Academic Programs in Finance

Whether your interest is undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate, you will come away with a strong background in the quantitative and qualitative aspects of finance — as well as the ability to understand the complexities of international and domestic financial markets, policies, and strategies. Ethics is woven into every class, and we place a high value on experiential learning. Our faculty are widely published in the most prestigious academic and professional journals. Just as important, we are directly connected as consultants and advisors to major global financial institutions, including the IMF, Federal Reserve, FHA, and others. Our observations and real-world experience are incorporated into every aspect of our curricula and lead to internships and job opportunities for our students.

At the George Washington University School of Business (GWSB), our core financial courses for undergraduate and graduates anchor electives in Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, Futures, Investment Banking, Personal Finance, Real Estate and much more. And we will always be on the leading edge — we are one of the few business schools to offer a Master of Finance in China.

For an education that gives you a global perspective grounded in quantitative skills and responsible decision making, GWSB is exactly where you need to be.

Undergraduate Programs in Finance

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Emphasizing a finance-focused education, this degree directly targets the financial industry including commercial banks, investment banks, investment companies, and insurance companies.


Graduate Programs in Finance

Master of Science in Finance

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program gives students a unique opportunity to further their education in the field of finance.


Master of Science in Applied Finance

The Master of Science in Applied Finance (MSAF) program focuses on risk management, financial engineering, banking, corporate finance, and portfolio analysis and management.


Master of Science in Finance in China

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) China program is now jointly offered by The George Washington University School of Business and Renmin University of China International College (RUC-IC; 中国人民大学国际学院) for Chinese students who have the ability to succeed in the field of finance in China.


Graduate Certificate in Financial Management

This program provides background and training in the financial aspects of three principal business functions: (1) obtaining necessary capital, (2) investing capital in assets and operations to ethically maximize value for owners and shareholders, and (3) distributing profits to shareholders. In addition to financial planning, students will learn how to determine the cost of capital and how to raise and use it. They will also learn how to assess financial and invested capital performance and how to best distribute earnings to equity holders.


Doctoral Programs in Finance

Ph.D. in Business With a Finance Area of Focus

As a prospective student, you’ll be expected to have strong analytical skills and be ready to start independent work pursuing scholarly research.