Class Registration

Students are expected to be continuously enrolled and actively engaged in fulfilling the requirements for their graduate degree each semester of the academic year until graduation. A student is considered to be continuously enrolled when registered for courses through GWeb Information System. The Schedule of Classes and registration procedures are posted on the Office of the Registrar website, which is available in advance of each semester.

Students are personally responsible for ensuring that their registration is accurate and complete. Students should review their schedules each semester via GWeb to verify their accuracy.

Auditing Courses

A graduate student may be registered, with the permission of the instructor and their academic advisor, as an auditor in a class, which confers no academic credit. 

The course completed as an 'audit' is not eligible for application towards any degree or certificate requirements nor shall a student be allowed to repeat the course later for credit. Tuition is charged at the prevailing rate. A student may not change from audit to credit status or vice versa after the end of the eighth week of classes.