MSTHEM Faculty

Cevat Tosun

Cevat Tosun

  • Director, MS in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management Program
  • Eisenhower Chair and Professor of Tourism Studies and Management

Seleni Matus

Seleni Matus

  • Director, International Institute of Tourism Studies
  • Adjunct Professor of Tourism

photo - Lisa Delpy Neirotti

Lisa Delpy Neirotti

  • Director, MS in Sport Management Program
  • Associate Professor of Sport Management

photo - Sheryl Elliott

Sheryl Elliott

  • Associate Teaching Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Tourism Studies

photo - Stuart Levy

Stuart Levy

  • Associate Teaching Professor of Management and Tourism Studies

photo - Donald Hawkins

Donald E. Hawkins

  • Professor Emeritus of Tourism Studies
  • Research Professor of Medicine

Jungho Suh

Jungho Suh

  • Teaching Assistant Professor of Management