SDI Application Process


All applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program. The proposed research project must meet the objectives of GW-CIBER, i.e., it has to (i) further knowledge in the broad area of International Business; (ii) contribute to U.S. competitiveness; and (iii) relate to the theme of Institutions, Policies, and Development in International Business.

A note for international students pursuing degrees at U.S. universities: Your funding for this program is subject to the terms of your Visa. For more information, please contact your school’s International Student Office. Additionally, depending on your tax status in the U.S., the monetary value of the housing provided to you during the Institute, may be considered taxable income.

A note for non-U.S. citizens studying at non-U.S. universities: Due to various tax and other considerations, GW-CIBER will not be able to provide funding to or obtain visas for students who are not U.S. citizens AND are pursuing doctoral degrees at non-U.S. universities. We welcome applications from such students, but you will need to secure your own visa and cover all expenses related to the Summer Doctoral Institute – such as travel, living expenses, lodging. GW-CIBER may be able to offer you space in a GW dormitory (which may be cheaper than other options in the city). Please contact GW-CIBER if you have questions about this.

Required Documents

To apply to the Summer Doctoral Institute:

  • Fill in the program Application Form
  • Submit a CV
  • Submit a Statement of Research Interests
  • Submit a Letter of Recommendation


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By January 28, 2018

Application Submission: In their application, students should list the GW faculty with whom they would like to work. While exploring the idea of applying, students are strongly encouraged to contact professors to discuss common research interests and potential mentoring. Please note that all full-time GW faculty members are eligible to participate in the Summer Doctoral Institute program. The Faculty Mentors page contains a list of GW faculty members who have served as mentors in the past SDI cycles. As these professors are already familiar with SDI, students can contact them directly with inquiries about possible collaboration. If an SDI candidate would like to work with a faculty member not in this list, the student should contact GW-CIBER’s office first so that we can inform the professor of the details of our program. For a list of GW schools & college websites, visit About GW.


January 29 – February 28, 2018

Application Evaluation: After applications are received, a committee will select the top candidates and their profiles will be sent for review to the GW professors listed in the applications. Based on feedback from the GW professors, the committee will perform the final matching of doctoral students and mentors.


March 1 – March 30, 2018

Notification of Acceptance & Contract Submission: Once the selected applicants have been matched with faculty mentors, notification of acceptance to the program will be sent by e-mail. The selected applicants collaborate with their assigned faculty mentors to complete project proposal contracts. The contracts will be sent by e-mail along with the selection notification. Contracts must meet the objectives of the Summer Doctoral Institute and be consistent with GW-CIBER theme of Institutions, Policies, and Development in International Business.

View a sample Project Proposal Contract.


March 31 – May 29, 2018

Preliminary Preparation: The selected candidates and their mentors communicate via long-distance methods to begin research project (such as making a reading list, performing literature review, determining possible data sources and methods for testing.


May 30 – July 25, 2018

Stay in Washington, DC: Upon their arrival students meet with their peers and faculty mentors and get introduced to the program. Within the first week the students give a 30-minute presentation on their chosen research topic. Throughout the duration of the program, students live in GW campus housing, network and establish bonds as they interact in a variety of scholarly and social activities, and explore all that the city has to offer. Towards the end of the doctoral institute, the students will deliver a 60-minute presentation on the results of their projects.


By December 31, 2018

Working Papers Finalized: During this time frame, SDI teams that have not already done so should finalize a preliminary draft of their paper that is suitable to internal distribution (to peers and/or faculty). Students submit their final working papers, suitable for posting on the GW-CIBER website, by December 31, 2018. Additionally, this is an ideal time to consider submitting the paper for review at a major conference.


Submit Application Materials To:

Via Email: [email protected]


Via Mail:  GW-CIBER Summer Doctoral Institute
                 Duquès Hall, Suite 450
                 2201 G Street, NW
                 Washington, DC 20052

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