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Herman Aguinis

  • Aguinis, H., & Glavas, A. in press. On corporate social responsibility, sensemaking, and the search for meaningfulness through work. Journal of Management. doi: 10.1177/0149206317691575
  • Van Iddekinge, C. H., Aguinis, H., Mackey, J. D., & DeOrtentiis, P. S. in press. A meta-analysis of the interactive, additive, and relative effects of cognitive ability and motivation on performance. Journal of Management. doi: 10.1177/0149206317702220
  • Gonzalez-Mulé, E., & Aguinis, H. in press. Advancing theory by assessing boundary conditions with meta-regression: A critical review and best-practice recommendations. Journal of Management. doi: 10.1177/0149206317710723

James R. Bailey

  • Ormiston, M. & Bailey. J. R. (2017).  We know that female CEOs get paid more, but we don’t know why.  Harvard Business Review, March (online).
  • Bailey, J. R., & Raelin, J. D. (2016).  Organizations don’t resist change; people do.  Organization Management Journal, 12, 125-138. 
  • Bailey, J. R. (2016).  The difference between good leaders and great ones.  Harvard Business Review,September (online).  [Lead article; HBR produced digital film based on article; 15-Five Top Reads; Incdevoted article to it]

Lisa Delpy-Neirotti

  • Graham, S., Neirotti, L, and Goldblatt, J. The Ultimate Guide to Sports Marketing. McGraw-Hill, Chicago, IL, 2001.
  • Delpy Neirotti, L. The Globalization of Sport. Power, Politics, Problems, and Policy in Sport, Lee, J. (edited), Carolina Academic Press of Durham, NC, 2015.
  • Delpy Neirotti, L. The Olympic Movement. Power, Politics, Problems, and Policy in Sport, Lee, J. (edited), Carolina Academic Press of Durham, NC, 2015.

N. Sharon Hill

Mark Hyman

  • Concussions and Our Kids: America’s Leading Expert on How to Protect Young Athletes and Keep Sports Safe, a collaboration with Robert Cantu, MD (Houghton Mifflin, 2012)
  • The Most Expensive Game in Town: The Rising Cost of Youth Sports and the Toll on Today’s Families (Beacon Press 2012)
  • Until It Hurts: America’s Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids (Beacon Press 2009)

D. Christopher Kayes

  • Yoon, J. & Kayes, D. C (in press). Employees’ self-efficacy and perception of individual learning in teams: The cross-level moderating role of team learning behavior. Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Kayes, D. C., & Yoon, J. (2016). The breakdown and rebuilding of learning during organizational crisis, disaster, and failure. Organizational Dynamics, 45.
  • Kayes, D. C., Allen, N., & Self, N. (2013). Integrating Learning, Leadership, and Crisis in Management Education: Lessons From Army Officers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Journal of Management Education, 37, 180-202.

Stuart Levy

  • Duan, Wenjing, Qing Cao, Yang Yu & Stuart E. Levy (2016), Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Hotel Service Performance: A Sentiment Analysis Approach, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 57 (3), 282-296.
  • Park, Sun-Young & Stuart E. Levy (2014), “Corporate Social Responsibility: Perspectives of Hotel Frontline Employees,” International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 26 (3).
  • Stienmetz, Jason, Stuart E. Levy & Soyoung Boo (2013), “Factors Influencing the Usability of Mobile Destination Management Organization Websites," Journal of Travel Research, 52 (4), 453-464

Patrick McHugh

Hannah Messerli

  • Bakker, M. and Messerli, H. “Inclusive growth versus pro-poor growth: Implications for tourism development” Tourism and Hospitality Research. 2016. p 1-8. Sage Publications (UK)
  • Christie, Iain; Fernandes, Eneida; Messerli, Hannah; Twining-Ward, Louise. 2013. Tourism in Africa: Harnessing tourism for growth and improved livelihoods. Washington DC; World Bank.
  • Blanke, J., Browne, C., Garcia, A. and Messerli, H. 2011. “Assessing Africa’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness in the Wake of the Global Economic Crisis”, chapter in Africa Competitiveness Report 2011 published by World Economic Forum, African Development Bank and World Bank.

Lynn R. Offerman

  • Offermann, L. R., Basford*, T. E., Graebner*, R., Jaffer*, S., Basu De Graaf*, S., & Kaminsky*, S. E.  (In press).  See no evil:  Colorblindness and perceptions of subtle racial discrimination in the workplace.  Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology. DOI10.1037/a0037237
  • Offermann, L. R., Matos*. K., & Basu DeGraaf*, S. (2014). ¿Están hablando de mí?: Language challenges for multilingual organizations. Journal of Managerial Psychology,29,644-660.
  • Basford*, T. E., Offermann, L. R., & Behrend, T. (2014).  Do you see what I see?  Perceptions of  gender microaggressions in the workplace.  Psychology of Women Quarterly,38,340-349.

Margaret Ormiston

  • Gomulya, D., Wong, E.M., Ormiston, M.E., & Boeker, W. (in press). The face of the next leader: The role of facial structure and perceptions of trustworthiness on CEO selection after firm misconduct. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Haselhuhn, M. P., Wong, E. M., & Ormiston, M. E. (2017). With great power comes shared responsibility: Psychological power and the delegation of authority. Personality and Individual Differences, 108, 1-4.
  • Ormiston, M.E., Wong, E.M. & Haselhuhn, M.P. (2017). Facial-width-to-height ratio predicts perceptions of integrity in males. Personality and Individual Differences, 105, 40-42.

George T. Solomon

  • El Tarabishy, A., Solomon, G., and Sashkin, M. (2005). The entrepreneurial leader’s impact on organizational performance in dynamic markets. The Journal of Private Equity, 8(4), 20-30.
  • Fernald, L., Solomon, G., and El Tarabishy, A. (2005). A New Paradigm: Entrepreneurial leadership. Southern Business Review, 30 (2), 1-10.
  • Solomon, G, Dennis, W., and Fernald, L.W. Jr. (2003) Self Identified Management Deficiencies of Entrepreneurs. Journal of Private Equity, 3(4), 1-10.

Paul M. Swiercz

  • “Development and Initial Validation of a Cognitive-Based Work, Non-Work Conflict Scale,” Psychological Reports (2007) 100″ 979-100, with S. Ezzedeen.
  • “Absorbed in Work: Meaning, Antecedents, and Consequences of Cognitive-Based Work-Nonwork Conflict,” with S. Ezzedeen, presented at the Eastern Academy of Management Winner of the Michael J. Driver Best Paper in the Careers Division, also Nominated for Best Conceptual Paper Award Eastern Academy of Management 2006.
  • “Human resource information systems (HRIS) and technology trust,” Journal of Information Science (2005) 31: 340-353, with S.K. Lippert.

Ayman El Tarabishy

Liang (Larry) Yu

  • Gu, H. M., Philippe, D. and Yu, L. (2017). Can innovative behavior be led by management? A study from the lodging business. Tourism Management, 63, 144-157.
  • Wang, C. L., Tuan, Z. W., & Yu, L. (2016). From Nonprofit Organization to Social Enterprise: The Paths and Future of A Chinese Social Enterprise in the Tourism Field. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 28(6).
  • Ma, Mingcao, Weng, Jin and Yu, L. (2015). Market size, scale economies and tourism market structure: A case of historic water town tourism in China. Tourism Management, 49, 119-137
  • Qin, Yu, Li, Bin and Yu, L. (2015). Managing innovations in a Chinese hotel company: The case of 7 Days Inn. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 27(8): 1856-1880.

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