International Business


The BBA with a concentration in International Business provides undergraduates with the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to understand the international financial, political, and economic environment, how that environment influences a firm’s strategy and performance, how culture plays a role in guiding a firm’s strategic activities, and how a firm can leverage home and host country resources to overcome challenges inherent in managing a multinational enterprise. The academic program allows students to understand international business from three inter-related perspectives: international economics and finance, international marketing, and international corporate strategy.

Curriculum Information

For students entering GWSB Fall 2014 and forward:
BBA: IBUS Concentration Required Courses

Career Options in International Business

This field provides the basic academic foundations for entry-level positions in international business, particularly in multinational corporations, international banks, and governmental agencies. Such organizations include the Export-Import Bank, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and the Departments of Commerce, State, and Treasury, in addition to international institutions such as the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

In addition to the requirements for the bachelor of business administration the concentration in international business requires five field courses and one international field course.  

Required field courses
IBUS 3001Introduction to International Business
IBUS 3101Global Financial Environment
Additional field courses
Three courses from the following:
IBUS 3201International Marketing Management
IBUS 3301International Business Finance
IBUS 4202Regional Strategy for Multinationals
IBUS 4203Foreign Market Analysis
IBUS 4302International Banking
IBUS 4303International Monetary and Financial Issues
IBUS 4401Managing the Multinational Enterprise
IBUS 4402Managing in Developing Countries
IBUS 4403Oil: Industry, Economy, and Society
IBUS 4404Global Energy
IBUS 4900Special Topics
IBUS 4995Independent Study
International field course
One course from the following:
Any upper-level course numbered 2000 to 4999 from any department with the exception of following: Art History (AH), Fine Arts (FA), Exercise and Nutrition Sciences (EXNS), International Business (IBUS), Music (MUS), or Theatre and Dance (TRDA)
Suggested courses:
Foreign language intermediate level I or higher
ECON 2169Introduction to the Economy of China
ECON 2181 International Trade Theory and Policy
ECON 2182International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
ECON 2185Economic History and Problems of Latin America
GEOG 2145The Cultural Landscape
or GEOG 2145W Cultural Geography
GEOG 2146Political Geography
GEOG 3154Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
PSC 2330Comparative Politics of Western Europe
PSC 2442International Organizations
PSYC 3125Cross-Cultural Psychology
SMPP 4900WSpecial Topics (Strategy and International Political Economy)
SOC 2168Economic Sociology

Students should consult with an advisor for specific bachelor of business administration general education courses that apply to this concentration.