Engagement Events for Current Students

graduate students enjoy conversation at a GWSB Industry Roundtable in January 2020

Creating more close-knit academic communities can be a challenge — but we've responded to your feedback with our student engagement events, which provide an opportunity for both current and prospective students to network and discuss their academic careers in a fun, relaxed setting with industry leaders, fellow students, faculty, and GWSB leadership.





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Organized by the Office of Graduate programs, our Meet-and-Greets are 75-minute online events on different topics featuring a small panel of 2-3 alumni or corporate/employment partner representatives sharing thoughts on a particular theme. These events are moderated by a GW graduate student and attended by GWSB graduate students, alumni, faculty and staff. All of GWSB’s 1600+ graduate students are invited to the events, along with our global alumni network of over 250,000 as well as our 250+ faculty and staff.

Meet-and-Greet events are organized into three parts:

  • Panel Discussion (25 minutes) – The Associate Dean for Graduate Programs welcomes attendees and introduces the event student moderator. The moderator introduces panelists and facilitates a discussion with the panel around the event’s key questions.
  • Breakout Discussion (15 minutes) – Participants are placed in random groups of four to share what they found most interesting about the panel discussion and brainstorm questions to ask the panel during the question-and-answer session.
  • Q&A (35 minutes) – Breakout groups return to plenary, and the moderator facilitates a question and answer session. During this part of the event, the moderator also shares in the chatbox a list of resources pre-selected by the panelists so participants can learn more about the event topic.


Industry Roundtables

GWSB grad students enjoy conversation at an Industry Roundtable event in January 2020
GWSB graduate students at an Industry Roundtable event in January 2020

Hosted four times a year, Industry Roundtables bring the GWSB community together, catalyzing mentoring relationships between our graduate students and industry professionals. Through these events, students gain industry insights from experts in their fields to better prepare them for their careers and build their professional networks. GWSB alumni and other friends of GWSB that participate in this event are afforded the opportunity to get to know and make an impact on the next generation of business leaders.

Each industry roundtable event consists of four steps:

The Match - Small groups of GWSB graduate students are paired with discussion leaders from among the alumni, corporate partners, and other business and policy professionals who have volunteered to participate in our industry roundtable events.

The Preparation - Each discussion leader provides three questions about their industry and/or organization that they would like students to research or think about before the event so they can prepare talking points. Students also receive a photo and bio of their assigned discussion leader.

The Event - Students meet with their assigned discussion leader in small groups, and discussion leaders facilitate a 45-60 minute conversation among the group, starting with the three assigned discussion questions. A plenary debrief session follows the small group discussions. On-campus Industry Roundtables are also preceded by a networking mixer, allowing students, discussion leaders, and GWSB faculty and staff to meet one another in an informal setting.

The Follow-Up - All participants attending the Industry Roundtables receive a brief summary of the event and emails for discussion leaders who are open to additional conversations beyond the event.

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