Supporting Academic Success

Academic Success Coaching

Any student experiencing academic or other challenges is encouraged to make an appointment to speak with their Academic Success Coach. The Academic Success Coaches are GW Graduate Students who have been trained in assisting and empowering students who are experiencing academic difficulty.

The academic success coach role includes:

  • Assisting the student on issues related to academic success and preparedness
  • Aiding the student in the identification of internal and external distractions, which may have contributed to the student’s academic status
  • Helping the student set academic goals
  • Guiding the student through the administrative policies and procedures associated with academic probation
  • Identifying University or other relevant resources which may facilitate the student’s re-engagement
  • Facilitating and/or identifying workshops and meetings designed to re-engage the student in their academic success

Students on Academic Probation

Students who have been placed on academic probation are required to meet with an academic success coach. The probationary period is designed to encourage students’ academic success by placing them in consistent contact with an advisor who specializes in assisting and empowering students who are experiencing academic difficulty.  For complete information on academic standing requirements, please refer to the University Bulletin.


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