Graduate Student Engagement

Beyond the Classroom

Our students are passionate, curious, and globally minded. During your time here, you will build relationships that extend beyond the classroom and transcend culture, country, society, and will continue long after you graduate.

The GWSB Graduate Student Engagement team is dedicated to fostering a sense of community, developing student’s leadership and career management skills, serving as a resource and referral agent, and creating a positive experience for all graduate students within the GW School of Business (GWSB).

With those goals in mind, our team offers a wide variety of events that build community connections and provide networking opportunities with peers, faculty, staff and alumni. We work closely with the GWSB graduate clubs and student organizations, as well as the MBA Association (MBAA), who act as the GWSB graduate student body. We support these organizations by serving as their advisor, mentor and resource so they can achieve their goals and strategic initiatives. These organizations provide many opportunities to get involved and is one of the best ways to enhance your graduate experience.

We look forward to seeing you at the various opportunities offered throughout the year and supporting your professional growth and involvement within the GWSB community!