International Student Advisory Board (ISAB)


Students on the ISAB serve as advisors to Global & Experiential Education (G&EE) regarding orientation, programming and issues of significance to the graduate international student experience. Board members also provide feedback to other School of Business and GW offices upon request. The board is comprised of one student representing each of GWSB’s graduate programs that have significant international student communities.


  • To improve the international graduate student experience and encourage a sense of community at the GW School of Business from orientation through graduation
  • To serve as a forum for GWSB international graduate students to voice issues, concerns, and praise
  • To encourage collaboration with faculty, staff, and students to ensure a positive experience for all GWSB international graduate students

Current Members

Each member of the International Student Advisory Board is listed below, along with their country of origin and program of study. Expand the tabs below to learn more about each student!

Tarek El Mehri - MSIST
Tarek El Mehri

Home Country: Tunisia

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Bachelors of Business Administration in International Business at Marymount University’s College of BILT, Arlington, VA (2020)

Graduate Major: MSIST at GWSB, Graduate Certificate in Cloud Applications & Information Technology

Hobbies/Interests: Ancient history & architecture, geography and geopolitics. I am also interested in interacting with cultures and people from different parts of the globe, and grow as global citizen. I play soccer, tennis and lately pickleball.

Fun Fact: I once lost a bet as an undergrad and had to take a swim in the Potomac river.

Work Experience:

  • Executive Assistant Intern & Cybersecurity Apprentice Intern at Telophase Corp. and J-Labs Corp, June 2022 - Present.
  • Information Technology Intern at The Bretton Woods Committee, January 2022 - June 2022.
  • Executive Recruitment Intern at Key to Knowledge, January 2021 - May 2021.
  • Management Consultant Intern at Next Level, January 2020 - January 2021.
  • Management & Merchandizing Trainee at Shark Energy Drink, June - August 2014.
  • Marketing Intern, The Smart Vision, June - August 2013.

Contact Tarek!
[email protected]

Ranchen ("Vesper") Huang - MSBA
Vesper Huang

Home Country: China

Undergraduate Institutions and Majors: BBA in Finance from West Virginia University, Bachelor's degree in Economics from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.

Graduate Institution and Major: Master’s Degree in Finance from West Virginia University.

Hobbies: Outside of work, Vesper loves music, theater, and traveling.

Fun Fact: She joined a band as a lead singer and led a theater club as a playwriter in college.

Interests and Experience: Vesper currently works as a Data Operations Intern at Teladoc Health (focus on data integrity and process automation).

She is interested in data integrity and process automation. Additionally, she believes that with strategic preparation in the MSBA program, more international students can stand out in the work environment and beyond.

Vesper is dedicated to providing help to more international friends with advice on academic success, job searching, and CPT policy with ISAB. In addition to her passion for data-driven analytics, Vesper is also doing research in human-computer interaction and Web3.

Contact Vesper!
[email protected]

Akarsh Jain - MSSM
Akarsh Jain

Home Country: India

Undergrad Institution and Major: BMS College of Engineering, BE in Electronics and Communication

Hobbies / Interests: Chess, Crime TV shows and anime. 

Fun Fact: The first time I tried cliff diving was when I was 19. After that, I couldn't stop myself from trying other adventure sports. Adventure sports are the one thing prevalent on my bucket list. Bungee jumping and cliff diving are the thrills of a lifetime, the gush you feel when the adrenaline rushes through tests your body’s limits with a literal “leap” of faith!

Work Experience: 3 years of experience implementing enterprise resource management software optimizing sourcing and procurement, logistics and transportation management. 

Contact Akarsh! [email protected]

Aditya Jaju - GMBA
Aditya Jaju

Home Country: India (Pune)

Undergrad Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Hobbies: Aditya loves to travel, experiment with new recipes and cocktails, and collect figurines.

Fun Fact: Can watch any movie or show.

Interests and Experience: Before the MBA, Aditya worked at S&P Global as a Product Consultant, Technology Pre-sales Specialist, and Lead Software Engineer.

At GWU, he is the Vice President for International Students at the MBA Association and VP for Business Analytics. He did his Consulting Abroad Project with a FinTech startup in Turkey and participated in the Short Term Abroad Program at Copenhagen Business School to study "Sustainability in Scandinavia." This summer, he completed his internship in Product Management.

Contact Aditya!
[email protected]

Oyuntsetseg ("Oyuna") Johnson - MSIBS
Oyuna Johnson

Home Country: Mongolia

Undergrad Institution and Major: The National University of Mongolia, BS, Nuclear Physics, University of Finance and Economics, BA of Business Administration, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Graduate Institution and Major: Fairfax University of America, MBA, International Business

Hobbies / Interests: Travel, Cultures, Languages, Movies, Music, and Fitness.

Fun Fact: Learning to play new musical instruments such as piano, traditional Mongolian “Shanz”, and I have visited 10 countries Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Ireland, England, US, and many more to go!

Work / Professional Experience: Business management, Sales & Marketing, Leadership, Project Management, Supply chain, Accounting, Design, Construction total of 14 years experiences, PMP Certified.

Contact Oyuna! [email protected]

Ranin Kurdi - MSIM
Ranin Kurdi

Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Undergraduate Major: Fashion Design

Hobbies / Interests: Jewelry and gemstones, art and craft, hiking, yoga.

Work Experience: I was involved in the family business from an early age. I combined my business experience with my design skills and created my first small business in designing and crafting wood products from recycled wood. I further shared my skills through conducting workshops.

  • Founder of Khashba Studio for art and crafts
  • Business partner in United Tam Company
  • Finance Specialist at Manazil Alharam Group.

Contact Ranin!
[email protected]


Otgontsetseg ("Otgoo") Sanjjav - MHRM
Otgoo Sanjjav

Home Country: Mongolia

Undergrad Institution and Major: National University of Mongolia, Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics.

Hobbies / Interests: Traveling, reading and running. I’ve been visited to Australia, South Korea, Philippine, Russia and traveled to Hong Kong and China.

Fun Fact: I have been packing and unpacking every month in last 4.5 years due to my last job was rotational job in Gobi desert in my home country and plus. I have been to 1200 meter underground several times. 

Work Experience: I have around 11 years of work experience in the mining construction sector (WorleyParsons and Jacobs) and with the Government of Mongolia.

During my service at Cabinet Secretariat as a public servant, I gained experience working with public, multilateral, and civil society organizations. At both Jacobs and Worley, I worked as health, safety, and environment professional focusing on incident investigation and management.

Contact Otgoo! [email protected]

Abdulaziz ("Aziz") Sen - MSF
Aziz Sen

Home Country: Turkey

Undergraduate Institution and Major: Istanbul Sehir University, BS Management

Hobbies: I have interest in people, cultures, food, history, and repairing mechanics.

Fun Fact: I travelled Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Iran by hitchhiking with my friend.

Work Experience: Worked in a startup, Userguiding, more than 2 years while studying, and worked in Up Capital & Strategy, a financial consultancy company, in Istanbul.

Contact Aziz!
[email protected]

Contact ISAB

Do you have questions or concerns? Do you want to pass along feedback about your experience as an international student at GWSB? Connect with any of our ISAB members to discuss!

If you are interested in serving on ISAB, please contact your current ISAB member or Global & Experiential Education (G&EE) for more information.