IITS Consulting Practicum


The International Institute of Tourism Studies’ Consulting Practicum provides Master of Tourism Administration students with opportunities to participate in ongoing research and consulting projects that support sustainable tourism development.  Each year, we partner with a select university in a host country to address development issues and identify strategies, products and markets for these destinations.

Recent practicums have taken place in Cuba, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Portugal, Peru and Mexico. The 2018 practicum will take place in Indonesia. The 2017 consulting practicum took place in Cuba in partnership with the University of Havana, where we helped the island nation develop a plan for the long-term sustainable growth of its tourism industry while preserving its rich cultural and natural heritage.

Other past projects have taken place in Jamaica, Bulgaria, Dominica, Honduras, Morocco, Panama, Montenegro, Turkey, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Peru, Belize, Spain, Myanmar and Mexico.