Consulting Abroad Program

Hands-on learning opportunities to apply business skills to real-world practice.

Experiential education classes offer direct exposure to today’s business problems and will offer you, the student, an opportunity to take part in creating solutions by connecting academic theory and practice for a live client.

GWSB experiential education courses are offered throughout the academic year. They are generally structured with preparatory classroom sessions to identify and understand the complexities of a current business problem followed by faculty-led out-of-classroom learning experience applying innovative management concepts and problem-solving techniques. You will work closely with your faculty and fellow classmates, often collaborating with alumni and GWSB corporate partners, to solve business problems domestically or abroad.

To enhance your undergraduate or graduate degree as well as to gain additional experience to highlight in a resume or interview, we strongly urge all GWSB students to enroll in experiential programs. Learn more about these opportunities by exploring the links and descriptions below. Please note that many of our study abroad programs also include experiential education components.