Academic Success Support

Academic Success Coaching

The Academic Success Coaching Program is a resource available to all GWSB students who may be experiencing academic challenges or could benefit from individualized or group support to reach their academic goals. GWSB students can meet one-on-one with an Academic Success Coach and/or attend the various success workshops offered throughout the academic year. 

One-On-One Academic Success Coaching

GWSB students can meet individually with an academic success coach to receive individualized support in areas such as college preparedness, creating academic goals, study skills, time management, identifying distractions, or other various challenges. Students can make an appointment to speak with their Academic Success Coach directly from the Advising Center scheduling page.

Academic Success Workshops

The GWSB Academic Success Workshops will help students refresh and discover critical skills for college. Workshops focus on a variety of topics from time management and writing better research papers, to acing presentations and becoming a pro communicator. Each week will cover a specific skill to aid in creating academic journeys that are a smashing success. The workshop topics are listed below. You must click the Registration link to view specific workshop dates and times.

Workshop Schedule:

Week of Feb 1 - Time Management and Goal Setting: Don’t leave setting your goals and getting your schedule organized till exam week! Come to the Time Management and Goal Setting workshop to get started early on having a fruitful, healthy and well-organized semester.

Week of Feb 8 - Stress management and Mental Health: Healthy stress management begins early. Learn tips and tricks to steadily and successfully deal with your stress in our Stress Management workshop for a productive and healthy semester.

Week of Feb 15 - Developing Critical Reading Skills: The critical reading skills workshop is all about teaching you the skills necessary to be an active reader. Come join us for tips on how to better analyze, interpret, and evaluate text.

Week of Feb 22 - Writing better research papers: What makes a good research paper? Writing a better research paper starts with understanding the key elements that make up a good research paper. This workshop will set you up for success in your final papers as the semester comes to a close.

Week of Mar 1 - Exam Strategies and Mental Health: Are you prepared for midterms? Acing your midterms starts by being proactive and taking care of your health. Join us this week to get great tips on how to study effectively and answer exam questions successfully.

Week of Mar 8 - Polishing writing styles: You've learned how to write a strong paper, but now it's time to improve your writing. Attend our workshop to streamline your writing and make it more articulate, succinct and clear.

Week of Mar 22 - Effective communication skills: College students - especially business students - must learn to communicate clearly, crisply and meaningfully with peers, professors and professionals. Join us for a workshop on how to connect better with the people around you!

Week of Mar 29- Creating informative and appealing presentations: Presentations can be stressful, especially if they are virtual. Don't worry, we are here to help. Join this week’s workshop to learn new techniques on how to create an informative and creative presentation that will wow your professors and peers.

Week of April 5 - Developing presentation skills: You’ve learned how to create a snazzy presentation, but now it’s time to deliver it. Attend this workshop to learn how to deliver your presentation in a way that both wows and informs your audience!

Week of April 12 - Exam preparation and strategies and Mental Health: Are you prepared for finals? Acing your finals starts by being proactive. Join us this week to get great tips on how to study effectively and answer exam questions successfully.

Week of April 19 - Review of semesters past, present and future: You’ve picked up a lot of skills and achieved academic success. But the road ever goes on. Wrap up your semester with a refresher and reflection of what you’ve learned and prepare for the semester to come.

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University Resources

The following university resources are available to you as a GW student to utilize during your time at GW. These resources will help support you with your academics, engagement, and overall wellbeing. If you have a question about a particular resource, please be sure to reach out to their office directly.