Graduate Program Academic Advisors & Appointment Scheduling

Your academic advisor will lead you through your course requirements ensuring that you follow procedures and policies necessary to successfully complete your graduate degree. Students are assigned an academic advisor based on their program. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors for questions concerning, but not limited to:

  • Academic policies
  • Administrative procedures
  • Concentration information
  • Course planning
  • Curriculum requirements
  • DegreeMAP questions
  • International Services Office requests
  • Personal concerns


MBA and Specialized Master's Degrees

Expand the dropdown tab below to find the academic advisor for your MBA or Specialized Master's degree program and click on his or her name to schedule an appointment.*

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Accountancy: Laura Calder

MS in Applied Finance: Christina Kano

MS in Business Analytics: Nicole Benkalowycz

MS in Finance: Christina Kano

MS in Government Contracts: LaToya Rosser

Master of Human Resource Management: LaToya Rosser

MS in Information Systems Technology: Brittany Johnson

Master of Interdisciplinary Business Studies: Nicole Benkalowycz

MS in International Business: LaToya Rosser

Master in Management: Deborah Klatzkin

MS in Project Management: Nicole Benkalowycz

MS in Sport Management: Laura Calder

Master of Tourism Administration: Laura Calder


Graduate Certificates

If you are only pursuing a graduate certificate, expand the dropdown tab below to find your academic advisor and click on his or her name to schedule an appointment.

Accountancy: Laura Calder

Analytics for Managers: Nicole Benkalowycz

Artificial Intelligence: Brittany Johnson

Business Analytics: Nicole Benkalowycz

Capital Markets: LaToya Rosser

Cloud, Applications and Information Technology: Brittany Johnson

Corporate Responsibility: Nicole Benkalowycz

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: LaToya Rosser

Crisis Management: SEAS Graduate Student Advising

Digital Marketing and Analytics: Jehan Dixon

Energy Systems Management: SEAS Graduate Student Advising

Environmental Systems Management: SEAS Graduate Student Advising

Financial Management: Nicole Benkalowycz

Global Management: LaToya Rosser

Government and Nonprofit Accounting: Laura Calder

Hospitality Management: Laura Calder

Human Capital: LaToya Rosser

Investments & Portfolio Management: Nicole Benkalowycz

Management Leadership: LaToya Rosser

Management of Technology and Innovation: Brittany Johnson

Managing the Digital Organization: Brittany Johnson

Marketing and Brand Management: Jehan Dixon

Project Management: Laura Calder

Quantitative Business Foundations: Kellee Akers

Sport Management: Laura Calder

Strategic Management: Nicole Benkalowycz

Tourism Management: Laura Calder


Meet Your Academic Advisor