Dean's Diversity Council

graphic showing GWSB's Bloomberg Businessweek #2 ranking for diversity

The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) prides itself on being a place of belonging for students, staff, faculty and alumni originating from all across the United States and around the world, and including people of diverse racial, ethnic, national and religious backgrounds, physical abilities, learning abilities, sexual orientations and gender expressions.

As members of the GWSB community, we are committed to nurturing a positive and rewarding environment of inclusion that is open to the exploration of new ideas and celebrates and leverages our differences, which are critical components of the excellence for which we strive. We enjoy the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from others whose backgrounds, experiences and views may be different from our own. It is our ability to leverage those differences that empowers GWSB to foster the responsible management of organizations around the world.

In the Media

  • Research published by Professor Herman Aguinis and GWSB alumnus Young Ji on the gender productivity gap in STEM fields was featured in a Forbes article, New Research On How We Teach STEM Is Promising. The research paper, titled "Gender productivity gap among star performers in STEM and other scientific fields," is based on an examination of the productivity of about 50,000 researchers. The authors found that female underrepresentation is more extreme among the top 10 percent, 5 percent, and 1 percent of researchers, and that women need to accumulate more resources and social capital to achieve the same level of increase in performance as men.

  • Professor Jennifer Merluzzi (with co-author Adina Sterling of the Stanford Graduate School of Business) has conducted research on race, gender and job referrals that was highlighted in the Harvard Business Review.

In the Classroom

  • During the Fall 2019 semester, Professor Katina Sawyer will be visiting four sections of the course MBAD 6263: Organizations and Human Capital to present content on “diversity and globalization in organizations.” As a result, this content will reach about 120 GWSB graduate students across the MBA and Master's in Management programs. Her sessions aim to convey the importance of practicing diversity and inclusion in organizations, particularly those operating in multinational contexts. She will also provide key takeaways for how students might enact diverse and inclusive environments within their own organizations. She will continue visiting sections of this course in Spring 2020.

  • Professor Jorge Walter teaches an elective called "Strategic Networking" in which students discuss strategic networking for minorities and other "outsiders." These insights have been used in a case discussion about Heidi Roizen, a remarkable female protagonist in the largely male-dominated (especially in the early days) Silicon Valley area.

  • Professor Jennifer Merluzzi teaches a strategic management class that discusses diversity through a number of cases. Two highlights include the case of American companies KFC and Wal-Mart and their strategies of entering new markets (Asia, Europe) as well as the case of Charlotte Beers, a woman who initiated, crafted and managed a large organizational change effort to save the large ad firm of Ogilvy & Mathers (a largely male-dominated industry at the time).

On Campus


  • One Path Does Not Fit All: A Career Path Approach to the Study of Professional Women Entrepreneurs

    In this paper, authors Jennifer Merluzzi (Associate Professor of Strategic Management & Public Policy, GWSB) and Ronald S. Burt (University of Chicago) establish a career path framework to study the careers of over 800 professional women who graduated across 60 years (1938-1998) from a U.S. graduate business program. In studying their career paths, we distinguish between different types of paths women follow into, out of, and around entrepreneurship. We find that depending on the career path followed, women vary in their entrepreneurship outcomes that have been prototypically categorized as highly gendered. In particular we find that women who focus on entrepreneurship during their career have outcomes (in terms of revenue generated, number of employees, duration as well as motivations and career experiences) typically associated with masculine entrepreneurial success, while women who enact careers with side ventures in entrepreneurship have outcomes more typically associated with feminine success. In examining women entrepreneurs compared to other women and through a career path lens, we demonstrate the importance of starting from a baseline that allows for women to vary rather than a singular expectation that women make "lesser" entrepreneurs.

  • An article published by Professor Herman Aguinis in the journal Psychometrika provided empirical evidence that the SAT does not predict student success in the same way for Black, White, and Latinx college applicants. The article describes a study of 176 colleges and universities which demonstrated that SAT scores are in part a “mirage” because they are not an accurate representation of what is going on under the surface. Psychometrika is the official journal of the Psychometric Society, and its articles examine statistical methods, discuss mathematical techniques, and advance theory for evaluating behavioral data in psychology, education, and the social and behavioral sciences in general.

Meet Our Team

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Christine Brown-Quinn

  • Executive Committee Member, GWU Alumni Association
  • Member, GWSB Board of Advisors

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Jehan Dixon

  • Administrative Director, Master of Accountancy Program

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Stuart Levy

  • Associate Teaching Professor of Management and Tourism Studies

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Ryan Lloyd

  • Assistant Director, Undergraduate Co-Curricular Programs and Community Initiatives

Leo Moersen

Leo Moersen

  • Associate Professor of Accountancy and Business Law
  • Chief Diversity Officer

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Pilar Segura

  • Senior Career Consultant, F. David Fowler Career Center

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Refik Soyer

  • Mitch Blaser Distinguished Scholar in Business Analytics
  • Professor of Decision Sciences & Statistics

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Robin Tarpley

  • Chair, Department of Accountancy
  • Associate Professor of Accountancy

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Nan Yan

  • Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions

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Larry Yu

  • Professor of Hospitality Management