Recent Publications


The (Bounded) Role of Stated-Lived Value Congruence and Authenticity in Employee Evaluations of Organizations

Organization Science, April 2022

Contributors: Vontrese Deeds Pamphile, Rachel Lise Ruttan

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Racial Disparity in Leadership Evidence of Valuative Bias in the Promotions of National Football League Coaches

American Journal of Sociology, July 2023

Contributors: James B. Wade, Christopher I. Rider, Andreas Schwab, Anand Swaminathan

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A Hidden Barrier to Diversification? Performance Recognition Penalties for Incumbent Workers in Male-Dominated Occupations

American Sociological Review, March 2024

Contributors: Jennifer Merluzzi, Jirs Meuris

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Remaking Capitalism: The Strength of Weak Legislation in Mobilizing B Corporation Certification

Academy of Management Journal, June 2022

Contributors: Joel Gehman, Matthew G. Grimes, David S. Lucas

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Hiring, Algorithms, and Choice: Why Interviews Still Matter

Business Ethics Quarterly, February 2023

Contributors: Vikram R. Bhargava, Pooria Assadi

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Business Adaptation to Climate Change

Cambridge University Press, April 2022

Authors: Jorge E. Rivera, Chang Hoon Oh, Jennifer Oetzel, Viviane Clement

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Reconceptualizing Organizational Control: Managing in the Age of Hybrid Workplaces, Artificial Intelligence, and the Gig Economy

Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)

Authors: Jorge Walter, Markus Kreutzer

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More Faculty Publications

  • Lounsbury, M. & Gehman, J. 2024. Concise Introduction to Organization Theory: From Ontological Differences to Robust Identities. Forthcoming at Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Gehman, J., Jarzabkowski, P., Langley, A., & Tsoukas, H. (Eds). 2024. Organizing beyond Organizations for the Common Good: Confronting Societal Challenges through Process Studies. Perspectives on Process Organization Studies. Volume 12. Forthcoming at Oxford University Press.
  • Bhargava, V.R., & Assadi, P. (Forthcoming). Hiring, Algorithms, and Choice: Why Interviews Still Matter. Business Ethics Quarterly.  3 Vikram R.

  • Bhargava, V.R., & Berkey, B. (Forthcoming). Autonomous Vehicles and the Ethics of Driving. Social Theory and Practice.

  • Halliday, D., “Vertical Takeoff: The Flying Car Simulation.”  Harvard Business Publishing (HBSP).

  • Meuris J., Merluzzi J., A Hidden Barrier to Diversification? Performance Recognition Penalties for Incumbent Workers in Male-Dominated Occupations. American Sociological Review, forthcoming, April 2024.

  • Unter, K., Rivera, J., and Park, S. (Forthcoming, accepted Sept. 2023). Business response strategies to climate change: An integrative and research frontiers outlook. Organization & Environment.

  • Kreutzer, M. & Walter, J. (in press). Reconceptualizing organizational control: Managing in the age of hybrid workplaces, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy. Cambridge University Press 2024.

  • Cornelissen, J., Höllerer, M., Boxenbaum, E., Faraj, S., & Gehman, J. 2024. Large Language Models and the Future of Organization Theory. Accepted for publication in Organization Theory.
  • Glaser, V.L. & Gehman, J. 2024. Chatty Actors: Generative AI and the Reassembly of Agency in Qualitative Research. In M. Kulkarni (ed.), The Future of Research in an Artificial-Intelligence Driven World. Journal of Management Inquiry. In press. doi:10.1177/10564926231219622.
  • Glaser, V.L., Sloan, J., & Gehman, J. 2024. Organizations as Algorithms: A New Metaphor for Advancing Management Theory. Journal of Management Studies. In press. doi:10.1111/joms.13033.
  • Neal, Michael, Linna Zhu, and Vanessa G. Perry (2024), To Err Is Automated: Have Technological Advances in the Mortgage Market Increased Opportunities for Black Homeownership? Journal of the Center for Policy Analysis and Research, 2024, 34-37,….

  • Hietschold, N., Voegtlin, C., Scherer, A.G., & Gehman, J. 2023. Pathways to Social Value and Social Change: An Integrative Review of the Social Entrepreneurship Literature. International Journal of Management Reviews. 25: 564–586. doi:10.1111/ijmr.12321. -- Finalist for the 2024 Publication of the Year from B Academics.
  • Zhong, C., Hou, D., Liu, B., Zhu, S., Wei, T., Gehman, J., Alessi, D.S., & Qian, P.-Y. 2023. Water Footprint of Shale Gas Development in China in the Carbon Neutral Era. Journal of Environmental Management. 331: 117238. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2023.117238.
  • Crace, L. & Gehman, J. 2023. What Really Explains ESG Performance? Disentangling the Asymmetrical Drivers of the Triple Bottom Line. Organization & Environment. 36: 150–178. doi:10.1177/10860266221079408.
  • Clote, N., Côté, N., Crace, L., Delbridge, R., Denis, J.-P., Drori, G.S., Eriksson-Zetterquist, U., Gehman, J., Gerhardt, L.-M., Goldenstein, J., Harroche, A., Jandrić, J., Kosmützky, A., Krücken, G., Lee, S.S., Lounsbury, M., Mizrahi-Shtelman, R., Musselin, C., Gustafsson, H.O., Pineda, P., Quattrone, P., Ramirez, F.O., Sahlin, K., van Schalkwyk, F., & Walgenbach, P. 2023. Outroduction: A Research Agenda on Collegiality in University Settings. In K. Sahlin and U. Eriksson-Zetterquist (Eds.). Collegiality: Governance of Higher Education and Research. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 87. 181–211. doi:10.1108/S0733-558X20230000087008.
  • Crace, L., Gehman, J., & Lounsbury, M. 2023. An Unsettling Crisis of Collegial Governance: Reality Breakdowns as Antecedents of Institutional Awareness. In K. Sahlin and U. Eriksson-Zetterquist (Eds.). Collegiality: Governance of Higher Education and Research. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 87: 77–109. doi:10.1108/S0733-558X20230000087004.
  • Ometto, M.P., Lounsbury, M., & Gehman, J. 2023. Beyond the Hype: Cultural Entrepreneurship in Nanotechnology. In G. Di Stefano & F.C. Wezel (Eds.). Organization Theory Meets Strategy. Advances in Strategic Management. 43: 11–45. doi:10.1108/S0742-332220230000043002.
  • Pamphile, V. & Ruttan, R.* 2023. The (bounded) role of stated-lived value congruence and authenticity in employee evaluations of organizations. Organization Science, 34(6), 2332-2351.

  • Perry, V., Kirsten Martin and Ann Schnare (2023), Algorithms for All: Can AI in the Mortgage Market Expand Access to Homeownership? AI, 4(4), 888-903,

  • Davis, Nicole, Nils Olsen, Vanessa G. Perry, Marcus Stewart & Tiffany White (2023), I’m Only Human? The Role of Racial Stereotypes, Humanness, and Satisfaction in [Home Rental] Transactions with Anthropomorphic Sales Bots. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 8(1), 47-58.

  • Rider, Chris, James Wade, Anand Swaminathan and Andreas Schwab. 2023. Racial disparity in leadership: Evidence of valuative bias in the promotions of National Football League Coaches. American Journal of Sociology, 129: 227-275.