Accountancy Academics

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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Accountancy

The Bachelor of Accountancy offers both specialized knowledge in accounting and a general education leading to a broad understanding of the business world.

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The 5 year degree offered by GWSB in a Bachelor of Accountancy with a 5th year to complete the Master of Accountancy, prepares students from an undergrad level through master's program to take the CPA exam.

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Graduate Programs

Master of Accountancy

The Master of Accountancy program prepares students for entry into the Accounting profession, and in the long term, to make significant contributions to both private and public organizations in the global economy.

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Accounting & Advisory Services Concentration

The Accounting and Advisory Services Concentration for educates MBA students in how to access and analyze financial information and present it to clients in a meaningful and useful format, answering questions such as: “How profitable is this business? How solvent? How risky?” This concentration prepares students to function and prosper in the in-demand field of accounting advisory services.

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Ph.D Programs

The Department of Accountancy Ph.D Program

The discipline of accountancy has its roots primarily in economics and finance, but also draws on the behavioral sciences. Students develop strong analytical skills.

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