Decision Sciences Research

Phillipe Delquié

Delquié has published in leading journals, including the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Management Science and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Ernest Forman

Forman, E., with Stovsky, M.D., Bayazit, Y. et al. “A Novel Computer Based Expert Decision-Making Model for Prostate Cancer Disease Management,” Journal of Urology, December 2005; 174(6) pp. 2310-2318.

Forman, Ernest H., with Gass, Saul I. “The Analytic Hierarchy Process – An Exposition,” Operations Research, Vol. 49, No. 4, July-Aug 2001, pp. 469-486.

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Forman, Ernest H. with Saaty, Thomas L. The Hierarchon – A Dictionary of Hierarchies, The Analytic Hierarchy Process Series – Volume V, RWS Publications, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1993, 495p.

Theodore Glickman

“Program portfolio selection for reducing prioritized security risks,” European Journal of Operational Research, 2008.

“Optimal vendor selection in a multiproduct supply chain with truckload discounts,” Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2008.

“Optimal allocation of risk reduction resources in event trees,” Management Science, 2008.

“The distribution of the product of two triangular random variables,” Statistics and Probability Letters, 2008.

“Practical risk assessment with triangular distributions,” International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management, 2009.

“The nested event tree model with application to combating terrorism,” INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2010.

“A statistical model for estimating combined schedule and cost risks,” Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, 2011.

“Selecting optimal alternatives and risk reduction strategies in decision trees,” Operations Research, 2011.

Sanjay Jain

Jain, Sanjay and McLean, C.R. “Components for an Incident Management Simulation and Gaming Framework and Related Developments,” SIMULATION, Vol. 84, No. 1, 2008, pp. 3-25.

“A Comprehensive Framework for Supply Chain Simulation,” International Journal of Simulation and Process Modeling, Vol. 2, Nos. 3/4, 2006, pp. 164-174.

Ahamd Jarrah

Jarrah has authored several research articles that have appeared in prominent scholarly journals including the European Journal of Operational Research, IIE Transactions, Interfaces, Management Science, Operations Research and Transportation Science.

Shivraj Kanungo

CMMI Implementation: Embarking on High Maturity Practices (with Asha Goyal), Tata McGraw Hill 2004.

“Evaluation of a Decision Support System for Credit Management Decisions,” Decision Support Systems.

“Modeling Use of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: A Path Analytic Study,” with Prabir Bagchi and Subhasish Dasgupta, European Journal of Information Systems.

Young Hoon Kwak

Kwak has published in the California Management Review, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, IEEE Engineering Management Review, Technovation: The International Journal of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Journal, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, Risk Management: An International Journal, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Journal of Management in Engineering, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, Korean Management Review, and others.

For the latest publications, please visit his homepage.

Homayoun Khamooshi

Cioffi, Denis, Khamooshi, H., “Uncertainty in Task-Duration and Cost Estimates: A Fusion of Probabilistic Forecasts and Deterministic Scheduling,” Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, August 2012

Cioffi, Denis, Khamooshi, H. “Program Risk Contingency Budget Planning,” IEEE, Feb. 2009, Vol 56, No.1.

Cioffi, Denis, Khamooshi, H. “A Practical Method to Determine Project Risk Contingency Budget,” Journal of Operational Research Society (JORS), Vol. 60, No.4., 2008.

Glickman, T. and Khamooshi, H. “Using Hazard Networks to Determine Risk Reduction Strategies,” Journal of Operational Research Society, 2005, Vol. 56, pp. 1265-1272.

Khamooshi, H. and King, A. “IS/IT Requirements Elicitation/Specification Procedure Assessment within a UK Government Service Organization,” Journal of Information Technology Management, Vol. XV, No. 3-4, 2004, ISSN #1042-1319

Khamooshi, H. “Towards an Integrated Approach to Corporate Project Selection Strategy,” special issue of Projects and Profits in Enterprise Project Management, ICFAI University Press, Nov. 2004

Khamooshi, H. “Dynamic Priority- Dynamic Programming Scheduling Method (DP)2SM: a dynamics approach to resource constraint project scheduling,” International Journal of Project Management, Vol.17, No 6, pp. 383-391,1999

Khamooshi, H.“Network-based Project Scheduling,” Industrial Management and Data Systems Journal, No. 8, 1996, MCB University Press, U.K.

