education & Research (GW-CIBER), one of 15 CIBERs in the United States funded by the U.S. Department of Education.