Alumni Groups and Networks

With more than 53,000 graduates, the GWSB alumni network is an extensive, global group that contributes greatly to the overall success of our school.

Our graduates pass on their wisdom and help both current students and fellow alumni with their career development and job search. They regularly attend events, connect and collaborate with each other, and help GWSB evolve, expand and progress.

One of the most powerful aspects of the GWSB experience is the connection students build with fellow classmates and the meaningful relationships and accomplishments that stem from those connections. Groups and networks allow you to continue these relationships, forge new ones, and make a positive impact in the GW community even after you’ve left campus. Consider getting involved with a group based on:


GW is a lifelong and worldwide community of more than 320,000 alumni. Wherever you live, work and travel, you can stay connected with fellow Colonials by getting involved with your local Regional Alumni Network or Club.

Industry or Program

Stay involved and connected with GWSB and alumni with shared interests by joining an affinity group. GWSB affinity groups hold regularly scheduled events throughout the year, giving graduates the opportunity to network and participate in professional development, educational and volunteer programming. In addition, the university offers Alumni Industry Networks that provide alumni opportunities to connect with fellow alumni through both virtual and in-person networking programs. Not bound by geographic region, current workplace or degree, industry networks are the perfect way to meet fellow alumni in the professional area of your choosing.

Identities and Shared Interests

Alumni have the opportunity to get involved and stay connected through university-wide affinity groups. These connections go beyond the traditional class and regional structure, and can be based on identity, previous involvement with student organizations, or interests (personal and professional).

Key Facts and Figures

  • 53,000+ Living GWSB Alumni
  • Alumni Living In All 50 States
  • 3,000 International Alumni in 120+ Countries