Work In Progress:

Khamooshi, H., Golafshani, H. “EDM: Earned Duration Management a New Look at Schedule Performance Measures,” under review by IJPM.

Cioffi, Denis, Khamooshi, H. “Single Risk Mitigation Efficacy: An Analytic Continuous Approach,” under review by IJPM.

A chapter on project scheduling titled “managing schedule” to be published in the Project Management Handbook by Gower Publishing Co.  The handbook is edited by Rodney Turner, editor in chief of IJPM.

Miguel Lejeune

Lejeune has published articles in Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, Journal of Operations Management, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, and American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences.

Marie Matta

Matta, Marie. “A Genetic Algorithm for the Proportionate Multiprocessor Open Shop,” Computers and Operations Research, September 2009, Vol.36, No.9, 2601-2618.

Matta, Marie and Elmaghraby, Salah. “Polynomial Time Algorithms for Two Special Classes of the Proportionate Multi-Processor Open Shop,” European Journal of Operational Research, March 16, 2010, Vol. 201, No. 3, pp. 720-728.

Matta, Marie and Patterson, Sarah Stock. “Evaluating Multiple Performance Measures Across Several Dimensions at a Multi-Facility Outpatient Center,” Health Care Management Science, May 2007, Vol. 10, No. 2.

Refik Soyer

Ebrahimi, E., Soofi, E. S. and Soyer, R. “On the Sample Information about Parameter and Prediction,” Statistical Science, 2010.

Ebrahimi, E., Soofi, E. S. and Soyer, R. “Information Measures in Perspective”, International Statistical Review, 2010.

Soyer, R. and Xu, F. “Assessment of Mortgage Default Risk via Bayesian Reliability Models, Applied Stochastic Models for Business & Industry, 2010, Vol. 26, pp. 308-330.

J. Landon, F. Ruggeri, Soyer, R. and Tarimcilar, M. “Modeling Latent Sources in Call Center Arrival Data,” European Journal of Operational Research, 2010, Vol. 204, pp. 597-603.

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Mazzuchi, T. A., Soofi, E. and Soyer, R. “Bayes Estimate and Inference for Entropy and Information Index of Fit,” Econometric Reviews, Vol. 27, pp. 428-456.

Soyer, R. and Tarimcilar, M. “Modeling and Analysis of Call Center Arrival Data: A Bayesian Approach,” Management Science, Vol. 54, pp. 266-278.

Ebrahimi, E., Soofi, E. S. and Soyer, R. “Multivariate Maximum Entropy Identification, Transformation and Dependence,” Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Vol. 99, pp. 1217-1231.

Murat Tarimcilar

“Modeling and Analysis of Call Center Arrival Data: A Bayesian Approach,” Management Science, (with R. Soyer).

“Corporate Restructuring and CEO Compensation,” Advances in Financial Economics, (with G. Vasudevan and A. Prezas).

“Financial Liberalization and Bank Efficiency: Evidence from Turkey,” Journal of Productivity Analysis, 2006, Vol. 27:2 (with M. Dinc and C. Denizer).

“Integrating Models for Regional Development,” Annals of Regional Science, 2002 (with M. Dinc and K. Hayes)

Philip W. Wirtz

Wirtz, P.W. “Advances in causal chain development and testing in alcohol research: Mediation, suppression, moderation, mediated moderation and moderated mediation,” accepted for publication, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 2008.

Mansfield-Cohen, J. and Wirtz, P.W. “Characteristics of Adult Day-Care Participants Who Enter a Nursing Home,” 2008, Psychology and Aging, 22(2), pp. 354-360.

Davidson, D., Gulliver, S.B., Longabaugh, R., Wirtz, P.W. and Swift, R. “Building better CBT: Is broad spectrum treatment more effective than motivational enhancement therapy for alcohol dependent patients treated with naltrexone?,” Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 68(2), pp. 238-247.

David L. Zalkind

“The Teacher’s Forum: Two Looks at the Spinner Experiment,” 1999, INTERFACES (with A. Ingolfsson).

“Promoting Shared Health Care Decision Making Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process,” 1999, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences (with N. Singpurwalla and E. Forman).