Role of the Office for Global & Experiential Education

The Office of Global and Experiential Education provides administrative support, guidance, and funding for Short-Term Study Programs.  The Office of Global and Experiential Education’s responsibilities include:

  • Advising faculty members with questions about the proposal process
  • Reviewing and selecting faculty proposals
  • Building course websites and student applications
  • Marketing the overall collection of Short-Term Programs
  • Communicating with students about application procedures
  • Work with department administrator to create course reference numbers and arrange on-campus space, as needed
  • Registering students
  • Issuing advance payments for the course
  • Presenting health and safety information to all students prior to departure
  • Providing pre-departure training for faculty, including detailed financial and risk management information
  • Collecting student evaluations


 Faculty Director’s Role

Olympic Games

Behind the Scenes at the Olympic Games: Sports Management Professor Lisa Delpy Neirotti leads students to the Olympic Games to meet with various stakeholders from International Olympic Committee Members, sponsor executives, local organizing staff to media, volunteers, and athletes. In addition, students gain access to some of the Olympic Game's sport, media, and hospitality venues.